The little mixed Jesse Nielsen showed her incredible figure on the white crop before she danced in pants, she became strong

She has been immersed in the success of Little Mix’s new album LM5.
On Tuesday, Jesy Nelson and her hairdresser James Silk enjoyed a night out and shared a series of lively Instagram posts.
The 27-year-old singer first wore a thin white ballet skirt and high-waisted ripped jeans, and set off a sultry posture on the stairs.
Jesse looked incredulous in the little blouse and did nothing – and prompted James to joke, “My hair, photography and nipples.”
The singer of Think About Us later showed her “lock and pop” skills with her story.
The star used a T-shirt and a black trouser to show off her movements and used her antics to bring joy to her fans.
On Sunday, Jesse is at the party, having dinner with her friend James, and then heading to the cocktail bar.
The singer showed her incredible figure and hourglass waist in a red bra before putting on a black lace bodice, because she took a self-portrait lens.
The star was full of confidence in the sultry snapshot and made a quick change before her “small dinner date.”
She wore a gorgeous bodice and black flared trousers with zip detailing, a long black buckle with tumbling curls, and her mouth with red lipstick.
The down-to-earth Essex beauty later appeared again on a low-cut top and high-rise jeans.
She posted, “The change in the corset can’t breathe in my other person (sic).
Jesse uploaded a series of Instagram stories related to James, drinking cocktails before the party at home.
Last week, the star sent her fans wild because she showed off her figure in the sporty white Calvin Klein underwear, smoldering.
The singer joked that she “woke up like this” because she sat cross-legged in front of the camera while posing a storm in her matching bra and shorts.
The former X Factor player sits on a leopard print chair and her light black lock tumbling over her back.
Jesy highlights her striking features with a strong make-up, while at the same time picking up a sexy buzz.
She wrote with the lens: ‘I woke up like this! (It definitely takes a long time to master this position).
The producer of Shout Out to My Ex then shared a snapshot of his relaxation with her puppy in the Instagram story to promote the upcoming album LM5.
Jesse’s appearance appeared in a constant war with Good Morning British host Piers Morgan (53 years old).
Piers launched a counterattack to the pop princess in a typical way, asking for an blunt Essex singer to apologize on Tuesday morning’s show after she labeled herself “t ** t”.
In an interview with BBC radio presenter Nick Grimshaw, the moderator expressed dissatisfaction with Jesy’s comments and broadcast the program to the private group audience.
Little Mix presented a nude photo to promote their new single, painted on their skin with insulting black and white photos.
The former X Factor champion is supporting the enthusiasm of the body through the powerful information of the song, encouraging people to embrace their skin and ignoring others’ claims.
When talking about the negative reaction of Piers to the naked image, the Little Mix girl was offended, Jesy said: “Of course not, he is a fool.”
Nick exclaimed: ‘Language! You can’t swear, Jessie.
“She apologized for the BBC’s offensive language,” she said with a smile, her teammate Leigh-Anne Pinnock is saying, “The word she is looking for is an idiot.”
In the GMB version on Monday morning, Jessie’s embarrassment was mentioned, Pierce declared: “Oh, Jessie, you let yourself down, love.
“When you’re doing a campaign against swearing, it’s best not to use a foul language on the radio to express my opinion.”

Looking for sisterhood in the corset of Queen Mary of Scotland

When guiding women’s frustration, nothing is more like a corset than a corset.
Therefore, when shooting the royal history film “Queen of Mary of Scotland” in the American cinema on Friday, there will be horses, winds, wigs and rain.

However, the two actresses said they welcome the fight against the elements of the film, which is about the real life competition between Queen Elizabeth I of the 16th century and her distant house performance, Mary Stewart.
“Clothing is incredible. Those corsets – you feel that sometimes you can’t breathe. It’s very helpful when you are frustrated and frustrated with male consultants,” said Robbie, who plays Elizabeth.

