Do you want to be flawless from head to toe? Well, then you can start with the latter! The choice of the ideal footwear should always depend on your silhouette, your lifestyle, your wardrobe, your budget and the current fashion trends, which every now and then it is right to follow! So here is an article where I will list the most beautiful shoe trends for this fall 2020 that you can buy without spending a fortune!

Cowboy boots

In the most classic, therefore black, leather and white, but also in the most delicate pastel shades. You don’t necessarily need to show off a biker look or be inspired by Madonna’s looks from the early 2000s! Texan boots this year can be combined with whatever you want.

Animal print boots

Zebra, tiger, leopard, crocodile, python, and so on and so forth. This has been a great inspiration for autumn’s boots for a few years now, but to be avoided in a total look. At the ankle, calf or knee, know that the more you go up the leg the more the level of aggression and the attention that you will have to devote to your outfit increase!

Sock boots

I’m talking about those leg tight boots, really beautiful and super sexy, with a killer heel. To be worn under a nice pair of cuffed jeans!

Particular amphibians

You will find all those colorful combat boots and those with more precious inserts, with massive soles, to wear with very feminine looks everywhere. They are very comfortable and practical shoes, because they can be worn when it rains or when we have to walk a lot. So say goodbye to those boots made too serious and military-looking and say welcome to fashion boots!

PRIDE - Platform ankle boots - black
PRIDE – Platform ankle boots – black

Loafers and ballet flats

Precious ballet flats with slightly pointed toes and masculine-inspired moccasins, a little preppy and collegiate, with a classic style, even with a little platform underneath, will be in fashion.

Toe shoes

Whether it’s décolleté, moccasins, sabots, ballet flats, boots, the toe optically lengthens the leg and thus slims the entire silhouette. Are you a little worried about your long feet? Then choose a short toe with a deep neckline that leaves the junction of the fingers uncovered, or a toe on a heeled shoe. Refrain only if you have a very wide sole.

Pumps with low heel

The pumps are the first shoes we choose when we have to attend an important occasion, we have cold feet and we do not have the nail polish fixed. With a pair of décolleté we can always combine business with pleasure. However, considering the well-known inconvenience, low-heeled pumps are valid substitutes, not bad! Thin and sensual, they are often ready to use for everything!

Ankle boots

By cutting the ankle above the ankle, they look great on all those who have slender legs, but above all I know how much they are loved by those who don’t have much practice with high heels and by those who can’t do without tights. They are more suitable for those with very thin ankles and calves but, if not, choose tights and pants in the same color as the shoes.

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