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Due to Hollywood’s most popular stars and some high-profile cooperation, sports and leisure trends may be embarrassing, but if the idea of ​​wearing emerald sportswear and court sneakers outside the gym is not in line with your imagination, then perhaps the label Ernest in Paris Leoty was originally a 19th-century corset designer, and his work is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London – a collection of sportswear that will be styled in a corset style.

“I always like very intricate evening dresses and ballet costumes. These clothes are not necessarily comfortable, so I ask myself, what feminine things will become more comfortable?” said former financial entrepreneur Marion. Rabat had an “Aha Hart” when he found French traditional brands in the archives of the Louvre. “The corset was very strict at the time, but Leoty’s job was to make the corset comfortable. He used a rubber and fastening mechanism to register a large number of patents, providing a space for women to breathe,” she explained. Now, nearly 300 years later, Rabat reintroduced Maison Leoty into the limelight, extending this pioneering concept to the series of underwear-style tights, sports bras and more. “This is casual fashion.”

For example, a variety of tights: Ilona, ​​a full-length V-neck with a combination of eggplant and cranberry, is a popular easing for anyone who has been delayed by a lot of neon lights on the market; and Shortie is equipped with Mesh details and stitching, reminiscent of the deboning of the bodice. “It creates lines of architecture and loses weight to the right place,” says Rabat, who fits well with a French factory that specializes in traditional tights. In other words, the structure itself is sufficient to support the rotating planks, planks and plows, but it also has a very high sensitivity.
“This is a question of how [clothing] is practical enough to do sports, but still make you dream and be captivated,” she said. So while Ernest Leoty’s Italian luxury factory’s sweat-absorbing and sweat-wicking fabrics are suitable for marathons, Rabate (Rituel Paris Studios and Dynamo Bike Club regulars) prefer a less competitive and easier way to achieve. “This is really looking for balance,” she explained. “This is the way the French do: don’t overuse it, but do everything in moderation.” Mais oui.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN photographed a painter in a bun: SPICY PHOTOS 24 CHANNEL

The reality show star “Family Kardashian” Kohler published a photo of a sexy corset on his blog. The famous Americans look very attractive.

Now, Khloe Kardashian lives with their star family in Los Angeles. There, she held a grand feast for his 6-month-old daughter, TRU. However, the actress decided not to forget his beloved basketball player Tristan Thompson.
For men, she posted an enticing photo taken for a camera in a spicy white corset with a low neckline. Sexy image, she added a satin jacket and collected hair.

“Body – retribution,” Dick wrote.

The star’s fans immediately began to think that these words have an appeal to Tristan Thompson. Apparently, Chloe now decides whether to compete for a relationship with a husband who deceives her. Netizens added that this is why there have been tempting photos on her website recently. So, just like she avenged her lover in Cleveland.

Recall that on April 12th, Khloe Kardashian became her mother for the first time. It is still too early to be born. The reason for this may be the presence of her beloved Tristan Thompson Hlocation and the strip club staff. In a video posted online, basketball players are showing that they are gathering with strangers and kissing them enthusiastically. At the time of infidelity, Khloe Kardashian was pregnant for 3 months.

The famous relative of the actress did not first comment on the resonance of the scandal. However, Kim Kardashian then told her sister Khloe to cry all night after the news about her husband’s extramarital affairs. At the same time, the first relatives who met with Tristan Thompson opposed their relationship and would never forgive the player’s betrayal. Insiders told us.

Kendall Jenner wears a stylish bodice mini dress for Renaissance fashion

Model Kendall Jenner arrives at the 9th Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Los Angeles along with other celebrities and influencers.

As usual, she made everyone shocked her fashion statement. This time she took out a mini dress directly from the 16th century closet.
She wore a $995 (73,434 rupee) bodice dress designed by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini because it is already sold so you can’t own it.
She used a pair of sneakers and a pair of stiletto heels to match the Renaissance look. She also used a pair of small earrings and sunglasses to add a touch of style to her outfit.
The bodice mini dress with a low spoon collar, yellow floral print and fluffy sleeves is a wise return to medieval fashion.

