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Which Toothpastes Can Make Your Teeth Firmer and Brighter?

Hello loves !!! all well? How important is it to have a good tooth brushing, with a product that really whitens teeth? Because a smile with white teeth is very beautiful.

Many kinds of toothpaste promise to whiten your teeth, but do they really work? The answer is: it depends on the type of stain on your teeth. There are 2 types of stains: the superficial ones and the ones below the tooth enamel.

Surface stains are caused by the consumption of food with dyes, wine, tea and cola drinks, for example. The deeper ones can be the result of trauma, smoking or even aging. This type of stain is more difficult to remove and requires dental treatment.

The most common bleaching paste found on the market has abrasives as the main bleaching agent, which work as a kind of sandpaper that removes stains through friction. These products are very effective for removing surface stains.

Attention: to avoid wearing the enamel, brushing with this type of product must be light and its use should never extend for more than 1 month.

How to Choose the Best Whitening Toothpaste

Checking the whitening and reconstructive agent is essential to making the right choice. Next, we’ll talk a little bit more about that.

To ensure the desired effect, check the product components

There are many whitening toothpastes on the market, so it is essential to keep an eye on the composition of the product to choose the one that will bring the best results.

Abrasives: Effective against coffee stains, dyes, wine and others

One of the most common elements in whitening toothpastes is abrasives. In general, the marks indicate the presence of this component with the terms micro or nano particles / crystals.

Abrasives work as a kind of exfoliator that removes the superficial stains caused by eating strong colored products such as wine, chocolate, coffee, soft drinks and some teas. Products with abrasives should not be used for more than 1 month, as they can pose risks to tooth enamel.

Due to the wear and tear caused by this type of product, it is common for toothpastes with abrasives to also have agents that strengthen tooth enamel such as fluorides and hydroxyapatite, which we will talk about later. Some products contain chemical abrasives, which are usually less aggressive.

 Whitening toothpaste


Amway’s Glister is great to share with the whole family, as it is a 200g tube. The brand promises to remove stains without compromising tooth health, fighting and preventing cavities and gum disease, as well as helping to reduce tooth sensitivity. .

Its formula contains much less aggressive abrasives than most products on the market. Its remineralizing agent is fluoride, which replenishes the essential minerals of teeth.

Smile white teeth

 It is mainly indicated for daily care and dental maintenance at low cost. This paste will provide strong teeth and pure breath with a refreshing taste. The whitening toothpaste Sorriso, leaves that feeling of cleanliness and freshness, you know?

It is important to say that the lightening of it is not fast and does not meet difficult stains. On the other hand, it has anti-caries and fluoride protection. As the abrasive is not strong and the paste contains fluoride, it is a safe method of seeking whiter, healthier teeth.

COLGATE Luminous White Brilliant

It is a little more abrasive than what has been presented so far, however it has a quick result and an effective whitening. The microparticles end up “sanding” the tooth and making it whiter. It is not suitable for sensitive teeth!

This product really removes stains that a regular cream would not be able to remove, since, according to the brand, it is possible to notice the result in the first application. Its whitening forum includes: bleaching microcrystals, sodium fluoride and high performance silica.

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