“Two young royals” wrestle with politics, plot, power, love, and scheming male consultants. “The Queen Mary of Scotland” is full of sisterhood and frustration.

This is one of several films that have received attention because the Hollywood season is starring two or more women. It was also directed by a woman – Britain’s Josie Rourke, but before the #MeToo campaign sparked a demand for more female voices in Hollywood.
Ronan plays the stubborn Mary who claimed to have the Scottish and British thrones 450 years ago. She said she likes to shoot outdoors.

“I like horse riding. When you have to deal with these elements and costumes and animals, it tells the show,” the actress said.

Despite the connection with the status of feminism, the two royal members are competitors for life.

“Elizabeth gave England the longest peacetime… but I think that as a person, she lost everything – her women, her humanity,” Robbie said. “I think she really wants her to behave like Mary sometimes.”
The film contained only one (imaginary) scene when they met, and Mary begged Elizabeth for help and protection.

Robbie said that after the two actresses deliberately separated themselves in the weeks of shootings, the scene was very intense.

She said: “I saw Mary standing there, young and fierce, asking for help, knowing that I would not give it up, heartbreaking.” “I am sobbing. For me, this is a very, very exciting moment.”

Model Chantal Monaghan’s lace dress is the most fashionable way to show your favorite underwear

While tradition may make you think underwear is dedicated to the bedroom, street style stars may convince you. Fashion suits are increasingly using the best, sexiest dumbbells, sports corsets, bras and tights.

The latest version of this trend comes from the model Chantal Monaghan, who wore a transparent lace evening gown in New York City on Wednesday night to show off her Christian Dior men’s shorts.

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Monaghan’s dress is simple to cut: it has long sleeves, a collar, a pleated button top, an empire waist and a very wide skirt. Made from versatile black lace, this dress works well with anything in the closet – black bodysuit, shredded jeans or any dress you own.

However, Monaghan did not decorate the floor, but reduced her appearance – using her lace suit as an ordinary dress. This model is loose and wears a pair of comfortable black men’s shorts, adding a surprising sense of movement to other exquisite outfits.

At a Guggenheim International Gala in 2018, she participated in a very energetic performance that will surely make the minds of street-style photographers and countless other guests very active. (It may be a bold move to wear a bodice on the sidewalk, but wearing a transparent dress for the party is undoubtedly more daring.)

Bella Hadid wears a sexy & sheer bodice dress

Bella Hadid is a busy lady. From New York Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week, the model has rebuilt some of the most luxurious brands. On Tuesday night, she walked out of a stylish and sexy outfit with her head turned. This dress is like a corset on the top, with a transparent part showing her abdominal muscles. It is also extremely short with a silver zipper in the middle. Bella wears a pair of shiny black high heels and a layered necklace. Her makeup is also obvious because she has a strong cat’s eye, a purple accent and some deep red lipstick. The Daily Mail details Hadid with a leopard-print handbag and a shawl at night.

The model also shows her dress up, allowing fans to see her on Instagram night. Bella shared a video clip and some interesting snapshots throughout the night. She made a lot of shouts in the subtitles, saying as follows.

Why does Claire’s boots have a zipper on the Outlander?

When Claire took off his boots in the third episode of the Outlander Season 4, fans couldn’t ignore the zipper. Then do they have a zipper? Why does her boots have a zipper?
Oland is proud of its historical accuracy, especially in settings and clothing. For fans, it’s natural to accept something that doesn’t seem right, in the third episode, titled “Fake Bride,” which is all about zippers.

I admit that when I saw it, I realized that fans would point out historical inaccuracies. I admit that I even pointed out to my husband that this will be the subject of discussion, which is the only reason I really found it.
Sure enough, some of the first conversations I saw in the group were about 18th-century clothing without zippers. The zipper was not patented until the end of the 19th century.

