Michelle Obama looks amazing on the ‘Elle’ cover on a leather bodice – see the flawless FLOTUS

Michelle Obama’s wearing this fun dress in the December issue of “Elle” is pure! Look at her bad guy from head to toe, here!

On the cover of Elle’s December issue, FLOTUS looks fresh and sexy, and we are fascinated by her Dior costume. The 54-year-old Michelle Obama always has an outstanding style, but the former First Lady has spread a series of designer ensembles for her magazine. Michelle shocked a $2400 leather bodice and lace booty her Elligue, paired with a $1350 white poplin shirt bad guy item and $4900 pleated skirt, skirt gauze. Too chic!

However, the best part of the cover is Michelle’s beautiful smile. The former first lady is absolutely shining and looks very happy to be there. She should – Oprah Winfrey is her interviewer! Michelle’s memoir “become” was on the shelves on November 13th, and she began to be very honest in the interview. She began to talk about her childhood, education, marriage with former President Barack Obama, and the real life of living in the White House. If you think you know something about Michelle Obama, think again!
One of the most interesting parts of the interview was that she told Oprah the story of “toast.” At the White House, there are many restrictions on what the first family can and cannot do. She recalled when her daughters Sasha and Malia tried to open the window, but the Secret Service would not let them go. She said that they are always surrounded by so many guards, not even allowing herself to make toast!
“So I am in my new home, only me and Bo and Sunny, I did a simple thing,” Michelle said in an interview with Elle. “I went downstairs and opened the cupboard in my kitchen – you didn’t do it in the White House, because there will always be people going there,” let me understand. what do you want? what do you need? ” – I toast myself. Cheese toast. Then I took the toast and walked into my backyard. I was sitting on the porch, there was a barking in the distance, I realized that Bo and Sunny had never heard of neighbors. Dogs. They are like, what is that? I think, ‘Yes, we are in the real world, guys.'”

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