Keeping your makeup items neat gives you a satisfying feeling of being well-organized. Plus, it’s easy to find the lipstick shade you are looking for or your little eyeliner bottle when everything is in order. Also, you can keep track of everything you already own. You won’t accidentally buy duplicates or add things to your collection that you already have.

So, here are some really easy ways of organizing your makeup products.

1. Use Makeup Organizing Drawers

Get some organizing drawers that can help you arrange your products by categories. You can keep your lipsticks, foundation bottles, eye-makeup items, and other stuff separately. Assign each drawer to a different category.

These kinds of organizers are available in different sizes and materials. You can get simple plastic drawers that are easy on your pocket. Then, you can also choose the right size, like cute and compact drawers that can easily fit on your dresser.

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2. De-clutter Regularly

The process of organizing your makeup items involves one very important step – regular de-cluttering. Don’t hold on to the items that have expired or are too old to be used.

Also, if you haven’t used a product in the last couple of years, it definitely means you are not going to use it the next couple of years too!

So, get rid of all of these items. This will give you more space for your favorite ones.

3. Use Transparent Organizers

It’s so easy to forget about what exactly you have in your makeup stash. But if you keep them in transparent containers, you will always know what’s inside.

You can use anything that’s transparent. Go for jars, glasses, or transparent boxes. Arrange your items according to categories and have quick access to everything.

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4. Use Brush Holders

Your makeup brushes deserve to be stored separately. You can use simple pencil holders or any old glasses or mugs you have in your home. This vertical arrangement will let you quickly grab the brush you need instead of rummaging through a drawer or a box.

5. Create Magnetic Boards

Here is an organizing tip for gals who are always looking for creative and cute ways of doing things. It’s a unique way of keeping your makeup stuff in order.

First, get a magnetic board. Next, put magnetic strips on your product bottles and kits. Voila! Your items will be fixed on the board perfectly and neatly! It’s such a good way of keeping everything in its right place. Nothing will be falling down or toppling over.

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6. Use Travel Makeup Pouches

Travel makeup pouches are not just for your traveling trips. You can use them for organizing your makeup at home too. These can easily fit in any drawer or your cupboard. All the products inside stay clean and well-organized. There will be no chance of losing anything.

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Final Thoughts

It’s very easy to keep your makeup stuff well-organized. You can use simple transparent containers or go for more unique options, such as magnetic boards. When these items are organized, you can have more fun using them.

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