Her story: From the perspective of women, society has recreated the costumes, lifestyles and etiquette during the civil war

When you reach Margo Jang’s home, it’s easy to forget 2017.

A slender hand surrounded by lace opened the door, and suddenly, you were transported to a different age. Zhang’s silver-white hair neatly tucked into a silk screen, a delicate hair net, trimmed with velvet ribbons.

Her navy blue silk skirt sways while walking, with black velvet ornaments as she swayed. There was a big brooch in her throat, and a brass pendant on each ear. Her waist tightened, but her skirt was large, propped up by several steel hoops.

Despite her complex foundation of clothes, Zhang sits in an antique chair. As President of Cincinnati Life History Association, she has a lot of practical experience.

When society was founded in 1993, Cincinnati did not have a history of civilians repeating itself. Life history groups are limited to those who want to repeat the Civil War.

“If you want to be a soldier in the 1860s, there are so many groups,” said Dana Gagnon, one of the most active members of the community.

As they did in the 1860s, modern “soldiers” were grouped with the commanders of command rulers. As the wife of Ohio’s sixth regiment joined the historic reenactment of the war and other civil war events, they began to wonder what it was like to be a women’s group in the 1860s. This is the birth of society.

Gagnon said: “The advantage of being a civilian group is that we can tell more about the story.” Part of the story is told over and over again. ”

Societies meet monthly to learn and talk about their research. Women studied the food, clothes and pastimes of the 1860s, as well as the historical figures of that era.

One of the social goals is to educate the public. During the civil war, women served Cincinnati in various ways. In addition to raising their families, women work in arms factories and run husband farms and businesses.

Gagnon said: “When you talk about the women in the Civil War, you talk about undercover soldiers, nurses and agents, but women can do everything at home.

In the 1860s, women also organized charitable activities to raise resources for soldiers. In Cincinnati, the women organized a well-planned event called the Atlantic Health Fair to raise funds to improve the living conditions of soldiers. The fair is a citywide event that closes the streets of Cincinnati for a few weeks at a time.

Zhang said: “This is a big fair full of people’s interesting activities.” They will make children out of school. They have spectacular art shows, and people pay for it. ”

With the continuous development of society, there have been a number of groups devoted to young women, eventually becoming the Western Society of Theological Seminars of Female Theology. Named after the famous Oxford Women’s College in Ohio, the organization welcomes girls 14 years of age and older. Dana Gagnon is in charge of the women’s group, often posing as Helen Peabody, the famous president of the Western Women’s Theological Seminary.

Both groups were concentrated in the 1860s because Cincinnati had such a rich history in that decade; however, members could open up other times to explore if opportunities arise. Community members attend local history events to educate other attendants and provide a more immersive experience.

“The other groups know us, they say, ‘You joined us, you not only educate the public, but also educate your leaders,’ said Gagnon.

Young ladies also participate in educating the public.

Gagnon said: “Learning to interact with the public and providing travel to older people definitely enhances self-confidence.” One of our goals is to make sure they understand that when we’re in public, your purpose is education. ”

Dana’s daughter, Caitlin Gagnon, started her career touring at the age of eight and joined the young women group when she was 12 years old. At the age of 23, she had a very modern degree in the media, but she still used the weird tricks she learned in the group.

Kettering said: “I still use the etiquette we learned, and understanding the historical context of different things really helps.”

I still use the skills we learned wholesale sexy corsets, just as we wear clothes is tailored to suit us body. Now I know how to buy modern clothes, these wholesale sexy corsets are my body. ”

Fashion and a true 19th century look – and interior decoration – are hallmarks of social and young women groups. In order to participate in activities, the authenticity is crucial. Fortunately, current members are more willing to help newcomers find wholesale sexy corsets that meet the standards of the 1860s.

Gagnon said: “Both groups are private, which allows us to invite those who are willing.” We are willing to help them afford it. Yes, you have to be accurate, but that does not mean it is unique. ”

Some women prefer to create their own costumes inspired by real dresses worn in the 19th century. However, young ladies spent time studying industrial and handicrafts at the time, including making clothing.

“We usually do our own (gowns) in high school and in women’s groups,” Gagnon said. “We do this to make hobbies more affordable and accurate.”

Every year, the society organizes a fashion show to educate people about the multi-levels of clothing brought about by civil war. Gargunnon said the foundations of nineteenth-century clothing are considered narrow or uncomfortable. However, the internal structure of garments such as steel hoops and wholesale sexy corsets is in fact the key to making many layers of clothing comfortable.

