VS Angel Elsa Hosk show off his slim body, wearing a cowboy corset mini skirt and SoHo walking boots

Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk walks Sunday in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood to show off her skinny 5-foot-9 by wearing a denim wholesale sexy corsets.

IMG model (29-month-old next month) will be her diagonal button strapless dress with a black PVC jacket, Christian Dior Messenger bag and leather boots with.

Stockholm-born blockbuster locked her linen lock to the top of a messy bun with a big apple outfit in blue sun glasses.

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Elsa, who used to drink iced coffee, played in the Swedish Women’s Professional Basketball League for two years.

On the same day Horsk shared a Instagram photo of her, leaning on a jetty next to Tom Daly, a British boyfriend who fell in love with her at first sight.

“I never thought such a thing would happen, and really, last month, the blue-eyed blond spit in Victoria’s secret love perfume ad.

“He saw me across the street, and he liked to call my name,” Elsa! The first date is like talking. It’s late, you know, I never thought of ending. So, yes, we fell in love.

The 2U video, as early as Halloween 2015, had a 30-year history as co-founder of regional vision glasses and enjoyed running marathons.

Elsa recently started annual fashion show for underwear labels – to be held in Shanghai on November 28 – to hold a seven-day detoxification and Pilates course at the SHA Health Clinic in Spain.

Broadcasting by CBS will mark the seventh time Horsk supports San

Francesco bra cat cat fashion show, she has shot in August the Wild West theme of the holiday commercial.

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