Among the biggest make-up trends of the currently underway autumn and winter 2020/21 season, the feminine and sensual element par excellence cannot be missing, namely the lipstick. Having entered the cold season, the lipsticks that we will see on many lips will be those of intense and sensorial colors, which evoke the most beautiful colors of autumn, such as dark and intense red, wine color, burgundy, plum, up to the borders with black. All these colors naturally vary in many different shades, reminiscent of wine and seasonal fruit. In summer we usually wear light makeup, accompanied by gloss, but as soon as autumn arrives it becomes nice to start showing bolder lips, with much bolder colors. Because it’s mandatory to wear a face mask, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wear lipstick! Simply choose a no transfer and long-lasting lipstick formula, such as Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint in the Underawg shade.

As I wrote earlier, this year the trends in lipstick dictate above all noir and burgundy shades, contrasted on a clean face and with a luminous finish. I know that you may be thinking that dark colors on the lips are very difficult to wear, but it is not, you just have to do several tests and see the shade that best suits your complexion and personality.

If you have super white teeth and porcelain skin, you can’t miss a lipstick with very dark shades that tend towards black, like dark purple or dark chocolate!

A lipstick color that looks good on everyone is definitely the classic burgundy, which goes perfectly with skin and hair color!

Hot Lips Lipstick - Hel's Bells
Hot Lips Lipstick – Hel’s Bells

As for all the other autumn lipsticks, so I’m talking about purple and plum colored ones, or intense red ones with minimal warm or cold shades, I recommend opting for red lipsticks with a touch of blue if your teeth tend to yellow, as it will make them whiter, and, in this case, avoid orange lipsticks!

But probably not everyone wants to show off an exaggeratedly “aggressive” lipstick, and of course, there is a solution also for women who prefer a more natural look that passes less observed. There is therefore no shortage of adorable peach and nude shades, to give just a touch of light to your lips.

As for the textures, we will see, as in previous years, the appearance of satin, sheer and metallic finishes, which will reach their peak during the holiday season and the last night of the year! But there is also a novelty, namely the fluid and creamy textures, which will make the lips softer and save them from typically winter dryness.

Still, in terms of texture, there will be no in-between contrasts: therefore, either very matte and velvety lipsticks or very shiny and glossed lipsticks. Do you want a little tip? If you have rather thin lips, wear lipstick in glossed textures, to be avoided if you have larger and fuller lips, in which case it would be better to opt for lipsticks with matte textures, for a decidedly more refined look!

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