Your invisible character reimagines the vampire, Stoke’s iconic monster story, adapted from this modern female-centered

The Hunger and Thirsty Theatre presents your intangible content, adapted from Patricia’s Bram Stoker’s novel, directed by Jacob Titus. Your invisible CORSET will begin on Friday, October 12th, and limited participation will take place on Saturday, October 27. The news is open on Sunday, October 14 at 2 pm. The performance schedule is Thursday at 7pm, Friday-Saturday at 8pm, and Sunday at 2pm. There was another performance at 2 pm on Saturday, October 27. Performed at the Flamboyan Theatre in Clement (107 Suffolk Street. Between Rivington and Delancey; F / J / M / Z train to Delancey / Essex). Regular ticket prices are $20; 12 tickets can be purchased before October 11. For tickets and more information, please visit www.hungerandthirsttheatre.com.

The best horror stories are not just a terrible monster, they eventually lead to an uneasy understanding of society and human conditions. Your invisible CORSET is a modern, female-centered adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. By streamlining the plot, focusing on the struggle of Dracula’s female victims and weaving contemporary feminist ideals, your invisible caves bring the iconic monster story into a new direction, highlighting the novel with disturbing clarity. The subtle theme of the role of women in Victorian culture is still unbelievable today.

The Hunger and Thirst Theatre has earned widespread acclaim for recreating epic stories for modern audiences. Recent works include Messenger #1 and Pericles: Born in a storm (nominated for the Best Revival Award by the New York Innovative Drama Award).

Actors include Nathan Reese Edmondson, Patrick T. Horn, Emily Kitchens, Lauren Lubow, Patricia Lynn and Elizabeth Anne Rimar.

The design team includes Remy M. Leelike (light design); Randall Benichak (sound design); Jordan Reeves (sports and production design). The production stage manager is Heather Olmstead.

Patricia Lynn (playwright) is a theatre artist who has written, directed, staged, staged, and/or costumed at various venues throughout the New York area and across the country. Other plays include: Turtle Dove, Dracula (a more traditional adaptation by Hunger & Thirst in 2016) and the A Seagull Project. She plans to write modern feminist adaptations of other classic Gothic horror stories, including Dr. Jekyll’s strange case and Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein. Patricia is the proud artistic director of the Hunger&Thirst Theatre.

Jacob Titus’s (Director) works have been featured in New York’s 365 plays / 365 days public, HERE Art Center, Ontology-Hysteric Theater and other theaters outside of Brooklyn Broadway, as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco. After your invisible corset, he will be led by Legrid Stevens and the loading dock theatre company. Jacob holds a master’s degree in teaching from Boston University.

Founded in 2012, Hunger&Thirst Theatre is dedicated to discovering exciting new ways to perform classics and creating contemporary works inspired by classic stories. By interpreting these classics, the entire drama experience is as exciting as it was when the original work was first performed.

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