Kylie Jenner revealed her post-baby body to Kim Kardashian

Does Kylie Jenner reconnect with Kardashians? Since she was pregnant, Kylie has gotten a little MIA from the reality show that shot this family. She has been here and there, but she did not say too much. In the trailer for Episode 11 of Season 15, it shows the complete scene of Kylie and most of the sister Kim Kardashian.

Kim stopped at Kylie’s place, perhaps the first time the KUWTK camera had been in her house since the birth of Stormi, and she was cleaning her closet. Kim is a reformed wardrobe hoarder that made her old habits come out and questioned why Kylie got rid of her clothes and even said she could find some gems in Kylie’s Haute Couture.
“Just like anything in my closet is not for me,” Kylie said to Kim.

“You look really thin,” Kim comforted her younger sister.
Although it looks very thin, Kelly is still steadfast, and there are only a few things in her closet that will never suit her after Stormi.

“I am getting rid of things that I feel will never suit me. I just knew that I will not adapt to 25 jeans any more,” said the new mother. “After the filming, I feel a little unsafe. I think my hips have just spread,” Kelly said, using her hands to indicate the width of her hips.

Kim simply nodded and agreed because she had already had two children, so it was all clear. “I know that the curve is hard,” she told her sister who was not naturally bent.
“I don’t think some people don’t understand,” Kelly continued. “Some people are like shame.”
Kim told the young mother that the pressure to recover quickly was real and it took her six to eight months to make her born body look like her prenatal body again. But before that, she suggested wearing two or three pairs of corsets when leaving home.

Kim was notorious for her Spanish double, but she wore three pairs. Sister, you may wish to wear a corset instead of breathing. To her fear, Kelly told her that she “never cares about those things” because now she “gets it.” Maybe a child is not all cute Instagrams and diamond chains.

But in addition to endless exercise, dieting and suffocating spandex, Kim said confidence is the key. Kelly nodded and told Kim that she gave her hope.

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