Kylie Jenner’s body after performing in a waist-waist play

Kylie Jenner showed her flat stomach on social media only seven weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Stormi.

In the Snapchat video, the 20-year-old star starring Kardashian appears to have succeeded in recovering her body so quickly after the baby’s appearance.

But just a few days ago, fans criticized the young mother, Jenner, for designing a “dangerous” waist-tie bustier training device.

In her most recent video on Saturday, March 24th, Jenner raised her black hoodie to reveal her small belly. Standing sideways, she magnifies her waist so that her followers can watch closely how her body rebounds.

Just one month after giving birth, Jenner still showed off at the bottom of a black pullover T-shirt and a black bikini bottoms.

But when Jenner recently revealed that she turned to “waist training” after pregnancy to “rebound”, the fans were crazy.

The rapper Travis Scott’s baby mom wrote online earlier this week: “My girl @premadonna87 got me with the @waistgangsociety rebate package. #advantagegang has the best quality rebate products.”

In the accompanying photos, Jenner squeezed her waist with a postpartum Snapback trainer.

The corset advocated by her claims that when they recover from birth and lose weight, they keep the new mother’s waist in place.

Critics have accused the device of damaging female organs and setting unreachable beauty standards.

One person wrote on the Internet, Kelly, “*Let the waist coach only post a photo and make more money. *A teenage girl from a working-class family, you can look like me if you buy this too. Coach, squeeze your organs! It will work completely! ”

Another person said, “Dear Kylie, your body looks like after giving birth. Stop promoting dangerous weight loss BS!!”

A source told cheap sexy corsets that Jenner didn’t care about the antiaircraft guns and told friends that her enemies were “just jealous”. In fact, Jenner doesn’t seem to worry and is intoxicated with a new, very slim mother and sharing photos. Small storm, born on February 1.

She said to the girl on social media: “I looked like me when I was little,” and added that she “was staring at her all day.”

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