New Orleans – Dames De Perlage, a carnival carnival founded in 2013 that created the history of New Orleans.

Now, ladies have their own exhibit, the goddess at Bodices, at the Carnival Costume and Culture Museum.

Christine Clouatre, Crewe’s co-founder, said: “After five years of our existence, who thought we would be the new Carnival Museum?

Perlage is a French beadwork, which is a tradition of carnival that has been carried through their cheap sexy corsets for decades. Damim learned how to draw inspiration from Indians and teach her newcomers to Kluwer.

Clouatre said: “Our clothes are basically canvas, they are wearable art.” And art belongs to the museum. ”

The exhibition will now be held through the French Quarter Gallery, so visitors and locals alike have the opportunity to watch cheap sexy corsets at close range.

Every year, women have a different theme, and they decide to start beating on Wednesday and the following year.

This process takes almost an entire year and requires thousands of beads.

This year’s theme is “Going Forward, Looking Back” to mark New Orleans for three hundred years.

The Carnival Museum at 1000 Conti is open 7 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission fee is $ 12.

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