Thirteen trends and moments from NYFW 2018 still keep us talking

NYFW coming and going, let us feel excited about the fashion direction. This year there was a seismic shift in runway production such as AREA’s acquisition of a high school pool including inclusive performers on Gypsy Sport and out-of-box display concepts that will be in line with us in the coming months. As designers discover innovative ways to empower viewers to rethink what the “classic” of the industry means, innovative ways to re-energize flash jackets and elbow-length gloves become the focus of the runway.

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NYFW is experiencing a pervert. Designers are choosing more reliable models, the runway is becoming an exciting concert, and may be downright electric sensation. This is a sport and we hope it will be even more blooming in September, but before that, we will peek at our favorite moments and trends from the following non-stop week.

Area is by the pool

The indoor pool has a natural tranquility and Area takes full advantage of its advantages. With its clean, minimally tiled and calm waters, the line’s choice of runway shows in the high school pool has sparked a serenity that allows wild prints and drops of flashy collection to speak for themselves. In addition, there are no extra bonuses for athletes.

Cardi B and Anna Wintour sit together in Alexander Wang

Revel in this! Anna Wintour – the less invisible hand who decides fashion – always has the hottest seat, no matter what you think, she’s sitting next to her. Cardi B, the vocal advocate of fashion and fashion novos, eventually puts her on the throne we’ve always known she belongs to.

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Executives’ realism is the name of Alexander Wang in his last show in February, and wasting time in an endless meeting will never be better with unexpected pop colors and cool metal tones.

Matthew Adams Dolan added to his collection the 90’s style, oversized square cut except helplessness. You only know adult Cher Horowitz is now wearing the suit completely at a charity board meeting.
Calvin Klein popcorn nightmare

Ralph Simmons’s Calvin Klein show may be one of the most anticipated shows this week, but this is not the kind of impressive performance. Due to the horrifying and exciting popcorn-covered floor of the abandoned warehouse, the runway itself usurped the garments, leaving us with some lingering problems. Popcorn like flash or sand? Will participants pick the core from hair and shoes in the next few weeks? Only time will give the answer.

Desmond Napoleon supports the Gypsy runway

Children are the future! Desmond Napoles, a 10-year-old “kid,” made his own NYFW in the Gypsy Sport show and was cute. Inspired by gender-afflicted RuPaul and designers like John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Commes DesGarçons, Napoles calls his style “Avant-garde,” positioning himself as a hermaphrodite who wants to see more many.

Gypsy’s commitment to diversity goes beyond Napoles. This route led to the growth of the model, casting men, women and non-Hispanics of all sizes and ages, each sending a fierce confidence that the performance of Rio de Janeiro would be out of touch with the present.

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Jonathan Simkhai likes Kleist’s look, choosing rich fabrics such as lace and velvet for the Victorian staple.

Vaquera in New York City has its own corset, with the smallest denim, peeking the skin through the rope.

Cardi B and Lil’Kim wander around Marc Jacobs

Do you think Kadi will only have a landmark moment? Are we thinking of the same Cardi? One of NYFW’s most anticipated shows saw the fresh green tones of the two rappers encouraging.

Angel Chorus at Pyer Moss

The NYFW exhibition by Kerby Jean-Raymond, founder and designer of Pyer Moss, is a pure black celebration. His use of the White Gospel Chorus is pure, solidifying his refreshing talent as a watch for the upcoming season. We are more holy to it.

American veterans kept her curves in a corset for 23 hours

A former U.S. naval veteran said she wore a corsets wholesale for 23 hours a day to maintain an 18-inch waistline. She said her curve disappeared after she gave birth to her twin son now four years old.

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39-year-old Diana Lingo has more than 45 corsets wholesale, the price is close to 2000 US dollars, she just took them to take a bath or exercise. Yes, she did not shut her down even when having sex with her husband, she “seized me by the ropes on the bodice.” Brettlingo, 33, initially expressed concern about her health, But he now fully supports his wife. However, the naval officer said he did not want her to shrink her waist any longer.

During her pregnancy, California mums increased by 77 pounds and her waistline was around 27-29 inches. She told Barcroft television. “… my fat is not distributed in a feminine way, it’s distributed as if I had a male figure and I do not like the shape.”

