Michelle Obama put on a leather corset when interviewing Oprah for Elle magazine

Michelle Obama no longer appears in the White House – she is photographed by posing as a very glamorous Elle cover, while wearing a series of bold and avant-garde ensembles to prove her enjoyment of life outside the claustrophobic wall.
The 54-year-old took a few months to market her new memoir, Becoming, which made its debut on Tuesday – and reached a $65 million advance payment with her husband Barack – she also worked with Opp Pulling down to sit down for an interview, along with her fascinating spread, opened her to enjoy life in the “real world.”

“…I realized that there is absolutely no time to reflect on the White House,” she told the TV tycoon. “From the moment we walked into those doors, until the moment we left, we marched at such an amazing speed.

“This is day after day, because we Barak and I really feel that we are obligated to do a lot of work.

“We are very busy. I will forget what happened on Monday on Tuesday. I forgot all the countries I visited, actually the whole country.”
The former first lady wore a leather corset worth $2,400, a $4,900 skirt and a $1,350 top – all from Dior – for her Elle cover, recalling that she had worked with one of her chiefs of staff. During a conversation, during this time, she expressed her desire for a person. One day visit to Prague – just being told that she has been there during her many official trips.

Michelle admitted that when she showed her photos in the country, she just managed to remember slowly.
Life has changed since the entire Obama family left the White House, and Michelle said she can only reflect on her spending as the first lady after they settled in the “rule” $8.1 million house in the exclusive Kalorama community in Washington, DC. Eight years.

Oprah asked her about her so-called “toast story” – a simple moment that Michelle used to quantify how much her world changed at the end of Barak’s presidency.
She recalled her first night of going home alone, with two dogs – Bo and Sunny – in their new home, just a few minutes walk from Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s home, and decided to do it themselves. Some toasts, this is something she can never do at the White House, because there is “someone is there” to do this for her.

“…I made toast myself. Cheese toast,” she said. “Then I took the toast and walked into my backyard. I sat on the porch and there was a barking in the distance. I realized that Bo and Sunny had never heard of the neighbor’s dog.

“They are like ‘What is that?’ I think, ‘Yes, we are in the real world, guys.’

“As a first lady, you are not alone. There are always people in the family who have men standing guard,” she added.

“There is a house full of houses, you can’t open your window or go outside without causing fuss.”

When Oprah emphasized that she was serious about opening the window, Michel insisted that she was telling the truth and explained that her two daughters were “attempting”, but they quickly “received the call of the Secret Service”. Tell them to “close” the window.

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