What will be the colors of clothes, accessories, bags and shoes that we will show off with great pride in the cold season? Here is a roundup of the hottest colors to help you choose the right items during your next shopping session!


In particular, this year tangerine red is very fashionable: it is a very bright shade of red that is really wow for the autumn and winter season.


Our beloved black will accompany us for all this autumn-winter, you got it right! And, as you know, black goes on everything. Not sure what to wear? Point on black! Don’t like a colorful dress? Wear it black! Black looks really good on everything.

LEONORA - Blazer
LEONORA – Blazer


It is part of the red palette, but it is a little darker than the tangerine red I showed you previously, and it is also deeper and more sensual.

Brick red

In my opinion it is an exceptional color for the fall season and, when combined with warm tones, it makes the look very elegant.


It is back too, I am specifically talking about a very bright orange with a slightly exuberant touch for the more daring ones!

Gold and silver

To get a super cool look this fall, you can focus on metallic colors, namely gold and silver. But be careful to wear either gold or silver!

Peach pink

For the most romantic and pink lovers, rest assured, there is a shade for you too, in particular, peach pink is very trendy, a very soft pink but really very feminine.


If you want to get a more colorful look, you can opt for this color: very refined, very wearable for all autumn and winter and that gives an extra touch to our outfit.

Classic blue

It is back too: surely one of the most versatile colors, which looks good on all!

Royal blue

Staying in the blue palette, the blue version for the boldest babes is royal blue!

Powder blue

Another trendy color, also called baby blue. I absolutely love this color and can’t wait to fill my wardrobe with sweaters and cardigans in this shade! It is also very versatile like classic blue.

Emerald green

One of the most refined colors and which is seen a lot among fashion bloggers and influencers. It definitely gives a nice pinch of audacity!



Military green

This year to wear this color you will not have to join the army, fear not, but you will simply have to buy some garments in this color. Especially for the fall season, when paired very well, it can create a very chic look.

Cropped sweatshirt
Cropped sweatshirt


It is a color that looks good on anything, but you have to be careful how it matches!

Ribbed mini dress with cut-out neckline
Ribbed mini dress with cut-out neckline


For those who want to keep a more sober look, in addition to black, they can opt for this very intense shade of grey.


Also this year there will be white, but re-proposed with some hints of grey: a white a little obscured by a veil of grey, delicate and very beautiful.

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