Kendall always puts his own rotation on her clothes, even if it involves a decade of sculpt like her pickled jeans or goods. Undoubtedly, she will never set a fashion goal for her clothing.

In addition to Kendall, there are several other people who have tried this fashion.

In the early days, Bella Hadid took part in the Harper’s Bazaar in a Barbie pink translucent corset.
Don’t forget that Kim Kardashian is wearing a neon yellow corset.
Then at the premiere of Gringo there was Lupita Nyong’o, dressed in a black lace dress and a bodice corset.

Wearing a corset against the feminist?

A woman believes that a corset is a strong symbol of male oppression. Another person disagreed. Which camp are you in?

Didn’t say Jeannette Kupfermann
Men’s oppression of women may be a stronger symbol than corsets? Therefore, when stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Lily James appeared in the British Film Academy Awards, I almost did not believe in my own eyes. These awards were as tense as Scarlett O’Hara.

Yes, although there is a “black-and-black” style in the red carpet event held at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday night, I am still looking forward to glitz and charm, but choose to wear Me Too and Time’s Up. A restrictive clothing to oppose sexual harassment seems particularly ironic.

Just yesterday, as a young feminist in the 1960s, I got rid of the belts and feces that have proven this burden for my mother and grandmother.
At that time, my height was only 8 inches and my waist was 23 inches, but I still wore my canned petticoat, exquisite dress and the most unbearable belt under the Audrey Hepburn Matador pants. And I still remember that strange boyfriend, his hand will go too far behind me in the slow dance, only to encounter the rigid panel of the skeleton and elastic armor – to prevent him from dying.

I can still hear the dark snoring of my grandmother because she warns the body (“it will ruin your stomach”) and morality (“a good woman does not take the belt out… this is not right”) The meaning of the more restrictive underwear.

However, wearing a straight dress or a cheesecloth overalls to dance at night, without sharp sharp bones cut into your chest, is really happy.

I remember to escape from the very shameless pink base costume or the black “happy widow”. To my surprise, the corset should enjoy such a public revival today, when young women seem to feel guilty about their status in society. How should I deal with men?

However, they wore a plain black Dior haute couture dress at Baftas – Jennifer Lawrence. The waist and square cut front panels are very tight and very hard, protruding on the chest.

At the same time, Lily James dresses more like a Victorian lady, she hasn’t put on her clothes yet – a tight black silk bodice with a precise cup that lifts and emphasizes the breast. Plus a rolled organza skirt that looks like a tulle slip.

Camila Cabello warms up in sexy bodice top and black pants AMA

Ok, Camilla Cabello. We have seen you! The ‘Havana’ singer wore a bodice top and black trousers on the 2018 AMA red carpet. Always addicted to this super sexy look!

At the 2018 American Music Awards ceremony, 21-year-old Camilla Cabello spurred her in a fierce posture. The little star sizzled on the AMA red carpet in a black shiny corset and black pants. She is decorated with jewellery from Bvlgari High Jewelry and Iconic Serpenti Collection. Her hair fell loosely on her face. Camilla’s appearance is simple but very sexy. We like Camilla always switching things on the red carpet!

Camilla won five nominations at the 2018 American Music Awards. This is her first nomination as a solo artist. She was nominated for the best newcomer and best pop/rock artist awards. Camilla will also perform at the ceremony in 2018. She will sing a song in her first studio album “Camila”. Her friend Shawn Mendes will perform with Zedd.
Just the day before the American Music Awards ceremony, Camilla gave up an epic orchestral version of the “consequences.” The music video will be aired on October 10th and will feature Trang Sprus, the twin brother of Riverdale’s star Cole Sprous. Camilla has been giving us music this year and we are really lucky. She also toured the prestigious tour of Taylor Swift and the singer with Charli XCX. Taylor will open the 2018 American Music Awards with her hit song “I Did Something Bad.”

