Black Orchid Burlesque ZA introduces another “Browsing!” of Gender Bender, which showcases creative performances from your favorite burlesque and male performers. This upside-down night will be by Bawdy Banter’s own Queen Proff. DD Boobs, we promise you will laugh. So come and experience the world of DRAG and DRAB.

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“Sometimes I feel sexy in tight dresses and lipsticks. Sometimes I think buttons and ties are handsome. Sometimes I wear skirts, cheap wholesale corsets and cufflinks. I am a gender bender and I can bend the gender code to Adapt to my understanding of me!”

Our performers promote the expression of gender integration, fashion and human wonders through the expression of elaborate, charismatic, and often sarcastic forms of performing arts, and present topics that are generally considered taboo by general social standards.

What is gender bending?

“Gender torturer is a person who destroys or “bends” the expected gender role, and gender refraction is sometimes a form of social activism designed to eliminate strict gender roles and stigmatization stereotypes. Expectations of sexual behavior are assigned to social norms of this gender, and this rebellion may involve bisexuality in dress, decoration, behavior, and atypical gender roles.

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