Alessandra Ambrosio brings her Brazilian blockbuster to the new lingerie movement

Alessandra Ambrosio basically holds a doctorate in underwear models. Therefore, when the underwear and swimwear brand LASCANA regards her as the star of the 2018 autumn and winter series, the Brazilian beauty does not hesitate.

The German brand celebrated its launch in the United States at the Petite Ermitage in West Hollywood on Wednesday at the Petite Ermitage Hotel in West Hollywood. The model professionally displayed the velvet corset wearing the brand. Underwear outerwear” trend. Rhinestone embellished leather pants and chic blazer.

“This corset is sexy and beautiful, which makes me feel confident,” she told people. “LASCANA is about women’s curves and personalities that embrace themselves. This is who you are.”

The 37-year-old model said she felt the message behind the brand event was “your world, your rules.”
“I think it’s important for me to do what I like, which makes me very happy,” she shared. “I won’t waste time dealing with things I don’t care about. This is the most important thing. Do what I love.”

One of the passions is sports. The model maintained a steady aerobic exercise throughout the week and told us that she still pays attention to at least 15 minutes of aerobic exercise every day before a large shot.

“When I was in Los Angeles, I tried to do a routine, I like to go to class,” she shared, her favorite group class is Brooke Burke’s “small burns.” “This is a group of women who empower other women. We are all doing aerobics. She played great music from different ages. It’s all about loot, but there’s also some absorption. It’s a full-body workout.”
Ambrosio said that as she grew older, her movements changed.
“Back to the day, when I was young and in my 20s, I didn’t do anything. I used to go out to dance, but it wasn’t the case, so I just tried to add a little aerobics to my daily life.”
As an ambassador for lingerie and bikini brands, Ambrosio admits that she has a large number of bikinis in her collection, most of which are due to her stay in Brazil on the beach.
“I have a place in Brazil with several bikini drawers in every color and shape,” she shared. “I am a bikini lover. When I grow up, I go to the beach and spend a lot of Brazilians. It’s hard not to be a bikini lover.”

You can see the love of the beach and bikini on the star’s Instagram and make detailed records through the label #foreveronvacation.

When asked to describe her life after 10 years, she immediately knew the answer: “I always walked down the beach in front of me.”

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