Later this year, Camilla will be one of the artists during the 2018 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball tour. Shawn, Cardi, Calvin Harris, Alessia Cara, Bebe Rexha, Meghan Trainor, etc. will also be on the stage. Camilla can’t stop, won’t stop!

Beauty YouTuber leads the free bodice movement

The 22-year-old Julina is a “beauty YouTuber”, she said “not beautiful is OK.” In her video clip, “I am not pretty”, upload support “free corset sports”, Bae makeup and being harassed The comment ridicules because her face “is far from the beauty standard of this society.”

Then she wiped out all the cosmetics and said, “Don’t exploit yourself, because others think you are who you are. You are a special person with a big smile on your face.”

In the free corset sports, ignoring the standards of feminine beauty required by the society such as long hair and make-up, the beauty YouTubers who spread beauty secrets on the Internet also joined the sport. The clip released by Bae in June received strong support from women and received nearly 5 million views.

Makeup artist Bea began to release makeup videos. But after she read the story of women participating in the free tights campaign, she realized how many women became beautiful because of social pressure.

“The pressure that women feel is enormous. The situation is even worse among teenagers. Those who don’t care about their appearance are being bullied and excluded. Many people who comment on my videos are 13- to 17-year-old school-age children, admit how They hate their appearance. I want to help those people, even if it’s just a little bit,” YouTuber explained why she posted the video in an interview.

Bae said she is still studying the sport and she explained that her first reaction to this was to refuse.

“I think, so far, as a beauty YouTuber, what about all the things I have done? I thought I had finished the makeup I liked, but considering all of this, I realized that this is not the case,” she said. Say.

The core of the campaign is “free from the eyes of others.”

“This is to show the world that there are various types of women. It is not just short films and free makeup, but more choices for women. If they don’t like makeup, they should have a free choice,” he said.

She said she would reduce the number of makeup tutorials she posted and focus on other content because she was worried that her beauty tips videos could be used as another bodice for women, even if it was not intended.

“Watching beauty tutorials can make people think that if they follow these tips, they can also become more beautiful,” she said. “Until makeup becomes a real choice, I will show more of my bare face in my video, let others know that it should be like this.

Sophie Turner’s “Game of Thrones” souvenir has always been her favorite project.

Sophie Turner’s “Game of Thrones” souvenir has always been her favorite project.
The “Game of Thrones” season 8 has been packaged for shooting, which means it needs to dismantle the scene and rebuild it somewhere, allowing fans to walk over and panic. Before that, each star will get a small part of it. Sophie Turner’s “Game of Thrones” souvenir may be unexpected for fans of her character Sansa Stark, but diehards will recognize her work. It has always been one of her favorite works.
On October 6, Entertainment Weekly revealed that Turner retained Sansa Stark’s bodice after the filming. Not a lemon cake, not a wig, but one of Sansa’s corsets. In the New York Anime Festival group hosted by EW on Saturday, Turner admitted that Williams and Kate Harrington had taken the sword from the show – except for Williams who revealed that she had retained the brown jacket in August 2018.

“Sansa really entered her own [next] season,” the actor announced to the crowd. “She is a little lost, but this season she is very confident and knows what she wants.” So it’s like a sister on the screen. Like the IRL BFF in her previous Maisie Williams, Turner retained a prop that was not just a costume, but a symbol of the character itself. Moreover, she really wants it.
As early as 2014, Turner talked about the lucky magazine with the costumes in “Game of Thrones”, and she could not praise the role of the corset. Every fan site comes in winter:

“Sansa’s clothing is perfect. We have about 10 pieces of clothes for a piece of clothing, so I definitely learned a lot about how to wear clothes – including corsets and everything.”
But this is not just the clothing she admires – Turner really fell in love with the HBO show carnival.

