Can an outfit with a pair of flat shoes be elegant? The answer depends on a lot of factors of course. But, first of all, the thing to pay more attention to is that you need to know how to choose the right shoe based on the type of dress on which you are going to wear it. And let’s start by specifying one thing: wearing flat shoes under a dress is not synonymous with sloppiness or a woman who does not have the slightest sense of fashion. In fact, just think that for Parisian women heels are not a prerogative, since they prefer to wear flat shoes such as ballet flats, flat sandals, and kitten heels under their clothes, and their style has always been the most copied in the world.

The beauty of a pair of flattening shoes lies in their practicality: they allow you to do whatever you want, without having to worry about the risk of breaking your leg while you are trying to arrive at an event or invitation on time, while you’re hopping from taxi to taxi to get there on time. Riding a bike and juggling the city is much easier with flat shoes, and they are so versatile that they adapt to any type of look without any difficulty!

To go to the office, you can choose a pair of lace-ups or classic moccasins. That perfectly suited to an elegant style of a career woman. Over your suit, choose a pair of derby shoes. Perhaps with a higher sole than usual and with shiny leather fabric. To give your look a more glamorous and refined touch. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more classic, despite the myriad of prejudices related to them, ballet flats are the most refined and comfortable solution during your free time. It takes your children to the park or has a cocktail with your friends!

Patent-leather Derby shoes

Women’s Loafers Shoes

Rockstud pebbled-leather point-toe flats

Women’s Sandals

If we have seen the possible solutions for the day, let’s now move on to the evening. Where a pair of flat shoes can easily replace stiletto heels or a pair of high sandals. In summer, on our long dresses, a pair of flip-flops are just fine. Especially if you take into consideration some more particular model that has long laces that reach up to the knees. In winter, on the other hand, a pair of velvet loafers are perfect for going to dinner or a theatrical evening. Or, for something more refined, opt for flat shoes that have details that make them precious, which can be the shiny leather fabric or the addition of some crystals on the front.

When wearing flat shoes, the thing to pay attention to is not to ruin your silhouette. Therefore in choosing your dress, leave the half measures of midi dresses in the store and decide to buy short dresses above the knee or long up at the ankles. In this way, in addition to enhancing your body, you will enhance the shoe you have decided to wear!

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