Beauty YouTuber leads the free bodice movement

The 22-year-old Julina is a “beauty YouTuber”, she said “not beautiful is OK.” In her video clip, “I am not pretty”, upload support “free corset sports”, Bae makeup and being harassed The comment ridicules because her face “is far from the beauty standard of this society.”

Then she wiped out all the cosmetics and said, “Don’t exploit yourself, because others think you are who you are. You are a special person with a big smile on your face.”

In the free corset sports, ignoring the standards of feminine beauty required by the society such as long hair and make-up, the beauty YouTubers who spread beauty secrets on the Internet also joined the sport. The clip released by Bae in June received strong support from women and received nearly 5 million views.

Makeup artist Bea began to release makeup videos. But after she read the story of women participating in the free tights campaign, she realized how many women became beautiful because of social pressure.

“The pressure that women feel is enormous. The situation is even worse among teenagers. Those who don’t care about their appearance are being bullied and excluded. Many people who comment on my videos are 13- to 17-year-old school-age children, admit how They hate their appearance. I want to help those people, even if it’s just a little bit,” YouTuber explained why she posted the video in an interview.

Bae said she is still studying the sport and she explained that her first reaction to this was to refuse.

“I think, so far, as a beauty YouTuber, what about all the things I have done? I thought I had finished the makeup I liked, but considering all of this, I realized that this is not the case,” she said. Say.

The core of the campaign is “free from the eyes of others.”

“This is to show the world that there are various types of women. It is not just short films and free makeup, but more choices for women. If they don’t like makeup, they should have a free choice,” he said.

She said she would reduce the number of makeup tutorials she posted and focus on other content because she was worried that her beauty tips videos could be used as another bodice for women, even if it was not intended.

“Watching beauty tutorials can make people think that if they follow these tips, they can also become more beautiful,” she said. “Until makeup becomes a real choice, I will show more of my bare face in my video, let others know that it should be like this.

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