White River Valley Museum opened “for the United States” exhibition

wholesale sexy corsets, bra and bustle, oh my! The White River Valley Museum is holding a new event, “Born for the Beauty,” all of which are about the changing ideal of women’s beauty for generations. The exhibition will last until June 17.

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As Valentine’s Day approaches and spring fashion arrives, an eye-catching new exhibition opens at the Shirakawa Museum, titled “Painful for Beauty: Revealing Women’s History Through Underwear.”

The exhibition will last until June 17, exploring in depth how Northwestern women from 1890 to 1970, with the trend of each decade with the shackles, collocation and buckle.

Pursuit of Beauty explores the changing ideals of feminine beauty by observing basic garments and fashion gear for an elusive and ever-changing ideal image. It spotlights a 90-year wire noisy, quilted petticoat, elaborate pregnancy wholesale sexy corsets, satin panties, sharp brassiere and restrictive body, forcing an upright posture and forbidding arm movement. Learn about wholesale sexy corsets designed for kids, bras that move women’s breasts up, down, or out, and the pain that men suffer for beauty (do they?). Is the size of the trash really 18 inches?

Dozens of historical photos of Lena Horne and the Fay Fuller and Mae Abbott are accompanied by impressive underwear, dresses and accessories for more than 90 years. Each decade has its own philosophy of beauty, which in many ways reflects the role that women should play. The sexy and tight fetters of the late Victorian era contradicted the free and relaxed, androgynous women’s form of the swinging of the 1970s. The slender, long, flat silhouette of the 1920s and 1970s juxtaposed the extreme hourglass images of the 1950s and 1890s.

Upcoming events

• February 17, 2pm – free (rsvp required)

Here’s a Victorian life with Sarah and Gabriel Christman: RSVP needed at wrvmuseum.org

• 23:00 to 8:00 pm – $ 35 March 23-24 (pre-registration required)

Girls only! Overnight in the museum

• April 5 at 7 p.m. – free of charge (not registered but limited space)

Curator leading the journey: for the United States and pain

• April 25 at 7pm – $ 20 (requires pre-registration)

You go a long way: Taming Allen’s life history program

• May 12, 1 p.m. – $ 15 (pre-registration required)

Female history lecture and taste of taste

About White River Valley Museum:

The White River Valley Museum offers an exciting educational experience for its visitors through a series of award-winning exhibits and projects on culture, art and history in the area. The museum’s artifact collection focuses on Puget Sound history, the Northwestern native culture, Japanese immigrants and the North Pacific Railway.

The museum is open from noon to 4 pm Wednesday to Sunday. On the first Thursday of each month, working hours are extended from 6 to 8. It is located at 918 H Saint-S.E. in Auburn. Regular admission is $ 5 for adults, $ 2 for seniors and children, and children 2 and under are always free. On the first Thursday and the third Sunday of each month, everyone is admitted for free.

Kory, who also introduced a separate sales-tax exemption bill for menstrual products, said that in conversations with formerly incarcerated women, she learned that in many facilities, women are not able to get free products in a timely way. “It could be a week before you get any supplies,” she said. Those available for purchase in commissaries are often very expensive, she said.

“That is punishing women for being women,” she said.

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