Although navy cooks now like her new form, not everyone accepts it. Winding latin people receive gaze and eye circles for her small waist. She said: “Some parents think I’m a bad example, but my job is not taking care of their children, my job is taking care of me, the teacher, they’re just rolling their eyes and I’m rolling back.” She also Say someone praised her and said they also want to waist training.

Even her family was tired of her decision to wear a corsets wholesale. Some of her families think this is good, while other family members worry that she will “probably tomorrow.”

Despite long-term damage and possible health complications, Ringo has no health problems and hugs her tight corsets wholesale, ultimately giving her the curves and confidence she always wanted.

She insisted that she could eat as often as she could and even breathe normally. “When I was wearing it, I could not get a lot of breath and no one could live with great breath.”

Finally, Ringo was satisfied with her little waist and said that wearing a corsets wholesale gave her a great boost of confidence. “It’s important to me because it makes me feel good,” she said. “It makes me feel very sexy, I mean, if I feel good and I’m happy, then I’ll follow.”

Hour: Dahlhaus University Fashion Studies Course

For Jaya Ducharme, getting dressed does not mean wearing the latest fashion in the mall. Instead, students at Dalhousie University wear cheap wholesale corsets, long skirts and early eighteenth-century clothes (of course, she sews her clothes).

Ducharme explains: “cheap wholesale corsets are my main interest, because I’m really rare.” Their construction was the most complex of the nineteenth century when they did find the drafting of the patterns and how they were shaped to be physically created A beautiful form.

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Ducharme has been sewing his own clothes since the age of 14. As a student at the Dalhousie Clothing Research Program, she is able to combine her passion for sewing and tailoring with her desire to learn about the history of the world.

Apparel learning courses recruit about 20 students a year, is a true combination of history and fashion, combining research and academic skills with practical construction techniques. The course includes theater history and basic sewing skills. For four years, students learn how to sew a button onto how to make a custom suit. In their fourth and final year, students took a huge class in historical costume aesthetics. From 1881 to 1886, Ducharme’s class chose a particular time frame and students chose the fashion print of that era. Then, each classmate must completely copy the women’s clothes in the selected image underwear.

“This year we’re doing a corset and the first semester,” Ducharme said. “After Christmas, we’ll be changing clothes, clothes under clothes, and then wearing the clothes.”

This is a year-long career and needs patience.

But this is just one aspect of the clothing research curriculum. The show is also part of the Fountain Performing Arts Academy, which produces four plays and a drama for students every year.

Anneke Henderson, a professor of the project, said the speed at which theaters work is quite different. In these classes, students create costumes for the stage, the cloth can be moved, and elements designed for quick change. As the costumes are worn by classmates in the performing arts shows, costume study students have live models available for use.

Henderson said: “(Students) working hours are very tense.” “It’s exciting. It’s busy, but we do it every five weeks … and we’re starting from scratch.”

Although the history and theater projects are time-consuming and have many discerning details, Henderson said students are proud of the work they have done.

“It’s a hard job and in many cases slow, because you’re working on it and it takes a lot of energy.” But I think the level of satisfaction you’ve created is so great that All this does not matter. ”

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Professor Henderson teaches modern and historical tailoring techniques that are useful no matter what kind of careers a student plans. The professor said graduates, as tailors and restoration workers in the film industry, have even introduced their lessons from the curriculum to their own fashion world.

After she graduated in spring, Ducharme planned a famous tailor apprentice in the UK so she could learn more about making “peculiar things.”

“I like cheap wholesale corsets and pretty dances, so for a long time I thought I wanted to make a drama or movie, but after doing some dramas I found that kind of work also included peasant clothes that I was not interested in “Said Dukum with a smile.

Although complex techniques are required during the project, Ducharme said interested students do not need to have previous experience. All potential applicants need strong professional ethics and an interest in fashion and history. “(Fashion) is the story of people and society,” Dutcham said. “All this is reflected in the clothing.”

Corset: Women’s history lessons through underwear

An exhibit at the White River Valley Museum is a glimpse of the way a woman strives for fashion while maintaining body and culture.

You do not need to look back at history, you can understand underwear in the role of women’s lives.

For the first time Caitlyn Jenner showed his world on the cover of the Vanity Fair July 2015, former male Olympic athletes wore satin cheap sexy corsets.

