In Manchester’s Most Incredible Dress Box – Apparel for Oscar Nominated Movie Phantom Line

Manchester’s most incredible make-up box is located in a humble building on the edge of the city center.

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Rows of clothing hanging inside, most of the copy from the uniforms to the royal clothing fashion. Hooped petticoats, like the wings of a butterfly, protrude from the arm of the clothes, wearing armor, gowns, santa costumes and quirky bear clothes.

Pearls and antique jewelry hang on a wall; gloves, fans, feathers boas and bow ties from one another. Box full of corsets wholesale and bustiers, shoes stacked on the shelf.

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The clothing leasing division of the Royal Exchange Theater is a treasure trove of often-looted television shows and movies, including the critically acclaimed Mirage Line, the leader in Sunday’s Best Costume Design.

The film, by Daniel Day-Lewis as a fashion designer, serves as a designer in London’s 1950’s high fashion and draws on the New Year’s Eve scene shot at the Blackpool Ballroom.

“When we first came in, we did not know what the project was, and they gave us the name,” said Luda Krzak, clothing leasing manager.

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“It’s really amazing and there’s a lot of things going on in the northwest, and that’s great, and there’s more to happening, so when apparel managers start using it, she really appreciates the details and artwork quality.

“I think it will help to improve the image of the department.”

The department also provided costumes to BBC’s hooligan television drama Peaky Blinders, most of which were shot in Manchester and the surrounding area.

“They wore a lot of scenes, and then we made World War I soldiers for the latest series,” said Reuter.

The corsets wholesale are made by the tailor’s team inside the Royal Exchange and are located inside the theater. After the production is completed, they will head to Ancoats’ Swan Street Apparel Rental Department, where Luda and her team of volunteers will take care of, modify and repair.

“The main reason for royal exchange clothing rental is finance,” she explained.

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“Due to the shape of our theater, a complete theater audience is very close, so costumes must be very detailed.

And because our running time is short, the life of a garment is nothing, and it does not return the cost of creating it in six to eight weeks.

“Garment sector clothing life is 10 to 20 years.”

The department is still working with another exciting big-screen project and is now in a state of secrecy – but it’s not just the movie crew it caters to.

Anyone can hire clothing, from amateur theater groups and schools to gorgeous party parties. The team worked on a variety of weird and wonderful requests – including three performing artists who wanted to host an event at the Buri Art Gallery with John Fard’s painting “Cruel Sister”.

“It’s really fun,” said Reuter.

“Steampunk weddings are also very popular in Manchester, and we’ve done a lot for that – we’ve got a mystery of murder on the train.”

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