A female friend, Maryly Madison, left, and was ashamed of the group’s fuckless meeting at Hugh Hefner’s “

Holly Madison, a “first” girlfriend before Hugh Hefner, admitted that she was “frightened and shame” after taking part in a group sex exercise at the Playboy building, She was encouraged by the time, surprisingly.

37 years old He is the main partner of Hef cheap sexy corsets six years, but claims to be behind the glory and glamor, the late publisher is a “cruel man” man who deprived her of her self and made her “thigh open “drug.

“You believe in the sexy fairy tale Hef is a dazzling twisted poisonous jail.I know that since I spent six years as the first girlfriend, an older man who could become my grandfather, “Said Holly, when she was with him in 2001, he was just 21 years old.

“How can i prove such a thing?” I am here adventure, a lifetime experience. I am here as a stepping stone to something else, “I told myself, then perhaps the biggest fantasy:” I am here for love “.

In the biography of “Rabbit Cave” in 2015, the blonde “next to the star” described her during the Hooters work in Los Angeles, after calling the Playboy party, saw Hef for the first time.

Moved from Oregon to college and acted as an actress, and she hoped that the invitation would at least allow her to listen to the magazine.

The dress code specifies “pajamas”, so she took a small sum of money on black corsets, garter, stockings and short silk robes, and soon with Cameron Diaz, Jim Carrey and Leonardo DiCaprio attended the party .

However, she wrote that the host fell in the corner, led Holly, wondering if he was “old man”. When she introduces herself, she plays a simple “happy to see your dear” in front of the next person.

The party’s invitation keeps moving forward, and after a year, she is a frequent visitor. Has dreamed of living in a full-time mansion, Holly said she did not understand why it was not his girlfriend looking happy there.

She wrote: “The regret of his girlfriend will be in the side of the table to lay down their seats.I will never understand their lack of enthusiasm. Initially, I think they are spoiled, spoiled, or just not suitable for Hef’s world. It may sound naive, but I do not realize that they actually need to sleep with him.

As her apartment lease is coming to an end, her acting career is still immature, she decided to become a “girlfriend” may be the answer.

When he invited her and six other women invited her to the club’s night, she got a big rest, and although their paid picnic was attractive, her companions seemed to look “empty”.

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