Patricia Cosgrove at the Shirakawa Museum said one day: “Suddenly, you had a breast and suddenly had a waist.” For her, the cheap sexy corsets could be really good help. ”

Not so much for others – a clear demonstration from an exhibit titled “Beauty for the World: Embodying Women’s History Through Lingerie,” held at the Auburn Museum on June 17th.

This is not just a cheap sexy corsets and bullet bra, bloomers and a 60s gadget called the Fabulous Mark Eden bust development. (“I bought one when I was 13,” Cosgrove deciphered). This exhibition shows how women strive for fashion while maintaining their body and culture.

Cosgrove uses shoes, hats, wallets, overalls and swimwear as a conduit for women’s history. This exhibition is the third exhibition of the “Beauty Suffer” exhibition.

Cosgrove said: “This exhibition was co-curated by her and Green River College’s history professor Michelle Marshman.” I do not want to fight anyone or alienate anyone. ”

Because, that is a lot of underwear hanging on the wall. You can even try on a cheap sexy corsets, see how much wear, normal breathing.

You can also learn the origins of the word bondage, which means that their corset’s shoelaces are pulled tight and they go straight and force them to back up – making breathing a little harder with all the metal or whale Hold in your middle.

“This is an inward and outward control mechanism,” Cosgrove said. “It was part of morality.

And what is termed a “loose woman” means your cheap sexy corsets is not tightly tied together and easier to remove and breathe – heavy or otherwise.

“If you’re loose, who knows where you’re going?” Cosgrove asked. “You do not have control.”

Then a pair of underpants looks like simple cotton pants from the front, but features from the waist through the crotch.

Cosgrove said: “There is no way to know whether this is convenient or style, not control.

Control can be explained in many ways: controlling the bladder, which is ideal for women who do not have much; or being controlled by a husband who wants to be easily accessible.

Cosgrove said: “At that time, almost all the women under the thumbs of men, so imagine the open back is different from the purpose of health.”

Inseam-free pants are also the result of fashionistas’ requests: “Men wear pants, women do not wear,” says Mashman. “Closing the crotch so closed is closer to the pants.

Fortunately, this style did not last long.

By 1910, Amelia Bloomer created the pants that included the crotch – ironically for men. However, women still welcome them.

Then there is the result of a sensible costume movement that begins with women who apparently have enough pull and restraint. Fashion gave them loose cotton shirts and slitted skirts (in a piece of fabric) – just in time for feminism and labor strikes.

Designer Paul Poiret tries to slow down their emotions with something called “The Hobble Skirt,” a band around the knee.

Cosgrove said: “When the women are uproaring, the dress will draw a band on your knees, so your gait will falter.” “It’s like saying, ‘Oh, no You are not a lady

“This is a short-term trend because it’s stupid.”

In the 1920s women enjoyed new freedoms such as voting rights and the establishment of women’s electoral coalitions. It also brings new styles of music and bezel, which eliminates the hourglass shape and is more neutral. Women wear a bust instead of a corset with a rubber flat muscle around the chest.

Marshman said women are voting, smoking, going to college, using birth control and shortening their hair. In 1920, Cosgrove said there are 4,000 beauty parlors in the United States (if women cut their hair and they go to the barbershop). But by 1930, the number of women’s hair salons had reached 40,000.

World War II made women’s fashion more militaristic and unified appearance. jacket. skirt. Bra and hose.

In 1947, when the war ended and women lost their jobs in the factory, Kristen Dior came up with a new idea, “Designing to send women back home,” Cosgrove said. They wear bullet bras, dresses and a string of pearls.

“When rights are reduced, the style usually emphasizes the female form,” Cosgrove said. “Bullet bras look like ‘Oh! Look at my breasts!’ You have a lot of curves going on. ”

Marshman said the expression “is to reshape the female role and highlight part of family life.”

The exhibition ended in 1970 – but this does not mean that the perfect embodiment of women’s efforts from the inside out has stopped.

Panty line was thong eliminate. Spanx smooth silhouette. Body hair removal waxing. Skin peeling, lips and forehead are injected.

It will never end.

Cosgrove and Marshman curated a male-centered exhibition that shows men suffer because of beauty. There is a box filled with dry collar, a mannequin wearing a suit and tie, and a variety of razors.