Gaggenon said with a smile: “The corset rap method has nothing to do with their historical use.” Tight lace did not really happen until a long time, and is a very stylish thing. Corsets should support you, not stop your breathing. ”

Although these women may be “immediate relatives”, the group eventually had friendships and fun. Of course, their concept of fun is about the joys of 19th-century women. At each month’s meeting, they may join some of the 1860s, such as games or gadgets. When they have a good time, the members can taste the authentic civilized food during the civil war, this food surprisingly rich and colorful.

Gagnon said: “When people first arrived in the area in 1788, people had basic things like corn bread.” In the 1860s Cincinnati was the city of the Queen. You have summer sausage, bread and cheese for basic lunch, but there are plenty of pies and sweet things you can enjoy.

Gagnon explained that while this group likes history, there is a balance between the immersion of the 19th century and their affinity for the facilities of 2017.

“We like technology, we like modern plumbers,” Gagnon said with a laugh. “But when you’re in a day of activity, you have to put the phone there and you’re free of all the pressure, and you put it aside and talk to the people around you.”

HANA QUIST: Most likely to host a cool party

As we approach the end of 2017, we have predicted 11 names that you no doubt know in the new year. Between art and fashion, music and movie, discover who will catch fire in 2018.

As a teenager in college, Hana Quist has surpassed the “student” label. Throughout 2017, she is one of New York’s most sought-after queens in nightlife and has created an iconic series of portraits for her biological parents, drawing the attention of fashion and becoming a lover of everything Emerging designer. -optimal. Not surprisingly, this did not make Quist a long time recognized – her pink face, wild wig and luxurious corset, she found it easy (or remembered).

Philadelphia natives discovered and began privately trying to drag a teenager in her bedroom, quickly becoming famous among the city’s most prominent queens after she moved to Big Apple. Her early violin creations became essential after she shaped the heroine in nightlife, and she took her charisma to new heights, supplemented with flower-distorting dresses, satin-rabbit ears, and head The appearance of the Ministry to the toe Marie Antoinette would have cast aside

Now, turning her attention to a collection of essays, Quist breaks the barrier of dresses set up for all genders and genders, proving why she is now a true pioneer in fashion needs.

You are the protagonist of New York nightlife, but also a new fashion designer. How do you balance the two?

For me, fashion and nightlife go hand in hand. I joked that the Queen made me, but it is true. I learned a lot from the queen and the nightlife. This really affects and motivates my work. Nightlife is a way for me to play creatively and experimentally without “fashion” judgments, sometimes judgments are scary and resistance is more fun and open. My drag helps my fashion, and vice versa.

How do you find resistance for the first time?

I’ve always felt like a queen, but I never used “drag” to describe what I was doing. Since I was a kid, I like to dress up and play with my appearance. Like all other Millennium Herd Queen, I found the drag by dragging the game. I did not relate the television queen on television to what I did before because I did not consider myself a performer, and the drag-and-drop game was really big on the show. Through my passion for this show, I later found out about the club’s kids, and more of the wider world of resistance and nightlife. At that time I realized I was dragging and pulling, and that’s what I wanted to be.

Did you notice the rise of the female resistance queen?

A woman has been playing a role in nightlife and has been dragging without being called a “drag.” Now drag racing and social media, greater visibility means many different types of queens. I remember a few years ago began to drag down, there are very few “creatures / man-made / super” or anything you want to call the Queen, there are many. Before I moved to New York, I was so worried and worried about being a woman on the tow because I thought it was a big deal. I moved to New York and did not. Everyone is so accepted, kind, never really raised. As long as you look at, participate and contribute to your drag community, you are a queen.

Is this a fight for Hana Quist, a nightlife superstar like designer Hana Quist?

I like the world of drag and the world of fashion, but it is easy to be praised. In fashion, getting people to like what you’re doing and taking it seriously is hard. I am very lucky, because there are amazing opportunities dragged down. I was able to go to Vienna to find the ball of life. I was once photographed by an astonishing photographer. I had published my design and can work with many people in my respected fashion industry, but as long as you talk about dragging or nightlife Just stopping listening and respecting you is sad because nightlife is so important to fashion.

How long does it take to create a look from start to finish?

It takes a long time for my appearance – it usually takes 15-20 hours to finish and then into the hair and makeup another night. I will start from an idea, outlined, and then I will go to buy supplies and fabrics. I will take a few days to see. I always give myself an event of the night because seeing the whole look of hair, make-up and shoes really changed things and I want to be able to tweak things if I have to spend a lot of time.

There is a very luxurious, almost Victorian theme throughout your design.

I like cheap sexy corsets. I find inspirational costumes so historic, and I like to try out clothing, painting or books to show what I see and try to make it conform to my style – making it more modern. I like the idea of ​​a queen, and as big and rich as possible.

