This is what you have to expect from the Assamese Festival of 2018

From a veteran singer Arun Das on Assamese to a food stall serving local cuisine and a model mimicked on traditional clothing – the Mekhela chador ramp, The opening day of the festival is about Assam culture.

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Fourth Festivals in Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra on Friday. This day started with rock bands competing with each other. Some groups also perform folk dances. While they entertain attendees with energetic performances, others are preparing to set up stalls. The food section offers a variety of options – a variety of seafood, fish, chicken, and even desserts.

With the advent of the sun, M brothers band responsible. After singing a few Assam numbers, the band’s lead singer told the crowd: “This festival is not just for Assam and people in the Northeast.” So, they gave the audience their own rock version of the Grammy-winning composer A.R. Rahman’s hit song Humma Humma. They let the audience dance to be better than Hu Ge.

The participants continued to cheer. why? Because they are very happy to see the senior singer Arun Das onto the stage.

The 64-year-old man is tied to a guitar and is in charge of the microphone. He brought the audience through his songs to memory. “I started my journey in 1973 and the songs I sing are from that moment on,” Das told IANS after the show.

He is very happy to connect with young people through his music, but he feels that he has a small platform at this age. He said: “I play but the show is limited and now I only want young people.”

“My last show was in August 2017,” he added, adding that he wants Assam singers Zubeen Garg and Papon to work with him. Next is the performance of designer Jimi Das. Darth’s collection is a bold one. It has a short dress, halter and more.

On the other hand, the new designer Tania Ahmed’s collection is about giving women power. She told IANS: “The series is about Princess Samurai, with the theme of empowering females and women of the Northeast having the power to choose what they want to do.” Dresses, blouses and skirts, cardigans , wholesale corsets. She said: “The silhouette is western, but the print is similar to that worn by the tribe.

Designers Swarnapori Phukan conducted a traditional turnaround by showing colorful Mekhela chador. Phukan, who found loyal customers in Punjab and Chennai, said: “I’m using Assam silk and all the motifs are handmade. I want to popularize our traditional clothes and people outside Assam can wear them as well.

What is not clicked with women who are not from northeastern India?

The designer added: “The Mekhela chador is more colorful than the saris and these are handmade textiles, so they like to wear.” The designer added that she used the designs of Kolki, Orchid and Mayur. Designer Elina Talukdar has the perfect accessory. Her bamboo jewelry – long necklaces and earphones of different sizes and shapes – seem to be compatible with Mekhela chador. It took more than three days for people in the music, fashion and hospitality industries. Assam Governor Jagdish Mukhi also attended the opening ceremony. He said he is pleased to be part of this festival.

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