Marshman said men started fighting body images in the 1980s thanks to “iron-pumping” star Arnold Schwarzenegger and action man Stallone. This is the so-called “anorexia”, also known as “muscle deformity.”

To illustrate her point of view, Marshman placed two small Luke Skywalker figurines side by side. The newer statue has a tiny torso that opens into a V-shaped upper body. Now even halloween costumes have built-in foamy muscles.

Marshman said: “Men’s bodies are increasingly becoming objectified because women’s bodies are forever.”

And because underwear is so reliable, the show has opened a lot of discussion about how far we are going – whether we are doing well enough.

She continued: “You need to know history to make the right decisions for yourself.” “You make a choice based on how you feel as a woman, based on who you love and who you love from the inside to the outside.”

The modern masters at Joffrey can – and should – do better

Modern dance is led by women who create new things in their current form: Isadora Duncan By discarding wholesale sexy corsets and shoes, Ruth St. Denis mainstreams Western culture by introducing the elements of eastern dance, Martha Graham emphasizes the piercing Pronunciation Each of them consciously countered the shackles of ballet, a dance developed by European aristocrats that formally mimicked the hierarchy of Louis XIV courts.

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In this sense, describing ballet or classical dance as “modern” is a paradoxical phenomenon, and more often it is about creating a choreography (whites) program, though this seems to be the basis for Qiao Fo 2017-2018 Principle Ashley Anniversary celebrates Ashley Witt’s ten-year artistic director.

Modern masters include George Balanchine’s early works The Four Temperaments (1946) and Jerome Robbins’s late ballet Glass Pieces (1983), both newly acquired by Joffrey and composed of two recent works by Myles Thatcher and Nicolas Blanc . Just as the opening night of the dance, almost everyone in the Siqi performed in a pretentious gesture, as if the pelvic thrust was a codified position, rather than the body tilting vertically from its axis, as if without a story In the tension of the action itself, there will be no dramatic decline, threading, promotion, spiraling.

Arai Yoshihisa has long been dancing, rolling in wholesale sexy corsets the attic dancing, was invisible shocked, but the entire business seems to be misunderstood, seems to be recreated from the stills, there is no desire, interest, motivation and Jump into the mirror. The Chicago Philharmonic conducted some interesting deductions for Paul Hindemith’s score.

Thatcher’s “body of dreams” and “the seaside of Blanket” all reflect yet another different aspect of the contemporary ballet: the tendency to promote technology, increase spectacle, and neglect the abilities and emotions of humankind rather than exercise And still. A vibrant cardio workout, “Body of Your Dreams” lets dancers bend and distort the slogans “fat” and “slack” and “incredible” loops: ballet Commitment to youth and beauty is self-conscious, which is the vacant eye candy, although the dancers lack energy with the energy of Baranchin.

In just six moves, with enough apparel changes to wholesale sexy corsets eliminate the wardrobe budget for the entire season, the “Beyond the Coast” screensaver drew the attention of all – a beautiful shape that filled and killed space and time – except for ” Gemini in the Wind of the Wind “Gem-quality Victoria Jaiani is considered to be a satellite in the distance to explore the universe and is firmly anchored to her orbit by Fabrice Calmels .

Glass fragments show a long show with legionnaire dancers walking, bobbing, rocking over time, and smooth headmaster appears on it. Oh, America!

Global Pediatric Support Bra Manufacturer Market [2018-2023] – Detailed Analytical Report

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The main leaders covered in this study are as follows:

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Aosur (Iceland)
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Where can you buy Kelly Jenna’s pink baby pajama pajamas? The cost of these silk is quite cheap

Kylie Jenner retains the public view of her baby’s bumpy strategy to shield the entire pregnancy. Makeover giant has successfully canceled another impossible feat. In addition to the media chatter, she has a stylish baby shower. Jenna wears her silky millennial pink sexy sleepwear to bathe her baby. All her friends and family are wearing matching white suits – because lovely and comfortable pajamas are no longer just bedtime.

sexy sleepwear

PJ is really a coat. Fashionista Rihanna has put them on their red carpet. She always looks chic (and comfortable) autofocus. Kelly’s baby sexy sleepwear pajamas as well.

