Star tights, everyone loves little first.

Lead: Once there was a feminist backlash against the existence of tights, that this thing will be the feminine characteristics of the show, the body tends to perfect, more than the bra will let women wear “sexy shackles.” But there is no doubt that in the two years of popular trend, more and more stars are willing to put tights exposed, become a sexy symbol.
Tights can in a short period of time let you waist small first, chest big a cup, everyone loves small first figure, tight-fitting may not be guilty!
Star tights, everyone loves little first.
The three deadly sins of a man’s clothing! Is it true?
A crime: The movement is inconvenient, the process of wearing is a torture!
Clarified: Once used the whale bone to waist, now the star can put on effortlessly!
The first European social circle of women, there are many people really died of too tight tights, they use the whale bone steel wire and wood to make tights, trying to get the waist of a grip, sitting there even the atmosphere dare not out. If you had a piece of cake for tea this afternoon, you wouldn’t be wearing that “sexy torture instrument” the next day. But now it’s been hundreds of years, feel that tights will make your internal organs oppressed and even the idea of inflammation of the skin is simply primitive thought, look at Hollywood many female stars, now has to diet and fitness is no longer hundred strict, because the endless new tights can save their hom blanket anytime, anywhere. Best of all, the comfort of these star tights is super high, will never let you put on after the stiff state, you see every time you go out to wear a tight-fitting model Adriana, even the normal walk to concave a shape of her anyway never move inconvenience!
Supermodel Adriana
Reveal the supermodel’s favorite tights style: Adjustable bra + plastic pants
Adriana usually like to wear some dew back on the waist of clothes, focus on the fullness of the chest and waist below the rounded tight thigh lines, and skirts have always been knee, it shows that her thigh line is not full of confidence, so a smooth plastic pants will let her from the hips to the shape of the thigh to become exquisite, it is said that she likes the whole cup of the adjustment of underwear, which will allow the chest to rise infinitely to gather no auxiliary milk!
Two sins: Never wear all day, it will endanger your body and skin!
Clarification: Comfort has already been greatly up, pregnant night sleep type without pressure
From the earliest breathable fabrics to plastic-shaped effect of excellent PVC fabric, and now the various brands to introduce the hydrophilic breathable fabric, tights will not oppressed to the skin can not breathe the armor. Like the most popular Spanx adjustment underwear, on the web, it says, “It can save women from the waist and buttocks,” and the main thing is the comfort of wearing, even some stars in order to pursue the ultimate effect, will put two pieces of folded, it is conceivable that the permeability of how good. And, now more pregnant women can wear tights! Let the pregnant process also can maintain the perfect hip line and the belly line, but completely does not squeeze the baby. And the United States breast guru Liu Yicen recent brand also launched a night Sleeping Beauty bra, sleep at night to ensure that your chest will not spread outside!
Kardashian’s favorite tights.
Reveal Kardashian’s favorite tights style: Conjoined underwear + Hip Pads
Kardashian favorite is high-rise body smoother fiber waist trousers, and a hip pad with the plastic pants is also a secret weapon, remember, this kind of hip pad is not to help you widen, but to make the top of the hips, the shape of the peach!
Three sins: Even if it had an effect on it, a good body will be put off!
Clarification: the transfer of fat distribution, so that you wear can be thin!
Some people often question the effect of tights is very limited, in fact, fat is a free state, in good conditions, constantly acting on those fats, they will be free to destination slowly fixed, but usually need a few months of effect, the same can be proven, has been good to wear underwear lady, the chest is always better than the women who do not wear underwear more upright, is this truth! The most famous high-rise body smoother fiber waist pants, can be called the Magic Perfect, from the chest to the thigh all round for you to compress, and never get the lump, as long as one put on, immediately be able to lose the $number number, all the extra fat to ascend upward, how can not thin? And the latest plastic shorts inside is the “active mineral crystal”, so that you walk around every day, can continue to massage your thighs and buttocks, eliminate excess fat, very exciting! These new technology products, so that tights can help you close-fitting speed thin, not just concave shape!
Kristen Stewart.
The secret of Kristin’s favorite tights: chest, waist, and belly underwear.
Kristen Stewart is actually a boyish boy, not a big chest, waist line is not obvious, but see her recently attended activities, is a water will be tight clothes outside wear, the bright cup instead of her breast-shaped perfect and more feminine, this type of underwear, very suitable for slim, want to shape the curve of the woman!
Wearing tights is a technical work! Be careful of the overkill …
The American Bosom Warrior knows what a woman wants.
40-year-old is still beautiful sifuentes, figure let women are flocking, her own brand von Follies underwear is almost all women dream of those a pieces!
She said: “I want to create lingerie for women that highlight their sexy bodies, and make every woman sexy when she wears my underwear.” “So, her tights have just listed, has sold off the goods, elegant lace and excellent abdominal breast effect, so that the body to show the ultimate feminine taste, can give you a Leigh ERA of sexy!
Put them on! Into the dream body of a tight-fitting person …
These perennial and tights with the stars, finally can’t restrain to create their own brand, they know what you need!
Kardashian sisters
Have the Kardashian sisters family’s abundant breast fat buttock!
How many people want her family’s genetics, all because of the amazing beauty of the hip? Kardashian’s own underwear brand created, let the body size of the girls a good burst of excitement: to say that her sisters a few not a thin, but can spread out that kind of plump sexy, all by cutting the degree of the waist and buttocks effect of the corset! Even if the big code never give up the curve, should be Kardashian sisters give us enlightenment!
Let the supermodel build into your closet.
Giselle is very business-minded, in addition to creating skin care brand, now has its own underwear brand Gisele Bundchen intimate, reportedly her tights to breathable fiber thin, even if the daily wear will not bring pressure on the skin, the density of reasonable cloth can be in virtually the body to adjust to the best state, very suitable for summer wear! Will not let you worry about a prickly heat of the situation happened!
A negative
Excessive Togau chest, careful the spot to be emptied!
in his concert several times, bright blind people’s eyes, the most important reason is that the chest is very full of her, but hard to wear one-second cups of underwear, natural “not fit”!
Negative Star: 
Help her: Want busty breasts to be tall and full? It would be better for her to change into a deep cup of tights!
Two negative
Not seriously wear, infinite droop!
Even in tights, does not mean that your body will soon be good, Julie is a “cup”, she put the underwear outside, but forgot to adjust the body to fit the shape, still by them all in the downward movement, but also highlighted her slightly convex abdomen.
Negative Star: Julie Bowen
Help her: If you can, please listen to the stylist how to say: it is best to wear from the bottom up, push forward, the only place where the meat only need your chest!

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