I heard that “waist training”? Mariel de Leon and Kardashian do it look sexy!

When Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian began to crazily tighten these tight corsets around their belly, suddenly “waist training” was all the rage.
This trend of Filipino women has always existed. For example: Our own Miss International Philippines 2017, Mariel de Leon, proudly showed her on this Insta picture before her competition on November 15 last year.
Although we can not deny that both Mariel and Kardashian’s sisters are “sexy,” the real question is whether waist training is really effective? This process may be too stressful and uncomfortable for others, to be honest, our organs just look at the girls crying for help. Label #firstworldproblems!

We have done some research on this matter, here is what we found.

The media’s desire for a small waist is very prominent. If you watch the 1920s historic television series Downton Abbey, you’ll recall scenes, ladies wearing steel bodysuits as underwear.

Of those 92,364,293 times those who wept for the Titanic, of course you’ll remember that Rose must listen to her mother (Frances Fisher) criticize her relationship with Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) while having her Corset’s special scene.

cheap wholesale corsets already exist since 1500. But Kardashian and Mariel’s movements differed from those of medieval or Victorian women. Anyone interested in waist training is important.

As Orchard Corset explains, the rebar corset is made of strong, elastic fabric and a bendable bar that tightens your torso into a sexy hourglass shape over time. Depending on the amount of fat in your belly, this type of corset can take anywhere from three to six inches. Moreover, the corset is adjustable. Think of them as curly braces (but with your waist instead of your teeth).

On the other hand, waist trainers are usually made of nylon, spandex or latex. They aim at the abdomen and can trim one or two inches of your waistline look. They are also considered to be more comfortable and smaller than their steel structures.

Here’s the bad news: Jennifer Wider says there is no scientific evidence that lumbar training is a permanent solution to the ideal curve shape. Health experts like her think that once you take off your clothes, your body will return to normal, and all the compressed fat will fall back to its original position. In other words, a waist trainer is a safe alternative to a corset.

But (if you do, do not just love it), they have their benefits! Like some girls will never see high heels, others choose to run marathons, you can let the waist trainer work for you. When worn correctly, anyone can sleep and even exercise! In addition, they relieve pain and provide support for back injuries.

The holiday is coming. Things like a lumbar trainer will surely help you slip into the piece of clothing where you save your next party. But the effect may not continue into the new year.

Tell us, ladies. What do you think of them?

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