I know I am pushing the front line of age, but I try my best to keep fit, eat good food and keep thinking mode, not melancholy. However, I admit I was having a hard time visiting a small regional museum and seeing too much of what I remembered as a kid.

Green and cream enamel kitchenware has filled my grandmother’s kitchen shelves.

I remember the green and cream saucepan on the stove above my cheek, filled with flutes, broccoli, corned beef, and even the matching colander waiting to drain in the sink.

They not only in the museum, they are now collector’s items, many people put them away, and display them as a luxurious decorative kitchen.

The entire museum is embroidered with tablecloths, napkins and hand towels, I vaguely remember all the good girls are thrown into their glory box.

Oh! Glory box!

These large hinged wooden boxes are filled with linen, tea towels, porcelain tea set and dinner set bought at the Dramorne linen party. Every boring thing needs to build your home.

I have never been keen on this domestic thing – in fact it made me feel bored.

I can think of other treasures fill a big bookcase, letters, notebooks, secret makeup essentials, lollie storage boxes, and if I can afford it, it can also be a hairspray.

I still remember my wife and I taking over the lady’s room at the local train station to help solve the problem of youth club dance.

Leaving home, young and fresh, with bee rigid hairstyles, blue eyeshadow (school chalk), thick eyeliner and the rogue we all bought and purchased from Woolly.

It was scary to see dozens of old photos on the wall of the museum, as some photos might be photos of my school.

I can feel my position has changed, my shoulders have regressed, my dizzy, and my mental consciousness has diminished miraculously for years if I noticed my age.

Not so lucky, especially when one of the ladies said: “We remember a bit of laughter in those days, did not we?

“Noooo” I want to scream, I really is not a third year, and more you think I am.

It reminds me of an elderly aunt, my neighbor, my mom, her bowling teammate and how they are determined to stay in the quasi-youth zone.

Everything can be worn at night from gut wholesale corsets, breast augmentation bras, miracle creams to facial compact gel patches, not to mention their hairstyle being wrapped in toilet paper at night.

Of course, they continue to age, while others are tormented, hoping the next time they peek in the mirror, they may not be the wrinkled little face looking back.

Even more frustrating is when older people withdraw from bed because life makes them small and helpless.

Recently a friend and I said she already owns and operates several private hospitals – she will never forget Mrs. Haddy (95), who had received the last of nine rituals.

It became embarrassing when the local bishop asked her (my friend) whether this time was real.

Now take a look at my old friend, please do not think I’m in a morbid thought. I’m not real.

Keep your chin, visit hairdressers on a regular basis, smile, smile and smile, never forget your lover.

And try not to visit small museums.

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