She has been immersed in the success of Little Mix’s new album LM5.
On Tuesday, Jesy Nelson and her hairdresser James Silk enjoyed a night out and shared a series of lively Instagram posts.
The 27-year-old singer first wore a thin white ballet skirt and high-waisted ripped jeans, and set off a sultry posture on the stairs.
Jesse looked incredulous in the little blouse and did nothing – and prompted James to joke, “My hair, photography and nipples.”
The singer of Think About Us later showed her “lock and pop” skills with her story.
The star used a T-shirt and a black trouser to show off her movements and used her antics to bring joy to her fans.
On Sunday, Jesse is at the party, having dinner with her friend James, and then heading to the cocktail bar.
The singer showed her incredible figure and hourglass waist in a red bra before putting on a black lace bodice, because she took a self-portrait lens.
The star was full of confidence in the sultry snapshot and made a quick change before her “small dinner date.”
She wore a gorgeous bodice and black flared trousers with zip detailing, a long black buckle with tumbling curls, and her mouth with red lipstick.
The down-to-earth Essex beauty later appeared again on a low-cut top and high-rise jeans.
She posted, “The change in the corset can’t breathe in my other person (sic).
Jesse uploaded a series of Instagram stories related to James, drinking cocktails before the party at home.
Last week, the star sent her fans wild because she showed off her figure in the sporty white Calvin Klein underwear, smoldering.
The singer joked that she “woke up like this” because she sat cross-legged in front of the camera while posing a storm in her matching bra and shorts.
The former X Factor player sits on a leopard print chair and her light black lock tumbling over her back.
Jesy highlights her striking features with a strong make-up, while at the same time picking up a sexy buzz.
She wrote with the lens: ‘I woke up like this! (It definitely takes a long time to master this position).
The producer of Shout Out to My Ex then shared a snapshot of his relaxation with her puppy in the Instagram story to promote the upcoming album LM5.
Jesse’s appearance appeared in a constant war with Good Morning British host Piers Morgan (53 years old).
Piers launched a counterattack to the pop princess in a typical way, asking for an blunt Essex singer to apologize on Tuesday morning’s show after she labeled herself “t ** t”.
In an interview with BBC radio presenter Nick Grimshaw, the moderator expressed dissatisfaction with Jesy’s comments and broadcast the program to the private group audience.
Little Mix presented a nude photo to promote their new single, painted on their skin with insulting black and white photos.
The former X Factor champion is supporting the enthusiasm of the body through the powerful information of the song, encouraging people to embrace their skin and ignoring others’ claims.
When talking about the negative reaction of Piers to the naked image, the Little Mix girl was offended, Jesy said: “Of course not, he is a fool.”
Nick exclaimed: ‘Language! You can’t swear, Jessie.
“She apologized for the BBC’s offensive language,” she said with a smile, her teammate Leigh-Anne Pinnock is saying, “The word she is looking for is an idiot.”
In the GMB version on Monday morning, Jessie’s embarrassment was mentioned, Pierce declared: “Oh, Jessie, you let yourself down, love.
“When you’re doing a campaign against swearing, it’s best not to use a foul language on the radio to express my opinion.”

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