Coquette launches its first metal bonded bodice

According to spokesman Heather Stockton, Coquette launched the “first metal skeleton corset” in its 2017 main collection, including regular and expanded versions.

“The 7105 bodice (plus size version 7105X) features black lace with dark purple satin, twill lining and detachable ribbon. 7130 bodice (plus size 7130X) with silver satin and twill lining black Lace and beautiful velvet details. We have preserved classic styles on these pieces, but add a modern feel to the detachable shoulder strap and garter. Both styles are as small as 3X / 4X.”

Stockton added, “We have also added some new designs inspired by the highly structured and gorgeous design of the 90s. The 7092 (XL version 7092X) is a sexy stretch-knit and fishnet stitching corset with bold geometry. Line and cladding design. The 7093 (and 7093X) babydoves are as sexy as the matching thongs of the same collection, showing the now stylish look of the banded texture.”

The main collection of Coquette’s favorites in 2017 has just been mailed. Stockton summed up some key themes: “The thick mesh and bold seams express the youthful sense of playfulness, while the romantic pink conveys the feminine charm. The gorgeous eyelash lace adds elegance to the traditional style. The soft blue tones bring a new look to the “blue” bridal tradition. Each unique collection in the Coquette 2017 collection is designed to capture the latest trends, making it easy to wear not only underwear but also the day and night look. .

When asked about the changes in 2017, Stockton pointed out, “We reduced the number of parts in the catalog by incorporating Spellbound, La Petite Coquette and Spring / Summer series into our main books. The catalogue is only 2016. The book for the year is a little shorter, but not less than a piece. We have added a series of accessories and added our Diva series, as the positive size trend continues to take off. The main books in 2017 were mainly shot in New Orleans, our team took over The famous Lucifer Suite at the St. Hotel. The hotel’s decadent furniture and luxurious interiors provide the perfect backdrop for our new work.” – NM

Dakota Fanning says wearing a corset completely changed her body

Dakota Fanning is the most recent celeb to jump on-board the waist trainer bandwagon, though maybe not simply simply by choice.
Inside an interview with W publication, the celeb revealed that her person is permanently modified from your super-tight corsets the girl needed to put on to get the time outfits in her Television show ‘The Alienist’.
To obtain the clothes simply befitting the 1896-set series, Fanning stated, ‘I might have hours-long fixtures and We hate to put on clothing, and I might simply stand presently there. We fainted within my 1st fitted. ‘
The ‘I Was Sam’celebrity elaborated, They place the corset upon, and yes, I had been like, I’m heading down. I’m heading down!  I had developed to sit down. They might try to end up like, OK, are you okay now? I’d finish up like, No, no . Have to sit down. However you take it for granted. The body simply totally changes, it’s therefore strange.
Not really just do her body modify, this totally transformed form. I’ve put on corsets prior to yet by no means with this long from the period, the celeb explained. Seven months; your body completely modifications. You can get this on with out even lacing or unlacing. By the end I had been just nipping it upon, snapping this off. This had been like second character.
The girl added, For better or to get even worse, the corsets kind of place you in to the personality since it will actually impact anything that one does: Inhaling and exhaling, strolling, operating, seated, standing up, and naturally consuming. Yes, one does somewhat need to period this away since it cannot feel so great after lunch time.
Therefore it ought to arrive because no real surprise that anytime shooting protected on the 1st season, Fanning didn’t accept the costume home from arranged: I remaining my corset and my heart in Budapest.

Madison Beer has black pants on Craig’s strapless black bodice in Hollywood

long sleeve tops womens

Madison Beer has black pants on Craig’s strapless black bodice in Hollywood

She became famous on YouTube.

On Monday, singer Madison Beer performed dinner at a dinner hosted by celebrity Craig in West Hollywood, showing her famous curves.

The 19-year-old man wears a strapless black bodice top with loose black pants.

Madison tightened his waist with a black belt and put on black cowboy boots.

She put her hair on the bun and paired with large silver earrings.

Madison tightened his waist with a black belt and put on black cowboy boots.

She put her hair on the bun and paired with large silver earrings.