“I really want to wear a corset, but the breathing is not very practical or easy. I wear a corset and all my clothes. We have upgraded to a corset without a chest, only the waist, this is the world’s most Good thing.”
This is more than four years ago. It is obvious that the corset has appeared in her mind for a while. Maybe she could have adopted the more obvious Sansa style, but let us be true here! : She already has a werewolf tattoo. Does the actor really need something else?
When the actor stayed at EW, all of Sansa’s wardrobes were not so popular. In fact, she has some works that she doesn’t like. For example, her signature fur-trimmed jacket in the seventh season. “I hate that coat!” Turner exclaimed. “I dragged it to [the whole season] and no, I don’t want to take it home.” By contrast, the beautifully tailored bodice designed for her sounds much better. Last year, even though she did cross the red god in the cold northern trail of Sansa Stark.

For those who want to hear the power of the spoiler or fans about Turner’s upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix, I am sorry: she is silent on this issue. Her engagement with the musician Joe Jonas, as well as her admiration of the Sansa corset, is the same for any other personal detail in her life. Still, there is a long time before the premiere of the “Game of Thrones” season 8, but there is a long way to go.

The history of Hannibal: depicting an unforgettable picture of the fashion era

Corrine Armer paints an unforgettable picture of the fashion era in Hannibal’s short residence.

The Kansas, 37-year-old Corrine Armer came to Hannibal in 1913 and settled as a state manager and scientific assembler for Corset USA. She established her office (and residence) at 607 Broadway, just across the street from Grand Federal Street in town. put up.

On the first floor of the building is a painter, painter and wallpaper called Leonard and Son. Upstairs, in her office, Mrs. Almer meets women in secret, assuring them that they can customize fits from quality underwear.

the company

The American Corset Company, the American queen corset manufacturer, touted its products:

“You want the corset you wear to be correct in every respect. The designer of the “Queen of the United States” is considered to be the most important corset artist in the country, and the details of the corset are correct. It is the most Stylish and at the same time the most comfortable bodice.”

The company is headquartered in 411 S. Sangamon St., Chicago, Illinois.

Instead of selling its products through local businesses, the company seeks to sell women’s corsets to other women. In order to recruit women for this task, in 1912, advertisements were placed in targeted newspapers and exposed to men who could in turn recruit women.

Such an advertisement was published on the Topeka State Journal on June 1, 1912:

“Overnight, salesman
“Travelers hire women to sell Queen’s corsets. The best corsets, the best terms. Free wages and fee allowances. Additional commissions and bonuses. Permanent positions. Corset, USA, Chicago, 16th.”

Before coming to Hannibal, Mrs. Alme visited Waterloo, Iowa. On August 15, 1913, Mrs. Almer presented the Queen’s Corset at the Lewis Millinery store at 517 Lafayette Street.

Interesting development

Just as Mrs. Almer (Elmer’s widow) is starting an independent corset business, her plans are also undermined.

The story says that Mary Phelps Jacobs wanted a comfortable replacement dress when she wore one of her prom dresses. She tied two handkerchiefs together, added some ribbons, and made a bra. In 1913, she obtained a patent for invention, and her actions quickly led to the decline of the more restrictive corset.

The presence of Mrs. Amer in Hannibal made her only recorded in the 1914 Urban Catalogue published in 1914.

Kansas’ daughter
Corrine Armer was born in Cora Irene Hey, circa 1876, and grew up on a farm in Fairfax, Osage County, Kansas. Her parents are Jacob and Marthia Hey, and her father is a veteran of the EFF civil war.

Her brothers and sisters include a sister and brother, Mary D. and William. She was born in 1876. Two years later, her brother Clarence was born in 1878 and was born in 1878. Anne M. was born in 1884.

Sadly, Marthia Hey died between 1884 and 1885, leaving her children without a mother. Cora is only 8 years old.

In May 1885, Jacob Hey married Rosamond L. Frazier of Carbondale, Kan., and gave birth to a son, Roscoe E. Hey, in April 1893.

