Let’s talk today about a very beautiful outfit that certainly suffers from a stereotype: it should only be worn for work! I ask myself: why? Why deprive yourself of such a beautiful even if too elegant outfit? I understand that wearing it gives a lot of professionalism to our person, but it must also be admitted that it is an outfit that can also be used to go shopping, to go to an event or to have an aperitif with friends, just to give some examples. But without getting lost in further talk, let’s go and see some suits looks for this fall!

Total white look with matching accessories

White is not just a spring and summer color, quite the opposite, and this splendid suit is the clear confirmation of this! In choosing to recommend this article, I found the choice made on the shoes and bag very particular, perfectly matched to the suit thanks to the beige color, a soft color and on the same shades of white, but which however contrasts the color, giving all outfit a very refined touch.

Let’s combine the belt bag with a wide suit

Very often the jackets of these suits wear loose fitting, especially those born in recent years, which have also seen the advent of flared trousers, in addition to very wide jackets. Attention, I’m not saying that I don’t like the look, on the contrary I love it, but I find that, to fix yourself, you must also use something appropriate, such as a belt bag, which replaces a belt!

With shorts

Now let’s talk about some alternatives to the usual trousers, such as this suit that comes with shorts, which for some are out of the question in autumn, but if we stop for a moment on creating an outfit, we can add tights and a pair of high boots, increasing the cold tolerance threshold for our good!

Suit with mini skirt

Another alternative after shorts can be a miniskirt, perfect for a more teenager style and which lately is becoming popular among the youngest! A perfect style that you can’t do without a pair of stiletto heels, to make our legs look even longer!

Let’s wear a corset under the jacket

We often talk about suits, without however giving the right attention to the way in which they must be completed, especially when it comes to what to wear under the jacket. In my view, I find it perfect to wear a corset under the jacket, either the same color as the suit, or a different color. Lately, this garment is very fashionable, and I think it is right to use it under our autumn suits!

Mini jacket

We talked about miniskirts, so it also seems right to make a note on mini jackets, just for those girls who can’t help but highlight their navel! An outfit like this cannot be missing in your wardrobe, because when you go out with your friends or go shopping, you will know that you will always have a faithful walking companion!

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