While KarJenners often share images of festivals and family gatherings from social events, Jenner’s baby shower details remain tight. It was a private affair until her new mom posted an 11-minute YouTube clip recording her pregnancy trip. Pink events include a large number of shots, including her big sister Kourtney, Kim and Kendall wearing loose PJ, while enjoying sweet desserts and each other’s company.

Custom Pajama Set Designed by Corey Lynn Calter. The L.A. brand sells Sienna silk cocktail sexy sleepwear on its Web site for $ 356. This profile is very similar to that worn by shower participants.

These people are here, wearing comfortable pajamas. Prices above $ 350 may seem very valuable to PJ, but it’s not just the dress on the cover. This is a stylish casual wear designed for many activities outside of sleep.

Sienna silk cocktail pajamas

This gorgeous and chic apricot set is made of 100% silk enamel. This is about Kelly and about you can get the version. Put on. Brand touted PJs appropriate night or inches. These details make these jammies stand out. They are hand-crocheted buttons and contrast pipes, as well as sash with a variety of modeling options. Sash can be tied to the waist, neck, or fixed on the hair.

If you add necklaces, bracelets and a pair of high heels, you will beautify these PJs. They are easy to dress up. However, if you plan to simply Netflix and chill, you can add some fuzzy slipper. Both occasions are worth the ensemble.

The luxurious luster of the fabric is balanced by loose. You can get all the comfort without sacrificing any style.

Jenner and a pregnant friend are twins in their PJs, posing in front of a huge pinkish-pink wall. Jenner’s long black lock and bling added a gorgeous.

This vantage point provides a bumpy Jen Jenner’s long hidden love.

The rugged clothes are fully displayed, and covered with soft pajamas.

Jenner and her BFF Jordyn Woods carried a love hug in their matching outfit. Although Jenner is famous for swinging curve pants and tops, she is great and comfortable for her bathing experience. She still swayed in costume, calling attention to her bumps, as the mini-files prove.

Afterhours Satin pajamas

If the multipurpose PJ costs $ 350, then Victoria’s Secret has a budget-friendly option, just like fashion. The details of black reflect the sweet pink of the millennium.

After months of speculation, the star revealed that she welcomed a baby girl on February 1 and gave fans a glimpse of her life for the past nine months.

KarJenners once again set the tone and trend, and has been circulated to loyal fans who. It is a great honor for Jenner’s friends and family to celebrate her pregnancy on pajamas. The look is also easy to copy, so move on and give yourself some silky pink pajamas.

Wine lingerie heritage fundraising event on display

cheap wholesale corsets

The Corsetiere, a Vancouver-based hand-made lingerie shipped around the world, will hold a Heritage Association fundraiser next week in Coquitlam.

Melanie Talkington at Lace Embrace Inc. will bring her underwear from the 1920s series to match the Rising Hemlines: Exploring the 1920s Fashion at the Mackin House Museum, It ended on April 7.

Coquitlam Heritage Society exhibits include clothing by fashion historian Ivan Sayers, who met for the first time at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 1995. The Calgary natives later modeled his costumes on a variety of fashion shows and continues to do so today.

In her February 13 speech, Talkington will show off her retro bras, panties, cheap wholesale corsets, pajamas and “bust straps,” which may be limited today “when women are very free” She pointed out the lack of garter and other boudoir appliances and beauty.

Some of her earlier collections date back to 1820 and are on display at the Louvre in Paris and New York City.

Today, Talkington opened a store on East 16th Avenue in 2003, specializing in vintage knitwear and back support garments for people with medical conditions.

Last week, she was making a Wonder Woman costume from the 1970s. She said: “These orders no longer shock me, but also create great fun.

Among her clients are Burlesque’s stars Dita von Teese and Cathe Jung, who have the smallest waistline in the world.

The Glen Innes Historical House exhibit takes you to the bare skin

At Glen Innes, which ends this week, there’s something to be missed: a captivating fashion underwear parade – apparel for the region where your great-grandparents and outsiders may dress.

It will include wholesale sexy corsets, petticoats – and in the Victorian era of New England, the ladies behind the show call it “legless pants.”

Jenny Anderson and Jenny Sloman of Glen Ines Historical House put a piece of clothing weighing about a kilogram, an 18-inch waistline dress and a pair of underpants ) Put together to show the ladies in nature but they wore layers of skirts and petticoats.