Young bride

When the tender (and estimated) was 15 years old, Cora Hey married Thomas Michael in August 1891. He is seven years old. Son Lionial was born in 1893 and daughter Zelda was born in 1894.

They lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado, until early 1901, when John T. Michael proposed divorce his young wife and sought custody of both of their children.
Cora moved to Pueblo, Colorado, where she worked as a servant of a boarding house for a while. On September 19, 1903, she married the interior designer Elmer Armer of Pueblo. She returned to Kansas to see her father and stepmother often noticed by Overbrook Herald, who served in Kansas’ hometown. For a while, Almers lived in Wichita, Kansas, and moved to Montana, where they lived in 1910. Elmer Almer was listed in the census as the interior of the Montreal Helena furniture store.

When she came to Hannibal in 1913, she listed herself as a widow.

Agent Provocateur released the most compact bodice – you have to wear it bravely

Investing in some new underwear is a great way to season in the bedroom.

Fancy underwear can increase your body confidence and try to seduce your partner.

If you want to play it safely, g-strings, pure jumpsuits and push bras may be a good choice for you.

But if you want to take things to the next level, grab a corset to unleash your inner camp.
Agent Provocateur is selling one of the most sustainable Basques on the market.

Its Rubi Waspie will even make the most naughty lover blush.

The design of a luxury brand mimics a bodice that pulls you to the waist to form an hourglass shape.

Since the project is fully perspective, it can also emphasize the natural curves of the body.
On the website, the model is designed with bare chest and short shorts.

The stockings and lifts further add to the dramatic atmosphere of the look.

Sadly, the cost of these items is enough to make your bank balance scream.

These panties are worth £265, and the retail price of Basque and Bra is £495.

This heavy price is most likely due to the materials used to make the garment.

The underwear features gold-tone buckles and Swarovski crystals, and is detailed with silk details.
Although underwear will exceed the price range of most shoppers, it does not prevent them from lingering on Instagram.

The Agent Provocateur package snapped up more than 35,000 on social media platforms.

Dozens of commentators also passed judgments about the playful style.

One commenter wrote: “Love and love. Especially the corset on the belt.”

The other said: “This is great. It’s amazing.”

The third supplement says: “This is a complete need.”
If Agent Provocateur is too expensive for you, there is no need to panic.

Fortunately, there are many affordable lingerie trends.

Nude corsets have been occupying Instagram in the storm.

Dominatrix-themed underwear has also proven to be a hot topic for fashion fans.

What about Kinkiest underwear trends? Bluebella shocks fashion fans with SEE-THROUGH corset

Treating some beautiful underwear will give you more power in your bedroom.
It can make you feel more positive and make your partner feel tempted.
While some people insist on using g strings or corsets, others search for clothes that take their naughty outfits to a whole new level.
Underwear brands have released their most representative products.
On Instagram, it launched a £48 Carmen Basque as part of the brand’s fall collection.
In the famous “naked” style of Bluebella, the bodice is designed with transparent details.
In order to create a peek effect, it uses cuts and transparent fabric.
The back of the garment also has a perspective effect, and the caged strap exudes a domino-like scent.
On the website, the model uses a matching thong design.
The product description is as follows: “This glamorous and stylish Basque style is eye-catching with luxurious lace trim and sensual mesh lining.
“Vertically oriented strapping helps provide structure and stretch, while horizontal elastics provide a stylish fit.
“The delicate gold buckle secures the sling for a seductive and gorgeous feel.”
This style enjoys a treat with shoppers – it is even shaped by Instagram star Jessica Fang.
More than 13,6,000 favorite models have been snapped up on Instagram, many of them lingering.
One commenter wrote: “The most beautiful underwear in the world!”
The other said: “Wow, she looks amazing.”
The third supplement says: “I need this.”
Looking for more underwear inspiration?
Earlier this year, Pamela Anderson and Coco De Mer released a bra.
Agent Provocateur is also an amazing shopper with an amazing design.
It has released a variety of nude clothing that retails at an amazing price.