Hello loves !!! All right? British style women’s leather shoes are in fashion and are a great option to wear on cold autumn-winter days.

How to extend your leather shoes?

Use the hair dryer

This is one of the best-known tricks for extending your leather footwear. The first tip of the series on how to lacquer leather shoes is to put a thick sock on your feet, which can be one of those sports shoes, suitable for running shoes, or wool. If it is too tight, try to wear two socks. Put on your shoes.

Then, turn the dryer on at maximum temperature and heat the leather, but without touching the nozzle to it. After about a minute, turn off the device and walk around the house with your shoes on until they cool.

You can repeat the process as many times as necessary. The heat causes the leather to expand. So, by cooling your feet inside, the shoes take on a new shape, becoming more comfortable. This tip is even used for suede shoes, because there is no risk of staining them.

Place crumpled newspaper

The second tip of the series, how to lacquer leather shoes, requires a lot of your attention. As you will use alcohol in this technique, you need to be more careful, because the product can stain the leather, especially if the shoes are lighter. To lacquer the shoe, wet the newspaper with alcohol, without soaking, and place the paper in sufficient quantity inside the shoe, so that it is tight.

As the alcohol evaporates, the newspaper will expand, helping to widen the leather. This process can also be repeated, if necessary. When you are finished, don’t forget to clean the inside of the shoe so that the newspaper ink does not stain your socks when you are going to use it.

Use a soap

The third tip of the series, how to lacquer leather shoes, is very easy. We all have soap at home, so this can be one of the easiest tips to follow. It is very useful in cases where the shoe is tight on the toes. This is because you will put the soap across the shoe, causing the sides to be forced out.

This process takes longer, as the soap must stay in place for at least eight hours to achieve the expected effect.

Apply moisturizing cream

The fourth tip of the series how to lacquer leather shoes, in this case, the more creamy the product, the better the result will be for softening the leather of your shoes. Apply enough moisturizer on your feet, put on your shoes without socks and walk around your house for a few minutes. You can repeat this process several times, until you achieve the desired effect. Just avoid doing this on suede shoes, which can become stained.

black fashion leather shoes
black fashion leather shoes

Look for the products you have at home and see which of these techniques will be easier and more efficient for your shoes. Following these steps, you will know how to lacquer leather shoes without damaging the material. Thus, you will be free from the hassle of walking with injured feet.

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