“It’s hard to go back!” Jessica Alba works out at the Heart & Hustle gym … two months after welcoming the third child

On Monday, Jessica Alba was sweating from her second home, Heart & Hustle Gym in Beverly Hills, to regain her baby’s body two months after her son Hayes was welcomed.

Joined by a man friend, the 36-year-old mother of three was wearing a black sportswear – a V-neck muscle T-shirt, leggings, sneakers and a pufferfish jacket.

Under the tough guidance of gym owner Gregg Miele, the Golden Globe nominee admitted in Insta’s story that she was nauseated, unable to breathe and tired throughout the exercise.

“Jessica – with 27.2 million followers – admit it’s hard to turn around.”

‘Do not let this person deceive you – just like hell – especially after giving birth … and all the enemies who think I’m climbing too slowly – only know that my heart rate is 180, and I think [puke] ” .

Alba was struggling with “Death Stairs” and other machines such as Expresso bikes, Surge 360, free weights and vintage rugby sleds.

Brie Larson, Ryan Seacrest, Mary J. Blige, Vanessa Lachey and Abbie Cornish are also working out in a new private gym, where “the intern is just one of two clients at a time.”

Heart & Hustle seems to cater to celebrities by providing valet, private entrance / parking, massages and smoothies.

After she became pregnant, Honest’s boss told Net-A-Porter’s magazine The Edit that she vowed to “train day and night for three months” through her bustier cheap sexy corsets.

Alba’s esthetician Shani Darden gave her a shout in her new E! Interviewer interested in news of her skin color interview.

“She wore the skin on top,” Dundon told the magazine.

Jessica is a very bad rash and allergic to everything, so she made a line that suits any skin problem. ‘

El Camino Christmas actress and her husband – Cashmere thief socks designer – welcomes their third (and last) child ‘s’ few days in advance’ on New Year’s Eve.

Small Hayes joined the big sister – nine-year-old honor and six-year-old paradise – ideal for the only man in the house.

Nine-year-old half-breed, married couple first met in 2004 as fantasy quad.

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