Also seen at Craig on Monday night is the singer Tinash.

The 25-year-old is wearing a loose white T-shirt with designer black sportswear.

She added white Nike sneakers.

Her hair is tied into a ponytail, wearing a large circle of earrings and a silver pendant necklace.

New Season Sportswear: Selected Sports Bra from the New Fall Collection

As part of Nagnata’s new line of sports knitwear, the Color Block Bralet is made from organic cotton knit fabric to provide a soft and comfortable fit in your yoga practice. Natural fabrics also help absorb moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable, and with a range of colours, you can mix and match with other products in the range.

NikeLab teamed up with American designer Matthew Williams to launch the new Fall collection, and Stretch and Mesh sports bras combine unique design with functionality and performance. Designed with sweat-absorbent and sweat-wicking fabrics for a comfortable fit, the hidden pockets store small items and feature a unique combination of faux leather trim, and the bra adds style to your classic black leggings.

Ultracor’s prints this season are crazy. With its high neckline and extra coverage, the Altitude Botanica Top is perfect for workouts that require medium level support. The bright pink floral print still adds a touch of summer, while the navy, black and taupe autumn colours and rich velvet finishes will leave you stylish.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Lululemon has launched a limited edition 20Y series that includes updates to the brand’s most popular Energy Bra. Made from the brand’s sweat-absorbent four-way stretch Luxtreme® fabric, this bra is updated with new colors and bold Lululemon logo to showcase your favorite brand at the gym.

Use the Sweaty Betty’s Fishnet mesh crop top to add some color to your autumn sports wardrobe in the shadow of citrus tones. With high elasticity and seamless comfort, the fishnet mesh panel will also help you stay cool. Designed for low-impact sports, this bra easily covers other sportswear, allowing you to stay in good shape during high-intensity training.

Your invisible character reimagines the vampire, Stoke’s iconic monster story, adapted from this modern female-centered

The Hunger and Thirsty Theatre presents your intangible content, adapted from Patricia’s Bram Stoker’s novel, directed by Jacob Titus. Your invisible CORSET will begin on Friday, October 12th, and limited participation will take place on Saturday, October 27. The news is open on Sunday, October 14 at 2 pm. The performance schedule is Thursday at 7pm, Friday-Saturday at 8pm, and Sunday at 2pm. There was another performance at 2 pm on Saturday, October 27. Performed at the Flamboyan Theatre in Clement (107 Suffolk Street. Between Rivington and Delancey; F / J / M / Z train to Delancey / Essex). Regular ticket prices are $20; 12 tickets can be purchased before October 11. For tickets and more information, please visit

The best horror stories are not just a terrible monster, they eventually lead to an uneasy understanding of society and human conditions. Your invisible CORSET is a modern, female-centered adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. By streamlining the plot, focusing on the struggle of Dracula’s female victims and weaving contemporary feminist ideals, your invisible caves bring the iconic monster story into a new direction, highlighting the novel with disturbing clarity. The subtle theme of the role of women in Victorian culture is still unbelievable today.

The Hunger and Thirst Theatre has earned widespread acclaim for recreating epic stories for modern audiences. Recent works include Messenger #1 and Pericles: Born in a storm (nominated for the Best Revival Award by the New York Innovative Drama Award).

Actors include Nathan Reese Edmondson, Patrick T. Horn, Emily Kitchens, Lauren Lubow, Patricia Lynn and Elizabeth Anne Rimar.

The design team includes Remy M. Leelike (light design); Randall Benichak (sound design); Jordan Reeves (sports and production design). The production stage manager is Heather Olmstead.

Patricia Lynn (playwright) is a theatre artist who has written, directed, staged, staged, and/or costumed at various venues throughout the New York area and across the country. Other plays include: Turtle Dove, Dracula (a more traditional adaptation by Hunger & Thirst in 2016) and the A Seagull Project. She plans to write modern feminist adaptations of other classic Gothic horror stories, including Dr. Jekyll’s strange case and Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein. Patricia is the proud artistic director of the Hunger&Thirst Theatre.

