Irish Baldwin flashes a corset on a hippo costume as she and Boykri Harper attend the Halloween party

Baldwin, Ireland, dressed up very well on Tuesday.

Alec Baldwin’s daughter wore a bubble gum hippo costume to Galore Magazine’s West Hollywood Halloween party.

The 23-year-old model and her musician, Dr. Corey Harper, left the front zip of her outfit, flashing her black tights.
She was balanced on a pair of black high-heeled boots, and as she walked down the streets of Los Angeles, she thrived her arms into the air.

Galore’s guest list at the Halloween party on Tuesday night included celebrities such as Jaden Smith, Christina Milian, Larsa Pippen and Nicole Williams.
On Tuesday night, Ireland uploaded an Instagram photo on Tuesday night about herself and her boyfriend, dressed in dinosaurs.

She also saw a male friend wearing a green dinosaur costume on the outside of the party, but unlike Cory.
Ireland is the daughter of his first wife, Kim Basinger, who married in 1993 until they completed their malicious divorce in 2002.

In 2007, when Ireland was only 11 years old, Alec left her with a severe leaked voicemail. In this voicemail, when she missed a phone call she knew she was about to come, he gave her a call. A “rude, unintentional piglet.”

Ireland can now ridicule this experience, just like the Instagram photos she posted in 2015, she published a book she and Ireland called “If I am a pig child.”

“If I am a pig… I will of course be rude!” Addicted to the eldest son of Alec, adding a snout emoji.
Last year, her father baked a meal at Spike, and Ireland stepped onto the stage and said, “Some of you may remember that I was the unintentional pig you read.”

She said: ‘That was ten years ago. My father and I are now in a much better place. He will never say that – because I am 6 feet 2 inches, I will kick him.

Alec, 60, now has a 34-year-old yoga instructor whose wife is Hilaria. She appears on the stage of the barbecue and says her husband is the good grandfather of our children.

Since getting married in St. Patrick’s Old Church in New York in 2012, they have four children – Carmen, five, Raphael, three, Leonardo, two, Romeo, five months.

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