“Make a statement.” Amber Rose shows her plump body by peeling


Wherever she goes, she’s famous for showing off famous curves.

Amber Rose introduced a new blouse on her Instagram account on Saturday.

The 34-year-old model actress posted her own video showing how followers applied new underwear.

The video shows Amber pulling two strings that tighten the brassiere, which highlights the generous cleavage of the siren.

Then she pulled up a halter PVC dress around her waist and showed the fans the bra fit for any ensemble, which was also completely strapless.

Amber Subtitles Video: “Advertising My Favorite Seasons? I Do not Have to Think About This … And My Girl? And My Sneaks? It Will Be A Rising Season.”

The love before rapper Wiz Khalifa goes on to say: “Oh, so are you? Then rosebuds will be like this because you know muva has been hooked for you – all their bras on sneakyvaunt.com are sold 25 %.

Amber is over: “Give your order to the girl, then go to the holiday party and make a statement.

Wearing a white gold wig, cheap sexy corsets siren ended the video and turned to show off their lively behind.

Of course, because the video is an ad, everything is happening – but fans can not help but notice a mysterious character recording the video.

Fans use the comment section to write: “Omg’s old lady is on the phone.

Another wrote: “What about having your grandma record videos for you?

In the meantime, Amber, who had been dating Kanye for two years, began dating Wiz (real name Cameron Thomaz) in 2011 before starting her engagement in March 2011.

They welcomed Sebastian’s son around the world in February 2013, and their marriage was brief until their marriage in June of that year because of rumors that he was “ashamed of his twins.”

Amber is currently enjoying 21-year-old rapper 21 Savage dating.

They are listed on Valentine’s Day, from there together in a series of public events, as well as the sharing of love into the Selfie.

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