Dragging has become the result of drag racing. What do you think about the landscape now?

This is bittersweet. On the one hand, the popularity of this show is helping people discover this amazing thing and making them famous queens, giving them a chance they would not have had. But it also creates a whole set of people who see the show as everything. If you only know dragging it out of the show, you miss so much hauling, nightlife and community history. At the end of the day, I just wanted to see the Queen succeed and did something amazing, so it was a wonderful thing if the show helped them do that.

Do you feel it is your responsibility to politicize your job?

I’ve been thinking lately about how cool cool gay women are with major designers and how many of the oddities I see in the fashion world are gay. Another thing I’ve always thought is that fashion is still classified as women’s and men’s, and these are outdated terms. Everything I designed was so feminine, but at the same time I did not want to say that I was a lady because I knew many women who were not the ones I wanted to wear. This is a very difficult area because I do not think the terms women’s or gender neutral apply to what I like.

Lamourella underwear series emphasize the positive image of the body

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The secret, scandal of the Victorian star Margaret Clunie and a very bold Duchess

cheap wholesale corsets

Before tomorrow’s special, Victoria actress MARGARET CLUNIE revealed what confused her on-screen lover and why she was placed in boarding school how she estimated Prince Albert and his queen affected today’s young royal family

I can scarcely recognize her little son. I am looking at actress Margaret Clunie, who portrayed in the famous ITV episode “Victoria”, a real woman, the Duchess of Sutherland, Harriet ).

When 30-year-old Margaret was showing her “Spaniel Hair” (her words, not mine), she replied sadly: “The dreadlocks were caught in the middle and they tried my hardest in the first series The hair curls directly in the second series They say: “We give up – this year, the clip. ”

cheap wholesale corsets

Duchess playing can be a love of labor. Wearing a cheap wholesale corsets is terrible. They are so limited. Now I see why women were described as “hysterical” at the time: it was because they could not breathe or eat!

But Margaret, a graduate of the University of Oxford School of Theater, came from Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, where he met the challenge. She is a brunet girl who will brunette, and she has a fierce gaze – she has taken full advantage of the dull Duchess identity – but it’s easy and it’s a tendency to explode.cheap wholesale corsets

She likes to play the role of Harriet, Harriet will be tomorrow’s much-anticipated Christmas special debut. The drama was a warm welcome, attracting about five million viewers, the first episode overtaking the BBC’s Poldark over the coveted Sunday night.

Writer / producer Daisy Goodwin’s work occurred in the 1840s – early in the reign of Queen Victoria – and chronicles the personal and political aspects of the young queen, her husband, Prince Albert, and her courtroom Tribulation, Margaret’s character is an integral part.

As the queen’s robe mistress – “roughly translates as the person who picks her jewelery and is responsible for waiting for her ladies like the 19th-century Google Calendar version -” Harriet “basically” her right-hander ” .cheap wholesale corsets

Margaret acknowledged there was an “unsure grasp” of this period of history. “I think I learned these things in school at the age of eleven.

She already knows her knowledge. “I had hoped to be a Victorian era – living at a slower pace, and the lack of social media would be happier, and I love writing.

Moreover, the high charisma of this era: everything is an occasion where people really work hard; now, if you’re going out, just wear jeans and the words say you’re ten minutes late.

She especially likes to “study” the Duchess’s personality – “the natural power and lifelong friend of a super-charismatic queen; she approaches [Prime Minister] Gladstone, runs a diplomat and lives in a beautiful home.

Harriet was enthusiastically sought after by the audience. Her screen appeal was the romantic imprisonment “a bad boy with a golden heart” between her and Prince Albert’s brother Ernest.cheap wholesale corsets

In my opinion, this gloomy relationship made the play so tight. Marguerite can see the naughty Ernest attraction, and the more serious Prince Albert it? ‘complete! I’ll go find that bad boy every time – they’re the most exciting, “she said with a smile.” I think if you’re a charming person, you’re going far.

The relationship between Harriet and Ernest stayed behind at the end of the second series: she escaped from the courtroom, eschewed an attractive passion and returned to the Duchess of Sutherland as a widow – on horseback The accident killed.

Ernest plans to propose to her until he finds he finds the already recovered syphilis (containing mercury vapor) has come back, so he dumped her.

Margaret said: “I really feel Harriet.” “Her marriage was not satisfactory, but she had to stick with it (though her appeal to Ernest was enough for Albert Prince and others noticed).cheap wholesale corsets

She dared to pursue happiness, which is a shameless concept of a woman in Queen Victoria. It’s hard not to think before the duke dies, “just divorce him.” We’re so lucky to live in an era that allows you to change.

