Coquette launches its first metal bonded bodice

According to spokesman Heather Stockton, Coquette launched the “first metal skeleton corset” in its 2017 main collection, including regular and expanded versions.

“The 7105 bodice (plus size version 7105X) features black lace with dark purple satin, twill lining and detachable ribbon. 7130 bodice (plus size 7130X) with silver satin and twill lining black Lace and beautiful velvet details. We have preserved classic styles on these pieces, but add a modern feel to the detachable shoulder strap and garter. Both styles are as small as 3X / 4X.”

Stockton added, “We have also added some new designs inspired by the highly structured and gorgeous design of the 90s. The 7092 (XL version 7092X) is a sexy stretch-knit and fishnet stitching corset with bold geometry. Line and cladding design. The 7093 (and 7093X) babydoves are as sexy as the matching thongs of the same collection, showing the now stylish look of the banded texture.”

The main collection of Coquette’s favorites in 2017 has just been mailed. Stockton summed up some key themes: “The thick mesh and bold seams express the youthful sense of playfulness, while the romantic pink conveys the feminine charm. The gorgeous eyelash lace adds elegance to the traditional style. The soft blue tones bring a new look to the “blue” bridal tradition. Each unique collection in the Coquette 2017 collection is designed to capture the latest trends, making it easy to wear not only underwear but also the day and night look. .

When asked about the changes in 2017, Stockton pointed out, “We reduced the number of parts in the catalog by incorporating Spellbound, La Petite Coquette and Spring / Summer series into our main books. The catalogue is only 2016. The book for the year is a little shorter, but not less than a piece. We have added a series of accessories and added our Diva series, as the positive size trend continues to take off. The main books in 2017 were mainly shot in New Orleans, our team took over The famous Lucifer Suite at the St. Hotel. The hotel’s decadent furniture and luxurious interiors provide the perfect backdrop for our new work.” – NM

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