Jenny Anderson explains that wealthy Victorian women are wearing thick clothes before etiquette.

She said: “This is a pair of shorts without crutches.” “They do not have a crutch, because if you feel ‘a lot of skirts’, standing up is much easier when Nature calls and does not try to sit down.”

So now you know.

The show will feature a show featuring local women’s fashion shows – except for an 18-inch wholesale sexy corsets dress that has a waistline, they simply can not find a sufficiently thin model.

The entire exhibit is a very attractive perspective on how fashion is changing and how women’s burdens change – literally, that’s the burden on women because some clothing can not imagine wearing comfortable clothes.

The clothes come from Newstead between Glen Innes and Inverell. They were left in the trunk and found that some of the property was sold.

Finally, they were taken to the Museum of History in Glens, throwing a gleam of excitement in the late 19th century in New England’s sexy ladies.

They seem to have come out of the Anderson family who migrated from Scotland, perhaps descendants of Mary Sinclair, born in 1818 in Muckairn, Scotland.

According to a genealogical website, “In 1839 she married Colin Alexander Anderson and shortly after they married, the couple arrived in Australia on a” great “sailing trip to Sydney in December 1839 By 1841 they were in New South Wales, New North.

After her husband’s death in 1852, Mary Anderson left seven children and ran Newstead’s estate.

Sadly, her two daughters, Mary (1840-1853) and Margaret (1845-1853), died of scarlet fever that year, and in August 1854 Mary and her five surviving children drove to the United Kingdom, Left her cousin Charles Campbell in charge of Newstead.

She spent the rest of her life between New England and Old England and Scotland. But she died here in 1857, at the age of 57, and was buried in the Newstead cemetery.

How Sophia Herring and Sweden’s #MeToo Campaign Change Sexist Scenarios

Unlike Saga Noren, Sofia Helin smiles as she likes. I’ve seen her smile, that’s fine. The thing she hates is having to smile. Especially on the red carpet where you are besieged by photographers. “What do you want to know about worst? When they say:” More teeth, please! “What am I? Some kind of horse? A smile is ok, but it must be voluntary, not obligatory.

This partly explains why Sofia Helin did not smile at the camera when she entered the Swedish Oscars (“Golden Beetles”) at Stockholm’s Cirkus at night. In addition there are more than 100 Swedish actresses to work with them. They all wear black #tystnadtagning T-shirts. The slogan means “Silence, Action”, which is what the director said when Sweden started scrolling in Sweden. It is also the thematic label for the #metoo campaign in Sweden, protesting against sexual exploitation and discrimination inside and outside the film industry.

“We also wear comfortable shoes,” said Herring. She hates anything that stops her from running. She added: “There is no fashion statement that women are uncomfortable.When she recently saw some of her colleagues:” I can see they can not breathe. Everything is too tight. Just like they are in a cheap sexy corsets.

Nor like Saga Noren, Sophia and Lin are articulate, good companies. She usually does not drive Porsche 911 or wear leather pants, just like her screen changes itself, but she still has Saganorlan scars. This is the scars on her upper lip, with viewers reviewing again in the UK during the fourth and last seasons of spring. Scar is real. When she fell off the bike, she picked it up in her twenties, but now she has become part of her role, making her look like a tough and vulnerable warrior who has been through several battles. Actually, she has. I asked her about sexual harassment in Sweden. She said: “I simply quoted the fantastic Sharon Stone.” I’ve seen it all.

An Australian fan contacted Instagram (“actress_sofia_helin”) via Instagram and wrote that he knew of a clinic where she could go to a scar surgery and get it “fixed.” He said it will be “changing life.” He Lin replied: “I love my wounds. Do you love you?

Challenging structure
As a precursor student of philosophy, Herring is now over 40 years old and married a pastor of the Swedish Lutheran Church, with two children, a fourteen-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl. Her obsession with the immediate “happiness” of individuals – “Anyway?” – and keen to influence the world. “When I was old, I would review my life and think about my choices. Feel I will do some things will be very happy.

Silence, action: Sofia and Lin in Guldbaggen. Andy Martin, the author offers
He and Lin invited me to meet her at the Riviera Hotel in Stockholm. Her friend and sister of the movie, accompanied by her, wrote an article disproving the recent Katherine Denaf Anti-MeToo manifesto.