Jacob Titus’s (Director) works have been featured in New York’s 365 plays / 365 days public, HERE Art Center, Ontology-Hysteric Theater and other theaters outside of Brooklyn Broadway, as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco. After your invisible corset, he will be led by Legrid Stevens and the loading dock theatre company. Jacob holds a master’s degree in teaching from Boston University.

Founded in 2012, Hunger&Thirst Theatre is dedicated to discovering exciting new ways to perform classics and creating contemporary works inspired by classic stories. By interpreting these classics, the entire drama experience is as exciting as it was when the original work was first performed.

Vanity Fair star Olivia Cook reveals the fight against the corset

The actress plays the heroine Becky Sharp, and she tries to escape poverty and expand the heights of British society in the upcoming adaptation of William Mekepes Sacre.

Cook, 24, said she had never crossed the “six-month shooting” corset.

“No wonder women want to be liberated. The corset is suffocating. The first thing you do in the morning is shackles, and then you are ready for 13, 14 hours,” she said.

“This also limits your appetite. I lost so much weight… they are too uncomfortable.

“Women must wear so many things.

“So many things seem to be superfluous.”

The Ready Player One star said that the costume was even hard to sing in one of the ITV episodes and added: “It’s hard because you are tied up by a corset.

“The songs of that period were very high and docile.”

Cook admitted that he was nervous after the TV adaptation of “Vanity Fair” for the first time in 20 years. The TV was adapted in 1848.

“After getting the joy of this role, I felt an urgent fear and actually had to play her,” she said.

“You want to be right. But you don’t want to repeat the Becky version you have done before.”

She added: “When I was shooting on the first day, I was really nervous. I am sure I can’t take action.”

The new drama also includes Martin Clunes, Frances de la Tour, Suranne Jones, Michael Palin, Johnny Flynn, Simon Russell Beale, Tom Bateman and Claudia Jessie.

Director James Strong said: “Vanity Fair is a story with a strong female heroine. She does not compromise and hopes to be equal in a male-dominated society. This feeling is very relevant to what is happening today. This is more than ever. More general stories.”

Now this is an entrance! Woman uses smart hacker to implant her silicone breasts into GLOW at night in the club

A Chinese designer with a style that transcends the world has created a decorative design designed to illuminate her silicone breasts.

A unique bodice – created for an amazing nightclub entrance – uses shimmering red light to enhance her rich cleavage.

In a YouTube clip, technology developer Naomi Wu revealed that she was inspired to see an American star wearing a similar thing.

In explaining her process, Ms. Wu revealed how she first tried to put the flashlight on the brightest part of her chest.

“You can see it through my skin,” she said. “It looks cool.”

However, she quickly cancelled the torch and said ‘it has become a bit warmer’.

“It’s very bright, but it will burn me over time. So I have to think about something else,” she added.

Her clever solution to create a dream bodice involves using a super-powerful flashlight and connecting it to two fiber-optic cables.

Using her technical skills, she was able to 3D print special accessories to connect the cable to a stylish, edgy bodice.

When everything is ready, Ms. Wu put the torch in flash mode and went to a nightclub in Shenzhen, China, to stun the revelers.

Ms. Wu combines this avant-garde outfit with knee-high platform black lace-up boots and a futuristic wristband with a smartphone.

A pair of mirror wrap sunglasses stand out from her one-of-a-kind ensemble.

Once inside the club, she flashed red clothes, perfectly contrasted with neon blue, causing a sensation, and many people lined up to take pictures.

Amber Rose wears ‘Intergalactic Space Slut’ Cone-Bra bodice to MTV VMA in 2018

Amber Rose won the 2018 MTV Video Music Award in red latex tight-fitting clothing, including a tapered bra (to pay homage to Madonna’s golden ambition), red cat mask, whip, elbow and above gloves – knee boots, she called The whole atmosphere is like the “interstellar space slut”.

But the real inspiration behind her “space slut” is to raise her awareness of the 4th Slut Walk on October 6.

Slut Walk is an annual event held by Rose to protest rape culture and sexual violence. Participants wear “what they want” as a way to show that people should not judge their clothing.

