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Behind a number of important season award-winning designers is a boo: Irene Albright, who founded the encyclopedic Albright Fashion Library in New York in 1990 (Albright Fashion Library and completed an inflatable gold swan bedecked pool at Beverly Hills in 2016.

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Each room is filled with upscale designer cocktail dresses, dresses, suits, wholesale sexy corsets, detachments, shoes, bags, hats, jewelery and leather belt ready loans, and the upper dedicated to men’s hangers. The company buys seasonal pieces directly from designers, resembles retail stores, archives them with archival collections and rewards vintage labels – by Nicolas Ghesquiere, Tom Ford, ) Erasmus’s mail dress from Paco Rabanne, the exclusive Balenciaga designed by Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent of the era, and the Dolce & Gabbana corsare for decades.

The Albright Fashion Library is a resource for many emerging stars who can not afford professional stylists and want the latest styles from major brands such as Gucci and Dior, To the top stars. “We worked with these celebrities to get them to the next level where they were really noticed, appearing in magazines and taking photos of their fashion choices.” She and tower of creative directors at the Albright Fashion Library Tara Williams said. “Without such a service, they can not get a brand.”

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Popular brands in this season include Rodarte, Alessandra Rich, Erdem, Rochas, Elie Saab and Monse. SAG Awards presenter Kristen Bell partnered with her female journalist Monica Padman (Monica Padman) on Wednesday to offer Bell’s Big Night a stylish alternative. Other recent SAG suggestive sightings in the library include stylists Cristina Ehrlich, Karla Welch, Ariana Weisner (Elizabeth Chambers) and Jennifer Mazur (Olivia Culpo).

For the Golden Globes, the Albright Fashion Library is stunning with the fall of the Alexandre Wortzel Fall 2017 black velvet dress and black and white Chanel dress by Chambers, Vanessa Hudgens and Ash The source of the blue belt worn by Roy Tisdale’s black Balmain dress. On Saturday night live performances over the weekend, Halsey put on a black velvet Yves Saint Laurent mini skirt and a yellow Moschino fur jacket, worn in a Alessandra Rich underwear set (all from Albright Fashion Library, thanks to designer Maeve Reilly, we also heard about Grammys picks). It is reported that Camila Cabello and Kourtney Kardashian considered colorful sparkling footage for the Grammy Tour in New York on January 28th.

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The library is also a resource for fashion designers wholesale sexy corsets, with stocks in New York and Los Angeles often appearing on the stage and screen. Seventies have been drawn to American women Alicia Silverstone and Mena Suvari on the Paramount Network, while Versace archives have been provided FX’s Assassination of Jenny Versace: American Crime Story.

The hints that the actresses will wear the SAG sound like a color continuation of the Critics Choice, but may be on a more dull palette.

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Williams said: “The trend I’ve seen is that this real movement goes back to femininity, floral and pastel, fresh colors – nudity, white, pink, blush, peaches.” I see the conservative, demure contour. There is no obvious sex: no low cut or high cut. The first question every stylist who crosses the door is, “What are other people pulling in? What is the trend?” Many of the celebrities I dress up say I do not want to be the A hole and they are all afraid of being wrong . Although the SAG is a gray area, I think the news of the times will certainly re-examine the Oscars. ”

More importantly, the Albright Fashion Library is open to the public. About $ 1000, an interior designer will give anyone red carpet treatment – a personal style advice and a head-to-toe look are five days worth of accessories for you. These items may include a $ 10,000 dress, including shoes, handbags and jewelry, that can eliminate countless stresses in preparation for a party or wedding.

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