This tangled romance will unfold on the special Christmas center stage, and the plot continues for six months from where we left. Marguerite Be careful not to reveal too much.

She said: “From the Victorian Christmas you will get everything: skating, many children and the most beautiful trees, eight huge, all decorated with fine handmade ornaments; there is an amazing scene where they made a big reveal”.

(This is the only option because Victoria and Albert are considered to be popularizing the Christmas tree tradition as well as other holiday styles.)

However, there are some things that tell me that this episode will not be all fun. Marguerite nodded. “There was a little bit of joy and sadness, poor Harriet had a pretty Christmas, and she was ashamed, heartbroken and annoyed at Ernest, it was full, and they were a bit funny, but even then, It is also important for the physical aspects of a relationship – and he has syphilis, so it will be difficult.

Margaret acknowledged that this love story may only loosely based on historical facts. “I’m not sure exactly what happened and how many times they met.” But she thinks Goodwin’s storyline is genius.

“Every show needs the romance of a scandal. The slow, forbidden love is very interesting for the movie. Everything is self-evident. There are so many subtle lines of yummy. People used to communicate that they can not touch Wrist to express feelings.Now, everything is so low-key, everything is playing on social media.There is such a seductive thing, when it was under the surface of it.My favorite scene is Ha Li Ya Te is practicing archery, and Ernest to come, she delicately moved her hips, is said to be to help her.This is too sexy.

Margaret also admitted: “We had a fake piano, pressed the keys but no sound came out, thank God, because I never went one step further.

Outside the screen, Margaret has a close friendship with the actor David Oakes, who plays Ernest. “He’s cute, and three years ago we worked together with Endeavor, a detective drama and the prequel to the popular Mauser Rangers series.” When I got a part of Ernest I got out, He called to tell me that I was very excited.

A very pleasant atmosphere between actors, shooting six months a year in Yorkshire. “We lived in a lovely hotel in Harrogate and had a hangar nearby. It was like the boarding school hotel lobby was our communal lounge.” (Margaret attended an independent girls’ school and she ended up Boarded this school in a year.)

“I love it, and now I’ve experienced this experience again. We have good restaurants and Turkish baths, and we go in free time, although most of the time we just sit by and drink endless tea and coffee.

Jenna Coleman, who plays Victoria, is “cute,” always with delicious snacks, which makes her very popular in restaurants. She is petite – and I’m tall – so we made a funny couple. My dad first saw me in the show, and he asked me why I stood in a box. I’m not – I just stand next to Jenna.

She insisted that acting as Prince Albert’s actor Tom Hughes is Jenna’s real-life boyfriend, which has nothing to do with his self-change on the screen. “Albert is serious and intense, but Tom is bustling.” She praised Rufus Sewell, Sir Melbourne. “By observing him, you learned a lot – he can portray the mood by twitching the corner of his mouth.

And Diana Rigg (Duchess of Buccleuch) is “brilliant.” She recited random poetry, told us everything, and then said: “You’re welcome, my dear.” Nel Hudson, a Skater who plays Victoria’s dresser, is already a “good friend” for theater schools. “We talk to each other constantly when we do not make movies – we have a very active WhatsApp team.

The episode is also full of pranks; in a noteworthy episode where the Victoriaians dealt with the plague, 25 live mice were set aside, and one clown started to rumor that only 24 were finally caught. “For days, I was dreaming of their terrible nightmare and I was thankful that this was a big lie and some people thought it was interesting.

Like Victoria and Albert, Marguerite was happily married, and in December last year she married her nine-year-old musician Tom Bull. This is a Christmas-themed London wedding. She wore a shining thread to wear on her shoulder, tailored to her by fashion brand Eponine.

“I’m totally concerned about how Victoria and Albert are in love,” she rushed out. “Nobody tells you what pleasure you got when you returned home from your honeymoon, but when Victoria was not able to leave Albert, Margaret had not found a timetable for her filming, a problem. As a creative talent , Tom “got it,” and most of the weekend she returned to home in southern London.

FaceTime is the key. We very much support each other. Neither of us have done nine or five times, so this is our norm. If Tom’s band had a show on Saturday night, I would think, “Great, I can go out and play with the girls.”

When they are together, they “go to create something interesting,” such as going to the theater and theater to cook together. “I’m working through the River Cafe Cook Book and my next goal is to make homemade pasta.”

On her recent 30th birthday, Tom treated her at Cliveden, the famous country house hotel the famous Duchess of Sutherland lived in. “We lived in Sutherland Suites and they made us fuss over it and it was so devastating that the restaurant had a fine Harriet painting.

