Lucky red or black underwear set? From coordinated lace sets to see-through babydolls, here is the most sensual and economical plus size lingerie wholesale that you can wear on Christmas night, to feel special and sexy even during the long holidays!

The Holidays are approaching, and we are already starting to think about our beauty-looks and outfits. As you know, underwear is also important, very important! Among velvets, lace and prints, baby dolls, thongs, bodysuits and slim bras there is only to indulge yourself, also because you can really dare on the occasion of the Holidays. HexinFashion has chosen for you the most sensual lingerie for Christmas and New Year.


In voile, lace, silk, super opaque or super sexy: red underwear is experiencing its golden moment at this time of the year. Some believe it brings good luck to wear it on New Year’s Eve or during the Holidays, as happens in China, where it is the color symbol of happiness, love and prosperity, not surprisingly also worn by brides. Superstitious or not, there is no woman who does not feel sexy wearing this color.

But you may not all know that this myth has very ancient origins, and dates back to 31 BC, at the time of Octavian Augustus. On the occasion of the Roman New Year, men and women used to wear robes dyed red, which represented power, heart, health and fertility. But not only that, the color red has always been a symbol of energy, fire, passion, strength and luck.

Today it is one of the most loved colors by fashion victims, who introduce it in their outfits wisely, making it the protagonist of the looks. This is because the color red has the power to make us immediately feel beautiful, sensual and why not, powerful. It is therefore impossible to give up this spicy detail, to face the craziest night of the year.


In spite of the tradition that would like something red underwear, with black you never go wrong even for the holidays. Black lingerie is a timeless classic of seduction and on the HexinFashion website you will find everything you want!

Nothing is sexier than a nice baby-doll, to be worn also as a chemise. The sensual part of this garment is emphasized by the embroidered tulle with motifs that resemble a calligraphy on the body. It is perfect when combined with a thong of the same material. Say goodbye to the classic bra. The trendy model is in a triangle shape and, in addition to the padding, has a generous V-neckline that makes it perfect even for very low-cut dresses, especially in view of the New Year.

A perfect color to combine with black? Silver, with its luminous reflections, is absolutely a must!

So you just have to run to the HexinFashion site and choose your best cheap lingerie! Christmas nights take you away from work stress and you can dedicate yourself to a night of passion with your partner. Wearing this lingerie, not only will you feel great and good about your body, but you will be amazed by how your sweet company will observe you and will be left speechless!

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