The real housewife of the Orange County finale!

This is a rough road, but we have entered the OC finale! Our favorite SoCal girl has built and destroyed friendship this season, all of which comes down to this.
The final ending began with Emily preparing her party for her in-laws for the top fabulous mansion. Her mother tried to tame her three children and cut into Gina, which is very few compared to what we saw this season. At the same time, Vicki is teasing her Mother’s Day flowers, and hopes that no one will notice her cosmetic surgery at the party (she can barely move her face to make good luck with that Vick!)

Shannon does more QVC creations with her daughters by testing the taste of some turkey burgers. Between the avocado and the buckwheat bites, her oldest Sophia put down the bomb she needed to breed for her cramps. It is understandable that Shannon was stunned. Maybe Emily can talk to her bird and the bee because she buys “clothes” for the upcoming party. Obviously, we are celebrating mothers and women by dressing up as the heroine #OnlyintheOC. I hope this theme will not scare Emily’s mother, her mother is visiting a year after leaving her house. If this is the first gathering her mother has attended for many years, she may be participating in the competition after meeting these OC ladies. Gina gave the ladies a FOMO case and annoyed Tamra because she was still annoyed at Gina’s noisy Shannon.

Tamra decided to go to Gina in her hut because she was still angry at her endless swaying to Shannon. However, Gina is 100% playing a rejection card. When she said that Shannon was not a liar and Gina’s memory was a bit turbid, Tamra was on the spot. However, Tamra is definitely not a friend of Shannon. We got some not so good comments about microwave fish and Shannon’s inability to lose weight, so I want to know what Shannon thought when looking at this scene. I think Gina has always been a pot mixer because she obviously went to Shannon not to help her but to bring problems to Tamra. On the other hand, maybe Gina is doing this because Tamra seems to be playing both sides here.

In a happier scene, we saw Emily picking up her alienated mother from the airport, a sweet reunion. Emily’s mother seems to be very sweet and seems to be a typical grandmother; but we know more about her story from Emily. Emily’s mother had a hard year, and she didn’t leave home because of depression. I think she was a little embarrassed when she was playing on TV. Obviously, her mother really wants to work hard, so I hope that Emily will reduce some of her slack. After a difficult period, everyone should rebound.

In a more humorous scene, Ai Lili is tightening her bodice, and Kelly and her boy toy are helping her dress up for the big party. Kelly’s boy toy Alex is super cute, so props Kelly play in that field! The girl does not seem to have a shortage of dates. At the same time, Gina’s preparation was not so fascinating, because she was alone in the bathroom, and her son was asking if she would go to her little house in a heartbreaking scene. Gina’s mother is helping the children bring Gina back to high school because she has to change her heroine costume in the car (I remember those teenagers are also Gina!)

Shannon and Tamra are preparing together and are considering all these leather and whip old women (I don’t blame them). When I celebrate Mother’s Day, we will make flowers and brunch, this is how I keep it. #Very thank you. When Emily threatened to kill someone, Shannon had surpassed Emily to mark her mental illness. Shannon then marks the Emily and Gina pot blender, and you know it will fall on the Dominatrix Mother’s Day party.

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