Can you take off your corset? FEMAIL pushes the A-list trend to the test – against the boneless Basque retro laces – an eye-catching result

With the official appearance of the curve, the corset is making a comeback as a way to create an ideal hourglass image – and shows the current trend of underwear as a coat.

Katy Perry, Cate Blanchett, Carey Mulligan and Charli XCX are among the A-stars in rock and roll, while the Kardashian sisters put the waist trainer on the style radar.

But while it is touted by fashion designers, this tight-fitting style – restrictive and uncomfortable – will it really be torn off the red carpet? FEMAIL was tested.
Now, even Victoria Beckham has joined the corset, although her version has not been affected. After collecting the AW16 series, the fashion designer used the tight-fitting style as the center stage and said: “I used to wear a lot and felt very sexy and feminine. I wanted to find a way to bring it back and feel the freshness.

Over the years, corsets have had many camouflage, from the 16th century whales to today’s fifties and the Spanish elastics.
Modern clothing comes in many forms. Some do not have uncomfortable deboning, some are made of knitwear, while others are combined with the design of the garment. Gossard is promoting its Superboost lace slip dress as a suitable dress for evening wear.

But for stubborn bodice lovers, the stiff structure is part of the appeal. Burlesque superstar Dita Von Tesse said: “I like [the corset] really emphasizes the curve and creates the hourglass shape, I like to wear it discipline.”

Deni Kirkova, 25, from London, in the Covent Garden in London, combing department store underwear department, Ann Summers, erotic boutique Coco de Mer, and old-fashioned underwear expert Katie doing what is the hottest dress on the street, will be celebrity favorite Style is integrated into the test.
I tried Orchid Basque from Ann Summers for £60 and used a pair of grey H&M chinos for £30.

It takes only a few minutes to wear elastic material – which means I can slide it onto my head. Although the deboning is plastic, it does not exaggerate the shape of the body, but the silk panel creates an illusion.

It is comfortable and bright and looks great in a look. I like this to look for a fine night – perhaps as a hostess with a sultry edge or a night cocktail in the city.

However, I must feel quite brave because I feel that I am wearing a sexy underwear and boldly. However, suit pants give the dress a masculine edge, making it look like Madonna, but also a risk.

This is a nice look, but not 100% ‘I’.

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