The long coat is the perfect ally for the autumn and winter season, one item that we all must have in our walk-in closet and that protects us from cold waves. For this reason, we cannot go in search of the perfect long coat at the last minute, nor can we avoid taking into account some characteristics, such as, one of all, the shape of your body! In fact, the long coat is mainly worn to warm and cover, acting a bit as the duvet that we don’t really want to leave in the morning, but in addition to this, it is necessary that it enhances and highlights the whole of our figure, going to make it more harmonious! So how to choose a long coat based on your physicality?

For all physicality

Whatever body you have, you will be on the safe side with a camel-colored coat, a timeless and ever green garment: the years pass, the trends change, but the camel coat remains the must-have of every autumn and winter that respects itself, and it really looks good to all! While adapting the structure to different physicalities, the result does not change, but always remains wonderful.

If you are tall and slim


In this case, but even if you are tall and curvy, the extra-long coat is perfect. And, in case you are very cold, you could think about wearing a blazer, a leather jacket, or a denim jacket under your coat! An alternative to this coat is instead the choice of a long synthetic fur, an iconic garment of the autumn and winter season.

To add curves

If you have a body with a perfect harmony between the shoulders and hips but you are devoid of curves, you can add them with a coat with a belt at the waist. This overcoat immediately gives a more feminine air even to the most angular silhouettes and helps to smooth dizzying heights. This little robe-style coat is so elegant that it makes any outfit chic, and, whether it’s knee-length or calf-length, you should make a relationship between your height and your being cold, and you will have the length you deserve! With half measures, so to speak up to mid-thigh, you are never wrong.

If you are short

If you are short and have prominent hips, the ideal outerwear for your body is undoubtedly the flared down coat, perhaps with ruffles r double-breasted buttons on the breast able to restore balance between the upper and lower part of the body. Avoid models that are too tight on the hips because they will inevitably widen the pelvis.

If you are curvy

You can try to lengthen the silhouette and make it slenderer with coats with a flared cut and vertical seams. In particular, choose coats with high and wide collars.

If you are petite

If you are small and petite, proportions are of utmost importance to you, and you absolutely must not give the impression that your outerwear is eating you alive! It should feel pretty snug and tight, just below your butt, and it will help you slim down your figure.

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