Corsets are not just a garment worn under your clothes to give you a great shape or with lingerie for a sultry boudoir look. They can also be teamed with jeans, skirts or jackets for a great day or night outfit. R&B star Christina Milian was recently spotted on the streets of Los Angeles in a gorgeous floral corset and denim shorts while Pamela Anderson wore a stylish black Vivienne Westwood corset top with loose fitting black trousers to the premiere of documentary film Unity. Here, we provide some tips for how to colour match your corset with the rest of your outfit.

1) Opposites Attract

Some people have a natural sense of which colours go well together, whether that’s from instinct or experience. If you’re less blessed when it comes to matching your clothes, the colour wheel can prove invaluable. To find complementary colours, look for those which are opposite each other. You can perfectly match your outfit by picking colours which are the same distance from the centre of the wheel, but you can also blend the other hues for a great look.

2) Different Shades Of The Same Colour

Many people think that different shades of the same colour won’t go together – but just try it out based on the individual outfit. Generally, it works really well.

3) Neutral Colours

White, black and grey are considered to be neutral colours and look great with bolder colours.

4) Warm Colours And Cool Colours

You can coordinate your clothes by picking shades of warm colours – orange, red, and yellow – or cool colours such as greens, blues and purples.

5) Use Analogous Colours

This means using the colours which are next to each other on the colour wheel – such as green and yellow or red and orange. It can make a confident statement when these colours are worn together, but it’s best to limit it to no more than three analogous colours in one outfit.

6) Wear Primary Colours

You need to be a little brave for this look, but red, blue and yellow can look fantastic when paired with each other. However, it tends to be overpowering if you use more than two of these colours together.

7) Ask For A Second Opinion

You can follow all the colour-matching advice available and still an outfit can just not look quite right. It’s a good idea to ask a trusted friend for their opinion until your confidence in matching colours grows.

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