Mothers start selling dresses on FACEBOOK, so she can stay with her daughter at home and now runs a million-pound label with A-list fans

No GCSE left the school’s mother began selling her dress on her Facebook page and soon became a million-pound business with A-list fans.

The 60-year-old Victoria Molyneux from Cheshire in April, she launched her own electronic boutique “Want Want” – gave birth to her daughter Isabella after five months, working in the call center.

Originally she wanted dozens of orders cheap sexy corsets wholesale per week, but she was surprised to find that the rapid development of business, and now she handles 1,000 invoices per day, celebrities such as Amanda Holden and Katie Piper, And others wearing clothing.

Victoria told MailOnline, did not find stylish but affordable clothes to inspire her to launch her e-retailer.

She explained: “When I was pregnant, my daughter, my body had changed a lot, and I noticed the lack of affordable clothes, hidden new mother brought insecurity.

It is really important for me to be affordable, and sometimes I can only get £ 30 per month for disposable income, but still want new gatherings and wedding equipment.

“Fashion or fashion, beautiful, reasonable price, is the key to my business.”

 After visiting wholesalers and local manufacturers, she brings together a reasonably priced product, the size is 8 to 24.

She also watched online tutorials on how to build e-commerce sites.

Victoria, in order to save money on models, photographers and expensive studios, Victoria began to post something on every dress on her Facebook page, and she is still doing it today.

Victoria has never received an investment, said: “We now have a social media community of nearly 2 million, which is incredible.”
Hope that the trend in the first year more than 7 million pounds, Victoria sold 1,000 clothing every day, and accumulated celebrity fans, such as Amanda Holden and Michelle Weidon.

Victoria has also recently co-authored with Katie Piper, who described it as “dream come true”.

Katie is already our customer, and I have always admired her strength, especially a working mother.

“She seems to be the perfect choice, and I’m happy to work with her for years,” she told her celebrity friend.

Victoria first said it was hard to play business and mother, but now she has done a good routine.

For example, if I needed to make a photo for my site, I would take a picture at 5 pm when my partner came home.

“I still work with my daughter at home, but as the business grows, we now have an office and a warehouse, so I can buy Isabella there.

“It’s just a very new business, it’s all whirlwind – a stunning!”

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