Wearing a corset against the feminist?

A woman believes that a corset is a strong symbol of male oppression. Another person disagreed. Which camp are you in?

Didn’t say Jeannette Kupfermann
Men’s oppression of women may be a stronger symbol than corsets? Therefore, when stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Lily James appeared in the British Film Academy Awards, I almost did not believe in my own eyes. These awards were as tense as Scarlett O’Hara.

Yes, although there is a “black-and-black” style in the red carpet event held at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday night, I am still looking forward to glitz and charm, but choose to wear Me Too and Time’s Up. A restrictive clothing to oppose sexual harassment seems particularly ironic.

Just yesterday, as a young feminist in the 1960s, I got rid of the belts and feces that have proven this burden for my mother and grandmother.
At that time, my height was only 8 inches and my waist was 23 inches, but I still wore my canned petticoat, exquisite dress and the most unbearable belt under the Audrey Hepburn Matador pants. And I still remember that strange boyfriend, his hand will go too far behind me in the slow dance, only to encounter the rigid panel of the skeleton and elastic armor – to prevent him from dying.

I can still hear the dark snoring of my grandmother because she warns the body (“it will ruin your stomach”) and morality (“a good woman does not take the belt out… this is not right”) The meaning of the more restrictive underwear.

However, wearing a straight dress or a cheesecloth overalls to dance at night, without sharp sharp bones cut into your chest, is really happy.

I remember to escape from the very shameless pink base costume or the black “happy widow”. To my surprise, the corset should enjoy such a public revival today, when young women seem to feel guilty about their status in society. How should I deal with men?

However, they wore a plain black Dior haute couture dress at Baftas – Jennifer Lawrence. The waist and square cut front panels are very tight and very hard, protruding on the chest.

At the same time, Lily James dresses more like a Victorian lady, she hasn’t put on her clothes yet – a tight black silk bodice with a precise cup that lifts and emphasizes the breast. Plus a rolled organza skirt that looks like a tulle slip.

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