Co Down down jacket corset reshapes the world’s women

If your Christmas and New Year celebrations are a bit too much and you now find that your clothes are pinching, the clothing developed by two Co Down women may just be what you need.

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Best friend, current business associate Angela Hunter, and Nicola McIlhagger from Holywood created a new “mother’s helper” with their Cinch cheap wholesale corsets brand.

The bustier is designed to tighten the waist, flatten the belly, smooth your silhouette and wear more comfort than a traditional corset.

Since her launch three years ago, Miss Britain Miss Gemma Garrett, fitness blogger Tiffany Brien and radio Emma Louise Johnston, Thousands of women and few men all over Ireland, the UK, and beyond are recognizing this.

Allegedly, cheap wholesale corsets can also help to lose weight, if the daily wear to reduce the waistline, because they help keep the waist smaller size, while supporting the back muscles.

Former GMTV reporter Emma Louise claimed that she had dropped three inches in waist circumference and was pregnant in the arms of three children after she wears a corset for six weeks from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Waist circumference.

Like many other inventions, cheap wholesale corsets were born out of need – especially in Angela’s case, Angela could not escape her “mother’s belly” after the second child was born.

She said: “I know I need some extra help and ordered a cheap bra version online.

“When I put it on, I look amazing, just once washed, I cut into pieces and decomposition.

“I took it to Nicola’s house and she felt it was great, but we were not impressed with the quality.What do we think if the bra can be made as comfortable?

Nicholas added: “One day we decided to make it ourselves, and when we started to look at what we could do, there was no such thing on the market.

cheap wholesale corsets

“In the ideal world, cheap wholesale corsets were made here, but we tried more than thirty different places and could not make it.

Women want a luxurious corset that does not hurt the skin, and after three months of fine-tuning the design, it was eventually made in China.

They are satisfied with the quality of the clothing.

Nikolai said: “Comfort is our greatest wish list.

“If not comfortable, even if the effect is great, it will not wear, so it must also be durable and affordable.

“Our corset wraps everything and basically makes you look more like a stone lighter, and that’s exactly what our customers love.”

Corset is black or naked, sitting under the bust, went to the woman’s underwear line. They have a latex core, fastened with hooks and eyes, and have three width settings, allowing the wearer to gradually tighten the waist.

Each of Angela and Nicholas initially invested £ 1,000 in preparation for a corset sale at a retail price of £ 59.99.

Now they are selling them to the end of the United States through their website and a whole series of dealers on the island.

Angela, another public relations consultant (37), and two children, Matthew (7) and Heidi (4).

She’s a real model, and they show corset effects on the site.

Angela said: “Nicholas is very lucky, because she is always pruned, do not need a corset.

“Even with my daughter Heidi, I still sometimes feel that I look really bloated, I can not get rid of my mother’s stomach.

“For years I had only eaten what I wanted without any problems, but when I had a child, I had nothing to divert to my stomach.

“Now I wear my clothes to wear my cheap wholesale corsets most of the time, which gives me confidence to enhance, I think many women will be grateful.

Nicola (41) is the mother of Nina (7) and also works full time as a mortgage consultant.

She said: “The benefit of our corset is that it opens your wardrobe for you because we all have the clothes and we can no longer adapt.

“In the future big days, they are very much welcomed by the bride and mother, or any woman with special events will come in. Some new mothers like to wear them after the baby to help restore their body shape.

“But we found that they liked women who thought they had lost their waistband.

cheap wholesale corsets

“Although corsets have the result of waist training, we always tell our customers that they will not hurt their body as long as they are wearing the right size.

“We recommend just listening to your body and, if you do not feel well, take it off and try again the next day.”

Last September, partners opened Cinch Clinic at Highwood High Street as their client’s needs now offer a range of lipid-lowering treatments such as Crylipolysis and cellulite to reduce stubborn fat areas around thighs and most women hate .

Will these friends be able to keep up with Cinch Corsets requirements in the coming years?

Angela acknowledged: “In the past few years, both of us needed to deal with a lot of things, but we had Kim Donaghy who had a clinic for us and did all the healing.

“We are excited to find something for common development. Women seem to like the thank-you cards from our customers and tell us that our cheap wholesale corsets have changed their lives.

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