Paris – Paris Fashion Week has almost never started, the wind was eliminated.

The culprit was Navy Serre: a surprising pixie radical, 5 feet tall and softly talking extremly. In a rehearsal space, Ms Selby, 26, organized her first official performance with the help of curator Blanca Lee in Region 19, a designer who had previously had only a few lunar Printed jersey and some historic Moore skirts are named after her. “At the beginning,” Ms. Serre mentions this. Yes, I agree: six months ago.

Ms. Serre came very quickly and was also noted on Tuesday morning’s guest on this show. Among the three collections, she has the blessing of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton; she won the 2017 LVMH Young Fashion Designer Award, worth 300,000 euros, about 369,000 US dollars, by the designers Nicolas Ghesquière, Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs jury Mission decision.

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Her new collection has less visible historical references than she once preferred; as her notes say she is more likely to believe she “remains forever in the future.” Her signature crescent prints still have yards, but joining them is a highly engaging piece: a denim jacket tightened and molded behind a corsets wholesale model; a practical jacket with a bottle clip, a lipstick box and a phone pocket to “To replace the classic handbag” – This is an admirable heresy behind the sales of accessories.

Ms. Serre worked in a studio in Balenciaga, Dior and Margiela, and her work reflects the experience, and in particular, what fashion she is willing to promote as a “strong” look. But she does not sound like an industry gear; she sounds more like a revolution.

“The romantic designer’s day ends up safely in an area outside of commerce and production,” she wrote in her program by explaining her commitment to “enhance the loop” and to work more sustainably – just like Like on the internet, the gown ends up in a vintage scarf or shirt, washed, and then merged. She is not the only designer to use vintage textiles, but her hands, as well as her mix of sportswear and scarf dresses, look cool.

As many designers are talking about now, she talks about the need for protection: tough jackets, hoods and giant reflective sunglasses that shield many models. “You want to hide a little,” she said. “Today is the world.”

However, there may be something that feels like a gorgeous modeling gimmick – they are good and terrible – and feel a little more real here. Especially since there was a pair of glasses shaking in her pocket. “I wear it like that,” she said. “Every day.”

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