“No matter how you dress, it won’t make you a monk, it won’t make you a prostitute,” Rose told people on the red carpet. “These are the derogatory labels that men and women use against other women because we have confidence in our sexual behavior and don’t even know our past sexual life history.”

Ross is always able to bring a turning look to MTV VMA. After all, she wore an almost bare, pure dress with crystal-decorated bra and thongs for the 2014 show.

However, because her red carpet looks very top, she also knows that having a good everyday look makes you feel the best. That’s why she used Simply Be to design her own range of sizes, ranging from 6 to 32. The price is up to $40.

“I just like it in all shapes and sizes. I am very active and I don’t want any girls to leave, so we offer a variety of sizes for women of all shapes,” Rose explained to people. “That’s why I want to work with them.”

The MTV VMA will be broadcast live at 9:00 pm on Monday, August 20th at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. ET / PT.

Forecasters say liquid form shampoos and fear of eating bugs will be outdated in the future

Expert forecaster Jacqui Ma revealed her predictions for the future of daily trends.

Remember the days of VHS tapes, MiniDiscs and fax machines? If you want to show these outdated items to people born after 2000, they may not even know how to deal with them. But how many of the things we use every day seem unrealistic, irrelevant or outright?

Working with BACARDÍRum and working with award-winning non-profit organization Lonely Whale to ensure the promise of bars, restaurants and venues, designed to remove 50 million single-use plastic straw plastics this summer by requiring them to become 100% disposable Without straw, Ma has studied trends over the decades and revealed trends that she believes will no longer exist in the future, such as the use of plastic straws, which developed only in the 1980s.

She highlighted some trends, such as in the early 21st century, the phone actually became smaller and smaller, until the size of the phone is equal to the palm of the hand; now – as the phone has become our portable mini-computer – the size of the phone is normal; only 100 years ago, women stopped wearing corsets. Before that, women will change or shrink their body shape; now, online dating has become completely mainstream, but back in early 2000, no one dared to say “we know online” .

Ma Yun said: “In the 1950s, if you can’t leave the house without wearing a hat, you can use your rehearsal family greetings to pick up your fixed-line receiver at the beginning of the 21st century. Now it has all disappeared. This naturally means In the future, we will review the things that exist today and be amazed at their existence, such as the use of plastic straws. Plastic straws are a trend that began and peaked in the 1990s, and for many years activists, experts and organizations have been working Reversing the damage they have caused to our oceans, which is why BACARDÍ rum and lone whales have promised to eliminate 50 million plastic straws from London this summer. As the world becomes more environmentally friendly, straw will become obsolete.”

Bizet’s Carmen tempted Kelowna to spend a weekend of opera

The Kelowna Opera House reimagined the opera classics of summer performances

One of the most famous operas attracted Kelowna with its fiery love story.

Carmen of Georges Bizet of the Kelowna Community Theatre was deprived because women wore trousers and corsets and used deadly power to eject their hips.
The audience will appreciate the famous song Habanera, because “Carmencita” introduces himself in the stage and Toreador songs. When they experience Spanish opera and perform in French, they tell the love story between Carmen, Gypsies, Jose, officers and the bullfighter Escamillo.

The opera Carmen has many people who will recognize and go home to whistle tunes,” said Alexandra Kosacovakova Babel, founding artistic director of the Kelowna Opera. “The opera is all about singing, but this type It is very intuitive and we spent a lot of time and financial energy designing our lighting design and our fashion design with our designs.

Babbel redesigned Carmen, and Bizet staged a modern environment in 1875 instead of the traditional Spanish Seville style, giving her a modern feel, wearing a corset and tattoo.

“Usually she (Carmen) is shaped as a lecherous flirtatious girl, but she is strong. She is a strong character and she is the leader of all these Gypsies and smugglers. She will do everything she can to achieve this goal,” said Barbara King, who shares the role of Carmen. “Her character has experienced a lot in her life, and even in my personal experience, you need to take physical and emotional aspects. Come to a great experience. ”

She played Carmen twice before she had the experience of Calgary and Edmonton’s opera, and she said she was still learning something new about her role.

“This is a great dramatic experience for me, I am looking for something new about her, especially in modern settings, it makes it so different.”