Marguerite has a happy, direct upbringing. She has an elder sister Alex, who works in the art world – “she made stunning lighting fixtures” – though neither of her parents was creative. “I do not know where our passion for art and drama comes from, and I can not say they are encouraging, though they are very proud. My father retired – he was an adviser and his mother was a medical secretary.” As a kid, Margaret was always In all school plays and choirs “.

After graduating from Newcastle University, she applied for the Academy of Drama, the rest of the history – though not easy. “I have so much work – waiters, retailers … I will receive a small portion of the TV and think I did it, and then pass in a year.

Then Victoria came. “It was a major breakthrough for me and I’m really lucky to have been in both series.” Marguerite also wanted to turn her hand into a comedy again, one of her earliest jobs being in “The Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories, “in the revolutionary Russia with Daniel Radcliffe and Crazy Man John Hamm” I was completely overwhelmed by both of them, but they were very kind, Helpful.

She dreamed of performing Shakespeare on the stage. However, now Victoria’s third series is at the top of her list of wishes (viewers will also take root).

As a man who plays her name in the royal drama, what does she think of our current royal family members?

“Can I really like them?” She asked shyly. “I think they’re sad.You can not say a bad word to the Queen – a country where a 90-year-old woman devoted her life to her – I also have a lot of respect for the new generation of young royals and the way they choose them. Partners such as Prince Harry and Megan Markel I know it was a long time ago, but I wonder if this kind of conversion of mind started with the marriage of Victoria and Albert as well as their famous love – who should get married Who can make you happy

It remains to be seen whether the Duchess of Sutherland at Christmas will be happy this year, but I have no doubt that, as Margaret had left with a perfect straight hair figure, the lady who played her Also have rich experience.

Hamilton Review – A delicious heart and head

Yes. Worth waiting. Yes, it does. Powerfully speak to a British audience. Yes, it has. Change, expand, give the musical new wings. But no, you can not. Get a ticket before the next booking deadline begins. Unless you win the daily lottery. Keep trying.

Ringo Manuel Miranda Hamilton – it’s all his style, books, lyrics and music – is revolutionized and first. As one of the founders of the United States performed: Alexander Hamilton suddenly realized he was the first Treasury secretary to spend $ 10. Hype has been so unbelievable that viewers have some insight into their breakthroughs. About seizing the stage through street music – rap and hip hop together with R & B, Soul, Britpop and rock singer. About Hamilton, so far a relatively stateless politician of unknown, as a hero of music. About the United States past and present American Elision, with the founding fathers and mothers of white – mostly black and brown actors.

Most importantly, what they know. This is another departure. This is the first time people have entered a new program – instead of a familiar jukebox music – heard the lyrics. Once the test is out to hum a song. Hamilton proved that agile words can be the main motivation. Like Hamilton (who is Jamala Westman, the most recent impressive Radda graduate), he is one of the most flexible speakers. Aaron Burr, the powerful opponent of his allies, continued to advise him to “talk less and laugh more.”

Hamilton expands your heart and concentrates your brain by stretching your ears delicately. From “diuretics” to “bipartisancies” to Macbeth’s “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow,” the sardonic sarcasm of sharpness through its rhymes: dirty and academics, anarchy and panic, “we can grant, ? ” By the way, it forces you to suspect it because it exercises and splits the word – “phe-nom-e-non”. The revelation may be the formulation of the United States and the drafting of the constitution, but the effect is universal. One of the palliative responses was the high profile of Hamilton and Lafayette, who declared: “Immigration! We’ve done the job!”

Is there anything wrong with Miranda’s show and Thomas Kail’s direction? Then it may not make sense to end a relatively orthodox folk song.

I’m not keen to reveal pussy leggings (wear cheap sexy corsets and boots). Andy Blankenbuehler’s muscular choreography moves people seamlessly from civilian to military life, but not to transport.

Still, nothing can detract from this marvelous mix of political and musical history. Michael Jibson The petite King George George, a child-monarch with a cross-shaped face and luxurious crown, generously affixed his own feet, Elton John- ishly) accusing the disloyal United States. Christine Allado, Rachelle Ann Go and Rachel John brought Destiny’s Child out to the fate of American women. A chariot between Jason Pennycooke’s Jefferson (Jefferson deftly double Lafayette) was recorded in the battle rap.

Hamilton is “the room where it happened.” Miranda’s program asks “Who’s Who, Who’s Dead, Who’s telling your story?” Instead of answering this question with one who’s one more thing: an infinitive musical.

