How beautiful the cardigans! They are garments that give us the opportunity to raise the quality of any type of outfit. To all this it must be added that they are by no means difficult garments to combine, quite the contrary. With the right choices, the correct combinations, and the right pinch of creativity, you have the opportunity to create outfits that will be very recognizable, but above all that will leave anyone in front of you speechless. With medium-length cardigans, there are many creations that you can do on yourself, indulging in even the most unlikely combinations. How? Let’s go see something together!

Coord with your top

Finding a cardigan paired with the top could be one of those lucky breaks that you rarely get in life. And since the article you are reading right now is one of them, I think it is better for you not to miss this beautiful matching set, consisting of a top plus cardigan!

Over your bra

Some of us women have been forced to keep their bra covered since childhood. In my humble opinion, the only reason not to show off your bra is when it comes to an ugly bra. I think beautiful bras deserve to be seen through your cardigan, especially in the case of a brassiere!

Oversize and contrasting colors

womens pink sweater
womens pink sweater

The outfit you have just seen is truly spectacular! Gray trousers, sweater and black shoes, all with a fuchsia cardigan that frames everything! A spectacular mix of colors, with the cardigan that manages to enhance every little feature and particularity of the outfit. Recreating this outfit is certainly a pleasant challenge that must be done, as this style is in line with the looks of our period!

Under pants as a coat

One of the very alternative ways to wear a cardigan is, for example, under elegant trousers, as if it were a coat or a trench coat with knit. The style that is created is truly beautiful, and my advice is to go and create combinations between the different items that make up the entire outfit.

Jeans and T-shirt

Classic style, quick and easy to create, to which, with the addition of a cardigan, it is possible to give a more fashionable look, giving our outfit components that give a sense of completeness to the composition of the latter. This implies that our outfit made of a simple t shirt and a pair of jeans will look like a much more expensive outfit than it really is, giving us a sense of satisfaction with what we have created, once we look in the mirror!

Without bra

Earlier we talked about showing the bra, but I understand that nowadays there are also women from the “no bra” team who never wear a bra, preferring freedom for their breasts to this! Well, this splendid cardigan was created for you, which does not reveal your breasts much and manages to give you the feeling of freedom you so desire!

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