Who said that, in order to give a breath of fresh air to our wardrobe and renew our style a bit for autumn and winter, we must necessarily buy a new coat and jacket? What if I told you that sometimes it is enough to choose the right accessories to always be fashionable and in step with the times? Yes, we often tend not to give the right importance to an accessory, which, with a simple addition, can give a change to our outfit, even to an outfit that seems to be the most banal, perhaps because it is a total black or because that day we don’t want to start creating a spectacular outfit.

But today I want to focus on a particular accessory, on a type of hat perhaps among the oldest in history: I’m talking about the beret, which can actually make an outfit spectacular! The beret is a soft and round hat, made of wool, so it keeps our head very warm and protected from sudden gusts of wind, and in recent years it has become a passe-partout. It has been seen worn by many models, influencers and fashion bloggers.

It is considered yet another of those garments defined as “stolen from the male wardrobe”, as it is used by the military, but it is also associated with a bohemian and vintage mood, typical of the Paris of the 20s! But, hold on tight, the beret is now back in fashion, as, by wearing it, we can give a chic and elegant touch to any outfit. It is also a very versatile hat suitable for all ages, as well as for all types of faces and hairstyles!

Classic style

If I think of a style that perfectly matches this adorable vintage hat is, in fact, a little retro and old-fashioned style. If you want to recreate a look with a genuine Parisienne flavor, opt for the combination of a beret and striped garments. To top it all off, add a gingham blazer and pants, or a coat and a midi skirt. Don’t forget a touch of red lipstick on your lips, absolutely mandatory!

Bon ton style

If you are a lover of a feminine and romantic look, my advice is to wear the beret by placing it sideways, and combining it with a simple plain or patterned dress, perhaps with polka dots, super trend in this period.

Sporty style

An amazing idea, which will amaze anyone who meets you on the street and who will elect you as the next style queens, is to create a beautiful contrast. How? Wear a black beret along with a pink sweatshirt and pink pants!


Other contrasts

Pastel colors are great this year, and I really like that. In fact, I don’t like the idea of wearing only dark colors in autumn and winter. Sometimes a little color never hurts, especially if we wear a pastel pink beret with maybe a total black or grey look! In this way we will be able to give a touch of light and happiness to an outfit that is in itself off.


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