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Ok, don’t worry, the show hasn’t completely lost the plot. There are only one reason for Claire’s boots to have zippers, only one reason: they brought her from 1968.
Remember when Claire crossed the stone and brought some of her modern items? One of them is a zippered bodice, Jamie likes it, and poor Mamacita is scared to see it. She also wore her own boots, which she had on her way through the woods.

But the boots won’t last, are you? She wore them through the hurricane and they have been soaked more than once.
Well, Tridresbach believes they will survive, which is why Claire still wears them. Can’t we argue with the owner? She is the one who has done a lot of research on this matter, so I believe her!
Do you think the zipper is historically inaccurate? Do you realize that they are Claire’s boots through the stone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

We tried a 10-day lumbar trainer like Kim Kardashian: What happened?

Kim Kardashian has never been ashamed of her efforts to stay in top shape: like so many of us, she gave up carbohydrates and often went to the gym. More unusually, she tied her waist to the waist trainer. Her sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are also proud to show off their corsets in the selfie, which even spread to the real stars Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

Photo: Celebs sexiest selfie

As a large number of images fill our Instagram feed, it makes us think: Does this technology also work for non-celebrities?

“I really did a waist trainer for every girl,” PreMadonna, the founder of What’s A Waist, opened a new window. (the line used by Kardashian) tells us “Weekly”. “It gives you extra curves, without any tricks or gimmicks.”

Photo: Amazing baby after bikini body

Although you can use a belt to create a dangerous curve, like most things, waist training has its downfall. “In the long run, a corset will affect your activity and breathing ability. It can replace the lungs, liver and intestines,” said Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Reset Diet. However, moderately, there are benefits. Gottfried added, “They can stabilize your core and encourage less food consumption.”

To find out what really likes waist training, Us Weekly invited editorial assistant Jamie Blynn to try the technology for 10 days (increasing her time to wear a hourglass angel to open a new window. From 4 hours to 8).

Rihanna plays a sexy encounter in a latex corset

Rihanna plays a sexy encounter in a latex corset as she joins the fascinating Kate Moss and Rita Ola in London’s star-studded Halloween carnival
She has never been a person who fades out of the background.

Rihanna ensures that even among the many celebrity costumes, she will stand out at Halloween because she attended the Laylow party in London on Wednesday, wearing a tight latex accessory.

Walking into the Notting Hill Bar, the 30-year-old singer looked at her with her enthusiasm as she walked with Rita Ora and Kate Moss.
Rita flaunted her extraordinary figure, wearing tight-fitting latex trousers, shining on her incredible curves, highlighting her enviable peach-colored shoes.
She matched the dress with a bust-reinforced bodice, letting her see her plump cleavage, clutching her slender waist, and wearing a fitted leather jacket.

However, Rihanna’s make-up made this dress because she designed her face with a pink skeleton, locked the frame with a smooth curl, and she lifted her frame with a pair of black courts and finished it with small leather. The appearance. handbag.
Also working for Halloween is Kate Moss, who is using a full black monolithic Morticia Addams filled with a velvet cloak.

The 44-year-old supermodel wears a flowing black dress that looks sensational, with a sheer polka dot covering, when she enters the carnival with her boyfriend Nikolai von Bismarck. When it passes over the ground.

Proving that nothing can make her look less perfect, Vogue’s girls took off their white-painted faces while wearing ghostly scarlet contact lenses and shiny red lips.

Her appearance is done through the back of a large black wig and loosely passes over her shoulders to form her beautiful features.
Rita Ora is a member of this fascinating trio, who cleverly reflects the role of Cher’s Alexandra Medford in The Witch Of Eastwick.

The 27-year-old singer has been bringing a variety of Halloween costumes to fans for a week, and she was nailed again when she wore a black satin robes wearing a plunge purple dress.

Your song creator added the look through a fluffy black-haired curly wig and smothered her nephew voyeur with a shiny green eye shadow, while she completed her ensemble with a pair of pointed boots.
In the love department, Rita recently revealed that she broke up with her boyfriend Andrew Watt because she reminisced her first love Calvin Harris in the recent Jonathan Ross episode. Harris).