Hamilton’s first night comment: “A great achievement”

Alan Bennett once suggested that the worst T-shirt in the world be written “I hate JUDI DENCH.” With the same evil signs, if you want to print “HAMILTON SUCKS” on your chest, you can immediately privateize yourself. It has been one of the craziest musicals in London ever since Book of Mormon and now has 11 Tonys, Pulitzer, three platinum Grammy-winning movie albums, and more. Slightly rebellious soul, wondering if anything is possible to live up to the extent of this speculation.

I am happy to wholesale sexy corsets tell you that Hamilton did so most of the time – very exciting – and would dispel the not-so-ideal hip hop musical about Pioneering Pioneers, on the pond side. “Join the revolution” is one of the main sales routes. Look at the work of Thomas Kail and you get a truly exciting feeling. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the book, music and lyrics, is here to help Two revolutions. The legendary story of the American War of Independence and the tooth problems of a new nation are all presented as a true game changer of music – a (almost) singing piece that blends rap, hip hop, R & B, and Broadway .

They may wear knee breeches and costumes, but Hamilton and his brothers – Marquis Lafayette, John Lawrence and Herrick Mulligan – are played by actors in the colors (cast of races) and they are in turmoil Rap sounds and popular street word games, split improvisations and sudden rhythms (of course, “Lock Your Daughter and Horses / Hard to Have Sex with Four wholesale sexy corsets”). This idiom takes you into the fiery metabolism and hopeless wit of these young rebels, desperate to seize and mold a newborn nation.

Later, under the gloomy and ornate Ogoala Obioma Ugoala, the cabinet debate became a ferocious rap battle of glowing microphones. The influential Jefferson of Hamilton and James Peniccox argues that the question of whether to establish a national bank in the United States or to provide aid to the former ally France in any impending clashes with Britain is disruptive Subversive (argumentative craftsmanship from one style to another style) effects and unconventional projection are very free and happy. If this is the story of the United States now telling the United States, as Miranda said, you can understand why Broadway, a similar diversified company, is eligible to visit Vice President Mike Pence at the show, Remind people of their obligation to uphold American values.

This is a work that urges the United States to take pride in immigrant heritage (the composer’s family comes from Puerto Rico). A penniless “bastard, orphan, prostitute son and Scot,” like Hamilton, can reach New York from the Caribbean, become Washington’s right and First Treasury secretary, hit by sex scandal in the country and scandalized Duel with Vice President Aaron Burr. Only occasionally you may think that the author exaggerated his hand. You can almost see the “applause” placard of “immigration – we’ve got the job done.” But overall, the mood is very exciting.

Miranda originated in Broadway’s title role. Here, Zemuel Westman provided a very clever and elegant performance, though it may be too strict and can not provide a turbulent life to this merciless, somewhat insane prodigy. He could abandon the 51 Fijianjijiu Months, it’s as if he’s been out of time, comparing the state of greed that he just got up with that of the United States: “Hey, I’m like my country, I’m young, desperate, hungry / and I Do not throw away my gun! “Giles Terera was as good as the nemesis and enemies of Salieri in Burr and Mozart in Hamilton, with his fellow orphans Compared to the adventurous behavior, all the slightest, privileged containment and divorce calculations. “If you do nothing, Burr, will you dump it?” Hamilton asked harshly. He effectively blocked his fate in the 1800 election by agreeing with Jefferson instead of Boolean. Although he never agreed to something, at least “Jefferson has faith, Burr does not have one.” The fate of the two are intertwined as one of the finest expressions in the proceedings.

There are several knockout numbers, including Tereira’s Jivey, the obsessive “Room It Happen” and a person’s political exclusion from hypnosis and dance. Like Hamilton’s clever, primodious feminist sister-in-law Angelica Schuyler, Rachel John is arrogantly saying that he now lives on New York is so good. It may have been unfair to the original, but it was a great joke that George III – dressed as a royal luxury camp by Michael Jibson – was a gigantic British gossip of the 1960s, “You will be back / soon you will see / you will remember that you belong to me.” He could not believe that the president was not the same as the throne. Instead, he calmly came back and watched with dauntlessness as his former subjects ripped themselves into pieces.

Kyle’s production is not perfect. On David Korins’ handsome outdoor stage, its exposed brick walls, spinning ropes and other marine tools show impeccable fluidity. Their sexy torn costumes make this show a high-energy propulsion, but their movements sometimes look mediocre. After the decisive victory of Yorktown, when they sing “the world is upside down!” They lifted up and lifted upside down furniture – clearly not afraid of the obvious fact.

