Kylie Jenner is only a few weeks after the waist trainer is born

Less than two months after giving birth to her baby girl, Stormy, Kylie Jenner is stepping up her efforts to “bounce back” her body to her pre-pregnancy body.

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The new mother recently shared a photo of her on Instagram (although it was a sponsorship position). She was in a waist waist trainer waist trainer and wrote: “The waist has the best quality rebate products…”

Kardashian-Jenner fam has long encouraged waist trainers and wholesale sexy corsets as a means to create their signature hourglass image – Khloé even has a holiday version of the theme – but the body restraint method has not been approved by the fans or health approval pros and cons. And Kelly’s latest post is no exception.

“Beautiful, but I hope it is safe,” commented one follower. The other wrote: “This is very unhealthy!” People are also chatting on Twitter, and others are dissatisfied with the post. “What’s weird is that Kardashians / Jenners are millions of super cool influencers, but still use basic basic advertising to hinder their daily work.” A user said on Twitter that Kelly I was watching Today’s waist coach #ad #spon.

When using a waist trainer to lose weight, an expert previously told us that these extreme body reshaping devices may cause more damage, not better. New York City nutritionist Brittany Kohn said: “Compression can make breathing difficult.” The secret of wearing a bodice to lose weight? “The application of such great pressure on your middle may result in bruising or even organ damage.”

What about people like Kelly in a few weeks after birth? Is the potential danger amplified?

“Pregnancy can cause your abdominal muscles to get weaker and stretchier,” said Dr. Nita, who is the assistant director of Dr. Landry, ob-gyn and The Doctors. “Restoring your body shape by using a waist trainer can actually stop the abdomen and The strengthening of the core muscles… Yes, causing injuries as much as possible. Super tight wholesale sexy corsets can affect your breathing and movement of the diaphragm, compress all organs, and cause many different problems. “

If you still want to know what those hourglass effects are? “Wearing it may look great, but things will return to their place,” Dr. Landry promised.

Some experts say that women’s bodies take 6 to 10 weeks to deliver naturally, because postpartum contractions can cause uterine contractions. Others claim that it takes women a full year to recover. However, there are no strict delivery recovery schedules because each woman’s physical and genetic factors are different before, during, and after pregnancy, Dr. Landry said.

“When it comes to losing weight, it always goes back to diet and exercise,” Dr. Landry said. “I hope that women have a healthy diet and exercise program, but also love their post-pregnancy body.”

In addition to potential health risks, Kylie’s post may cause other new mothers to feel pressured to jump back to baby prenatal training instead of embracing their postpartum body like the fitness blogger. After all, losing your baby’s weight usually takes time.

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