“If someone rapes you, it’s not sexual freedom,” she said succinctly. Both of them were involved in the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet, causing the asymmetry of “money and power” in the Swedish film industry. They also like Swedish tobacco products – you can see Saga Noren jumping into her mouth and pushing her gums. They assured me: “Writing is good.

Occasionally they also introduced me to Björn Ulvaeus, the Swedish pop group Abba, who now has glasses and an academic atmosphere and is passionate about what they are doing. He said we live in a post-patriarchal era. ‘thank you. ‘

Stockholm in January 2018 feels a bit like Paris in May 1968, with the same passion and ferment but more snow. Moa Gallen said: “It’s like a revolution.” Only a peaceful revolution ”

This movement has 70,000 female supporters in Sweden. And it’s also going global. After Helin and #tystnadtagning held last year, they received news from some female Peshmerga soldiers through their FaceBook page to fight ISIS. They say we are fighting in the same battle.

And Lam just came back from Cambodia, where she was Ambassador of WaterAid. And they are also linked to Time’s Up in Hollywood. But there is no name in Sweden. All this is about the “structure” that must change, not to demonize Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey personally. Herring said: “Create a monster can be exempt from our responsibility.

Change the script
When I spoke to Stellen Skarsgaard, the bad guy in The Dragon Tattoo Girl, who won the Borg Best Supporting Actor award (about tennis player Bjorn Borg), he said that Hollywood ” Illuminate the problem “Now we need to find a solution. You have to start thinking about what to do next. And Lin and her colleagues are changing the script in a very pragmatic way.

Kazuhide likes the “Bridge” shot in the long winter. It must be dim and gray as they stop shooting once any buds begin to appear. This is black, not green – so the daffodil comes out.

The bridge was conceived and written by Hans Rosenfeldt, he wrote. Together they figured out Saga Noren’s role as a layman outside of the detective, socially incapacitated, with something like Asperger, and his most famous chat line was Vill du har sex ?. (‘Do you want to make love?’)

But now he and Lin are now more committed to projects that are mostly composed and written by women for women. She cites and laughed at all the plays, movies and stories written by men, including a woman who is either crazy or suicidal: it is both: Madame Bovary, Anna Karenina, Miss Julie, Haida Gabriel, Shakespeare.

Sophia Helin is both New Ingrid Bergman and creative power. Inspired by her experiences with blacks in northern Europe, she presented an original idea of ​​a television series of four female lawyers to be shot later this year. She quickly pointed out that she was in a privileged position globally.

Swedish actress is really lucky. However, we are having an impact on less fortunate women around the world. It should not be all outward appearances. How do you look? This is about the story you have to tell.

Waiting for wonderful
Herring cites the tragic fate of Marilyn Monroe: “She was an intellectual who was forced to appear short, and she did not think Swedish actress Greta Garbo should be called” The Face. ”

“It’s like you’re falling into your face, just knowing your looks, and it’s no wonder she dropped out at the age of 35,” she said.

Helin does not want to be “face” with or without scars. On the other hand, she did not want to “become invisible”, which is what happened to so many aging actresses. She said you should not have a “best” date.

Sofia Helin as Saga Noren on the bridge.
Garbo famously said: ‘I just want to be alone. And the opposite forest. She is a group, gregarious, unwilling to talk about themselves and their own careers. “We stood in the spotlight as if there was a competition between us, one woman versus the other, but now the actress has found solidarity.” Our strength comes from working with other women. I am very grateful to acting, but very lonely. I long for women’s family.

In a speech on the stage of the Golden Beetle, Sofia Helin mentioned Nora’s speech at the end of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. Finally, she poured the clumsy husband, Nora said she was waiting for ‘vidunderliga’ but never – now she was leaving, and we heard the door behind her.

And I’m trying to make the correct English equivalent for vidunderliga. He Lin first proposed “amazing”, we narrow it down to “wonderful”, “magical” and “sublime” between. “It may not be possible to describe it in words, but she always recognizes it when we meet it, and I will certainly realize that I am sitting in the lounge at the Grand Hotel Stockholm,” she said. , Or at home looking at Sagano Nolan.