If I sometimes want to take this work a step further (why not treat George Washington as an African-American woman?), This is no doubt just a tribute to the provocative power of the show. Despite this, however, my taste began to respond to its serious developments in a meager, ridiculous, solemn manner. Death in the duel of Hamilton son; getting out of the sex scandal (Rachelle Ann Go boasting the role of his wife Eliza); focusing on the eyes of history and heritage – these are heavyweight themes and are real, but this show It started to feel that it was a bit scared of how it was handled. In my opinion, what kind of rejuvenation may occur in Hamilton in the coming years, not such an institution, the directors have more freedom.

These are relatively small holes, but on a major, it is obviously a great accomplishment. The synthesis of Miranda’s historical material is breathtaking, and his gentle control over various musical idioms is breathtaking. The two ages illuminate each other here, and in the best of circumstances, the show gives the impression that it is not merely a dramatic addition to the Hamiltonian revolution, but that its artistic choices and spirits are moving forward. You may need to be patient to ensure your ticket, but you must not miss it.

This wedding silhouette will be huge in 2018

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Wedding dresses are inherently romantic, but certain details derive extra femininity from bow detail, foam floral appliques, and stacked frills. The 2018 spring runway introduces a fairy-tale cape and elegant shoulder styling that continues into the 2018 autumn and winter runways, where things become more enchanting, the cloak with princess and eye-catching sleeves to enhance the shoulder design .

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As for wholesale corsets the prominent silhouette of wedding? It’s all through the waist of a delicate boning or detail corset. We know, corset? Not because of our grandmother, right? But staying with us instead of looking outdated looks a refreshing feminine in this season, boasting an incredible body flared fit you can not deny that almost every body shape or size looks good. Many of these waist styles come with a boudoir style aesthetic that is both subtle and sexy (oh, la, la!) – a trend that has been popular in recent seasons. Also, in the last two seasons, the slouchy waist has taken on a precarious style as designers have put together a series of tights that range from corsets to actual corset wholesale corsets. Therefore, the 2018 wedding to the waist as the focus, this appearance has had a transformative impact on the wedding world.

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If you think this trend is a bit bold, think again. Yes, there are some super sexy options, but the appearance of a structured corset or long-sleeved lace cover, you can look like a pure lingerie-style lace details, more suitable for a bitch bride, but , Beyond the dream.

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Designers are offering a range to be able to attract a series of brides. From strapless to V-neck to long-sleeved tops and skirts, body skimming columns or mermaid trains on the bottom of each silhouette, can be completely from the traditional to the modern.

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Katy Perry Kills Mary Antoinette and Joan of Arc in her Epic “Hey Hey Hey” video

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Katy Perry promises that “Katy-Claus” will be down today in our chimney, and the singer has indeed delivered the new video. Watch her beheaded – but there is a turning point!
The 33-year-old Katy Perry is the queen who built a fun, candy-colored world in her video. Her new album, Witness, watched the Victorian themed cartoon above on Hey Hey Hey on December 20!

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In the video, we see Katie playing Marie Antoinette, but she dreams all day of being able to become a Joan of Arc and replacing it with a giant sword.

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Sadly, she spent her time on a corsets wholesale and was forced to date a terrible prince. In an epic battle, she does annihilate the prince!

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Of course, she was eventually beheaded, but that was not the way her enemies planned. If she does not turn her expectations into their head, it will not be a Katie video, right?

Katy teased the video the day before it was released, sharing with her a still life in the costume of Marie Antoinette and promised: “Tomorrow, Katie-Kraus will Walk away from your chimney with a visual gift.

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“No one ever left her in a position where she posted a post on Instagram as Place de la Revolution in Paris, France (Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette) executed place! Check out the photos of Kitty’s World Tour Concert here.

Underwear model Sarah Stage demonstrated her incredible mesh underwear trimmed stomach two months after giving birth as she insisted on getting her baby “avant-garde”

After giving birth two months later, Sarah Stage is proud to present her incredible figure in transparent underwear, but her mother acknowledged that she was looking forward to having her “booty” when she restarted her workout “.

The 33-year-old girl welcomed Logan Alexander, her second son, on the C-section on October 16 and shared her own photo on Instagram on Tuesday with a black Mesh bra, high heel thongs

While sharing the images, the Los Angeles Cheap Sexy Lingerie model took the opportunity to answer some of her fans’ questions while insisting that her postnatal change was achieved without exercise.

“I have not recovered yet because I really want my body / incision to heal completely.” She explained that now she is completely breastfeeding because Logan has not yet had a bottle.

The two mothers went on to say that she was taking supplements to keep her milk production, and when she returned to her baby’s weight, she attributed her success to breastfeeding and followed the healthy diet plan she had created.

