What Hong Kong people can learn from Ghana pop star Noella Wiyaala,redefining the beauty of the #MeToo era

Korean sports ‘Escape Corset’ aims to get rid of the ideals of women’s beauty in society
For self-timer generation, the correct look can be everything, but why not embrace personality
In South Korea, more and more women have joined the “Escape Corset” campaign, the latest move in a series of feminist initiatives in the country since the #MeToo event.

The campaign aims to exclude many harmful ideals from society, which means feminine and beautiful. It encourages women to escape the traditional bodice of standard beauty, but to accept and be proud of who they are.

On the other side of the world, in Ghana, a West African country, a special woman does exactly that.
Ghana pop star Noella Wiyaala, who calls herself the “African lioness”, was rejected three times by the TV show. the reason? These executives said she was not “feminine” for their show. Despite this, she has repeatedly refused to follow their traditional ideas about what makes women beautiful.
Instead of turning herself into another Beyoncé or Rihanna, she retained her short hair and muscular body.

Wiyaala said she “does not care” about the idea of ​​executives, and prefers herself, and wears her short hair because she “feels cool”.

In her fourth attempt, she won the show and was proud to sing in her native Sissala language, and spring took it to the stage and entered the world stage.

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