Comments: RSC belly dance “belly laugh”

Do you know that Caesar Caesar is next to the RSC? forget it. This is not the case.

I mean, the last time you hear the powerful Caesar, and even gave him a lot of attempts and suffering, complaining that he was “sweating like a crab” Never, I promise. It is because of this particular metaphor (or a metaphor?) With the sweat of the same with ling ling, but only one of the many heroes of our works of hero / villain to one of the beautiful language of the bard, John Hotham Jazz Hull, a man who likes to shed a river from his own bridge. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the British Civil War, never taught in school.

From the expansion of the oaks of Shakespeare in wholesale sexy corsets Shakespeare, Mark Aly (Mark Addy) to maximize the play, Hotham is a storm of rogue, the intention is to marry his daughter Frances, this is a dementia lapel Wing, brilliant poppy Sarah Middleton. The

In order to keep his gloves in dosh and a welcome echo, another great success of writer Richard Bean, One Man, Two Guvnors, Hotham took part in a cunning plan to defeat the king against his parliament, so that skulduggery is inevitable Landed him in two sets of bad books followed by a lot of cheers. A little more and then more …

If there is one thing, the beans will not hate its egg, but the pudding and sweat fall like a slingshot. If you need someone like you, like this, do not look too much than the Blackadder. Hypocrite works the same way so that modern cynics have an impact on previous traditions and behaviors. In fact, Danielle Bird’s Drudge, like Baldrick, is a beautiful, fast service at the top of Hotham, except that he constantly reminds her that it is all about sex and descent.

Hotham’s game was his wife’s wife, Mrs. Sarah’s brains. Their quarrels, obscene relationships with basil and Sybil Fawlty have been processing for centuries. Caroline Quentin now has the word buxom and fishwife, and anyone will frantically raise a debate. Then there was a hoop coconut clip, along with Charles Charles, the teenager of Ben Goffe, until Monty Python’s Knights Who Say Nicht.

Philip Breen’s director Philip Breen again showed a climax and a heavy mechanic’s love, which made his wife, Mrs. Windsor, return to life like a few years ago. Suspension bridge scene is a special killer. As the beginning (actually the end!) Plus the ghosts. And neat prince with neat beard. Plus a little about the foreskin. Plus … the best stop, so as not to trigger the spoiler alarm.

There is only one little complaint – the irony of desire is to use some serious political look to ironically some of the teachings of the Mumford-And-Sons-y-style folklore, these folk songs against the wholesale carnival. In contrast, the final scene of the Belgian Blackadder, OTT in the trenches of the minds of the more clumsy.

Or do not complain soon after we return to Hotham, tell his wife, do not leave politics, go back to the pursuit of such a woman, like washing her pony, scrape back.

Loosen your corset, ladies and gentlemen, you are a belly laugh.

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