“I’ve been trying to keep my diet as healthy as possible while adding calories since I tried to add a lot of burritos to Logan,” she explains, “but I’m looking forward to recovering muscle and loot. The second one I gave birth to I think my trophy also left.

Sarah also has a two-and-a-half year old son, James Hunter, stressing she did not do any aerobics – “chasing a toddler count”.

She also said frankly that she chose to work with Logan because he was forced to merge with James because he was hip.

After discussing with the doctor the benefits and risks of vaginal delivery after cesarean delivery, Sarah said she decided best to have her second caesarean section.

She said: “Since Logan is here, I have no regrets about my choice.” As a mom, we just want healthy babies, everything else is secondary.

Sarah continued to thank her “incredible” OBGYN, Dr. Matsuda, to give her a “very low and small” type C scar.

She said: “I also use silicone scars to help keep scars flat.

At the end of her message, Sarah talked candidly of the loose skin on her belly and slyly snapped back those who insisted on being so pruned throughout her pregnancy that she endangered her son’s health.

She wrote: “Yes, the skin around my navel is slack, a bit resembling the shape of an evil eye, so I think it is protecting the internet trolls.” Who says Logan was born unhealthy and what happened to them?

Before pregnancy, she weighed between 118 and 120 pounds, and she disclosed earlier this month that she had dropped to 117 pounds.

In early November, Sarah had only 4 pounds of body weight, the first time she had been on the job for 17 days.

At that time, she dropped to 124.8 pounds and in less than a month she lost another 7 pounds to achieve her pre-pregnancy weight.

Although it is unclear how much weight she will have before delivery, Sarah revealed in August that she had gained 18 pounds and had gained 137 pounds while entering her eighth month of pregnancy.

Two weeks after she first started producing Logan in a Calvin Klein Cheap Sexy Lingerie store, she showed off her postpartum stomach.

Sarah became famous in 2015, at the time of her first pregnancy, she kept an incredible figure, her six packs, until the day she gave birth, shaking the fans.

After welcoming her eldest son, James Hunter, the model bounced back in record time, and two years later she performed again after Logan was born.

This December marks the first time Sarah has been celebrating Christmas as a 21-year-old mother and she has been working hard to choose the theme for this year’s holiday greeting card.

Instead of sticking to her traditional family portrait, she was inspired by the 1980s – especially the hair trends of the past decade.

On Sunday, Sarah shared with Instagram her lively photos of her husband, Kris Jason, and their sons, James Hunter and Logan Alexander, Are the movement of retro m fish hairstyle.

To avoid funny expressions, the men in the house wore wigs – including two-month-old Logan, who fell asleep while photographing his arms.

According to the eighties theme, the picture saw Sarah’s long brown hair teased, side by side.

She is wearing a red-clad turtleneck sweater in high-waist picket jeans with her eyes covered with extra-large glasses and a gold chain.

Chris wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, wearing a white button shirt with a vacation tie, and their eldest son wearing a cowboy overalls, a white button shirt and a youth tie.

Although Ronaldinho looks eternal in his red onesie and scarf, a little hair hanging over his head gives him a little mullet.

Indian Men’s Best Underwear Guide

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Finding the perfect gift for your favorite girl can be a tedious process. Most men may take off sexy lingerie from the list to avoid stress / intimidation trips to underwear stores. Well, it does not have to be anymore. Here are 6 carefree tips for your lady to find the perfect, sexy little number.

1. Do your research

This is not rocket science, boys, just bras and underwear. The first thing you need to do is figure out the dimensions. If you live with your partner, this step is relatively easy. Peeking over her underwear drawer while she was in the shower. If you want to take one step further, you can even read the lingerie style on the internet and find out what your gal will love and look sexy!

2. Choose your choice according to your preference

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When you flip underwear, write down her favorite brands and styles. Most women have a bra brand that is better than everyone else. Baton. to. Those ones. Brand.

Now, if your girlfriend is conservative, try not to push the border too far. For example, if she wears a simple cotton bra and panties, she may not like the sexy thongs that you bring home. Instead, go for a sexy lace figure or doll dress.

3. Play smart when you can not play around size

Do not know the size of underwear? no problem! Sensual pajamas can be a good choice to consider. You can choose a pair of tasteful silk shorts, a pair of sexy skirts, or even a pajamas. These items are usually the common size, you do not have to worry about these double numbers and letters!

4. Why shop online at shopping?

Fortunately, there are a variety of online Cheap Sexy Lingerie stores in our country. This means that you can buy your lady’s underwear and sit on your couch wearing your underwear. Really a living time!