Sophie Turner’s “Game of Thrones” souvenir has always been her favorite project.

Sophie Turner’s “Game of Thrones” souvenir has always been her favorite project.
The “Game of Thrones” season 8 has been packaged for shooting, which means it needs to dismantle the scene and rebuild it somewhere, allowing fans to walk over and panic. Before that, each star will get a small part of it. Sophie Turner’s “Game of Thrones” souvenir may be unexpected for fans of her character Sansa Stark, but diehards will recognize her work. It has always been one of her favorite works.
On October 6, Entertainment Weekly revealed that Turner retained Sansa Stark’s bodice after the filming. Not a lemon cake, not a wig, but one of Sansa’s corsets. In the New York Anime Festival group hosted by EW on Saturday, Turner admitted that Williams and Kate Harrington had taken the sword from the show – except for Williams who revealed that she had retained the brown jacket in August 2018.

“Sansa really entered her own [next] season,” the actor announced to the crowd. “She is a little lost, but this season she is very confident and knows what she wants.” So it’s like a sister on the screen. Like the IRL BFF in her previous Maisie Williams, Turner retained a prop that was not just a costume, but a symbol of the character itself. Moreover, she really wants it.
As early as 2014, Turner talked about the lucky magazine with the costumes in “Game of Thrones”, and she could not praise the role of the corset. Every fan site comes in winter:

“Sansa’s clothing is perfect. We have about 10 pieces of clothes for a piece of clothing, so I definitely learned a lot about how to wear clothes – including corsets and everything.”
But this is not just the clothing she admires – Turner really fell in love with the HBO show carnival.

“I really want to wear a corset, but the breathing is not very practical or easy. I wear a corset and all my clothes. We have upgraded to a corset without a chest, only the waist, this is the world’s most Good thing.”
This is more than four years ago. It is obvious that the corset has appeared in her mind for a while. Maybe she could have adopted the more obvious Sansa style, but let us be true here! : She already has a werewolf tattoo. Does the actor really need something else?
When the actor stayed at EW, all of Sansa’s wardrobes were not so popular. In fact, she has some works that she doesn’t like. For example, her signature fur-trimmed jacket in the seventh season. “I hate that coat!” Turner exclaimed. “I dragged it to [the whole season] and no, I don’t want to take it home.” By contrast, the beautifully tailored bodice designed for her sounds much better. Last year, even though she did cross the red god in the cold northern trail of Sansa Stark.

For those who want to hear the power of the spoiler or fans about Turner’s upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix, I am sorry: she is silent on this issue. Her engagement with the musician Joe Jonas, as well as her admiration of the Sansa corset, is the same for any other personal detail in her life. Still, there is a long time before the premiere of the “Game of Thrones” season 8, but there is a long way to go.

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