Why does Claire’s boots have a zipper on the Outlander?

When Claire took off his boots in the third episode of the Outlander Season 4, fans couldn’t ignore the zipper. Then do they have a zipper? Why does her boots have a zipper?
Oland is proud of its historical accuracy, especially in settings and clothing. For fans, it’s natural to accept something that doesn’t seem right, in the third episode, titled “Fake Bride,” which is all about zippers.

I admit that when I saw it, I realized that fans would point out historical inaccuracies. I admit that I even pointed out to my husband that this will be the subject of discussion, which is the only reason I really found it.
Sure enough, some of the first conversations I saw in the group were about 18th-century clothing without zippers. The zipper was not patented until the end of the 19th century.

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Ok, don’t worry, the show hasn’t completely lost the plot. There are only one reason for Claire’s boots to have zippers, only one reason: they brought her from 1968.
Remember when Claire crossed the stone and brought some of her modern items? One of them is a zippered bodice, Jamie likes it, and poor Mamacita is scared to see it. She also wore her own boots, which she had on her way through the woods.

But the boots won’t last, are you? She wore them through the hurricane and they have been soaked more than once.
Well, Tridresbach believes they will survive, which is why Claire still wears them. Can’t we argue with the owner? She is the one who has done a lot of research on this matter, so I believe her!
Do you think the zipper is historically inaccurate? Do you realize that they are Claire’s boots through the stone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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