Exes Rita and Andrew fell into a romantic relationship for the first time last year. Their last photo took place at a hotel in New York City at the end of August.

Although I don’t know when the front flame splits, TV presenter Jonathan broke the news for the first time when Rita appeared in his chat program.

Nicki Minaj and Ashley Graham emerged in a very full ensemble as they joined the stylish Karlie Kloss, leading the A-list of the CFDA and Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in New York.

The CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund is an annual competition designed to reward emerging talent in the fashion world.
The event was established in 2012 to train the next generation of emerging American design talent.
The winning designers took home a steady $400,000 to develop their route, while the top two players received $150,000.
Past CFDA champions include fashion favorite Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, Altuzarra and Alexander Wang
This is one of the most famous evenings in the fashion world, where the greatness and beauty of the world of the world gather to celebrate the tailoring events of the past year.

On Monday night, Nicki Minaj, Ashley Graham and Karlie Kloss were presented at the 2017 CFDA (American Fashion Designers Association) and Vogue Fashion Fund Awards ceremony in Weylin B. Seymour, New York.

Niki, 34, ensures that all her gaze is on her because she wears leather, rivets and silk boldly to showcase a huge cleavage, a tumbling miniskirt with a flowing m fish hem.
The rapper, born under the name Onika Maraj, wore a black suit, tightened leather with a silk lining, a corset with a chest strap, exaggerated her hourglass shape and plump chest.

The dress was provided by Alexander Wang, a designer of the little star, who also made her accessories and added her to the red carpet during the star-studded event.
Nicki used her long golden locks and lace-up high heels to match her look, which looked like tricky vines.

She has a tassel handbag and sharp pink nails on her appearance.

Tara Moss: ‘I wear a corset for happiness, but also to avoid pain’

As many of my readers know, I have scoliosis (spine curvature). It was discovered when I was a teenager. When I was in my 20s, a respected Australian doctor strongly suggested that I insert a rod behind my back. I said no.

For decades, from osteopathy and Alexander technology, to painkillers and yoga, and even writing my book while reclining and pillows (hey, it works for me), I have cured my pain in many ways and Healthy back.

Since October 2015, the corset wear has become an effective and quite magical part of my personal health arsenal. In this anthology edited by Lucy Williams, “Solaced: 101 Exciting Narratives on Corsets, Happiness and Hope,” I explained why, and the biases and misinformation about the corset and its function. It’s almost impossible for me to find this cheap, drug-free way to relieve pain until recently:
“There is a reason that the eye is drawn into a contour profile. The first is the scale, the curve. Then the shiny stitches, the pattern of the laces, the often sensual, shiny fabric, the soft curve contrasts the rigid deboning.”

However, the corset is not just aesthetics, but the place where my real corset story begins.

Rihanna slips into a seductive black corset to preview her savage x Fenty Lingerie Line: ‘damn’

It seems that Rihanna threw it back to her “S&M” era.

The female singer has been showing her fashion design style to Puma for years, but now she turns her attention to something that can’t be worn in public. On Sunday, she took a sultry look from her upcoming lingerie line Savage x Fenty via Instagram.

Rihanna wears a strapless black corset with front button and bow detail, putting a manicured hand on her forehead and casting a shadow on her face. She also sports lace panties, thigh high socks and gold jewelry.
The most important factor in designing her lingerie collection is that all women feel that they can rock it confidently. The 30-year-old singer tells Vogue their June cover story. Teasing this collection in Instagram posts, she showed her designs on models of various shapes and sizes.
“To be honest, you just laugh at yourself. I mean, I know when I have an obese day and I lose weight. I accepted all the bodies,” she told Vogue. “I didn’t build it like Victoria’s secret girl. I still think my underwear is very beautiful and confident.”